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The Top 7 Best Bidet Converter Kits

Why rely on toilet paper when there’s a cheaper, more comfortable and more sanitary way to get clean? We’re talking about bidet cleansing, of course! Transforming your current toilet into a bidet is easy with a simple bidet converter kit.

Why Buy a Bidet Converter Kit?

For many people, the word “bidet” conjures up images of a squat, sink-like contraption next to the toilet. These classic bidets get the job done, but they’re bulky, expensive, have limited features, and are a headache to install. The only time we recommend classic bidets is if you’re replacing an existing unit or if you really love the look. Otherwise, you’re better off investing in a bidet converter kit, WASHLET+ system or integrated bidet toilet.

In contrast to classic bidets, bidet converter kits let you add bidet cleansing to your toilet with minimal hassle. They come in all shapes, sizes and price points, so there’s something for everyone. Some bidet converter kits offer simple and straightforward cleansing. Others deliver a luxury wash thanks to state of the art technology and high end features. Installation is quick and doesn’t require any special tools or expertise.

The 3 Types of Bidet Converter Kits

Bidet converter kits include bidet sprayers, bidet attachments, and bidet seats. In addition to improving personal hygiene, they’re economical and environmentally sustainable too. Non-electric bidet converter kits (sprayers, attachments and some bidet seats) run on the power of your home’s water pressure. Electric bidet converter kits plug into a GFCI wall outlet.

Sprayers look just like the sprayer you might find on a kitchen sink and sit in a holster near the toilet. Simply point it at the area you want to clean and press the button to discharge a stream of water. Bidet attachments fit between your toilet seat and the bowl, and bidet seats replace your existing toilet seat altogether. Attachments and bidet seats both have a thin, retractable wand with nozzles at the end that spray water.

While we do sell a few non-electric bidet seats, most run on electricity and plug into the wall. We think that electric bidet seats are the way to go for three key reasons: comfort, convenience and wash quality. Electric bidets offer features that non-electric bidets simply can’t match, and this translates into a more effective and enjoyable cleanse.

Electric bidet converter kits always come with warm water washing, adjustable nozzle position and water pressure controls, a heated seat, and rear/feminine wash modes. Bonus amenities can include warm air drying, oscillating and pulsating spray, specialty wash modes, a deodorizer, night light, nozzle sterilization and user presets. Some even come with automatic features like an auto open/close lid or auto flushing.

Non-Electric Bidets
(includes all sprayers & bidet attachments, some bidet seats)

-Many offer a strong wash stream

-Many offer cold water washing only
-Very few features
-Spray pressure is difficult to adjust and may be too strong for some
Electric Bidets: Bidet Seats

-Warm water washing
-Adjustable wash stream
-Wide range of features
-Easy to install
-Easy to use
-Pricier than non-electric bidets

If you’d like to read more about bidets in depth, we recommend our article Different Kinds of Bidets.

Best Bidet Attachment: GoBidet Seat Attachment

Go Bidet Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment
GoBidet Toilet Attachment

The affordable, non-electric GoBidet seat attachment fits beneath your existing toilet seat and can be installed on almost any toilet. There are two models to choose from. The cheaper version delivers a cold water wash only. The slightly more expensive model connects to your bathroom’s hot water line for warm water cleansing*.

Crafted from chrome plated brass and outfitted with a lifetime warranty, the GoBidet attachment is designed to last. Levers on the side move the wand into the wash position, control the water flow, and adjust the temperature (on the warm water edition only). The nozzle itself has seven holes, resulting in a strong, broad wash stream.

The wand swivels from the side of the toilet bowl, where it stays when not in use, to the middle of the bowl when you’re ready to run the bidet wash. This design keeps it out of the way when you’re going to the bathroom, but it’s possible that it could get splashed by toilet water. If you want a wand and nozzle that stay fully covered when not in use, we recommend an electric bidet seat.

*Since the warm water GoBidet attachment connects to your bathroom’s water supply and doesn’t have a built in heater, it can take a few moments for the wash to shift from cold to warm. Think about how long it takes for your sink or shower to get warm, and that’s about how long it will take the bidet wash to warm up.

GoBidet ProsGoBidet Cons

Inexpensive ($150-165)
Wand and nozzle remain exposed when not in use

Does not require a power source
Water pressure can be tricky to adjust & may be too strong for sensitive bottoms

Durable construction
Users may need to shift their body quite a bit to make sure the wash spray hits the right spot
Broad wash stream
On models with warm water washing, it can take a while for the wash stream to heat up (and the water can be quite cold in the meantime)

Fits on most toilets (including many RV toilets)
Some users report issues with leaking
GoBidet Attachment

Best Bidet Sprayer: Brondell CSL-40 CleanSpa Luxury Hand Held Sprayer

CSL-40 CleanSpa Hand Held Bidet Sprayer
CSL-40 CleanSpa Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

Bidet sprayers, also known as “shattafs” or “shower bidets”, are one of the simplest, cheapest bidet converter kits available. The Brondell CSL-40 is crafted from quality stainless steel and features an ergonomic design. The long, flexible hose (47″) gives you plenty of room to maneuver the sprayer, and it comes with a convenient mounting dock that clips onto the side of the toilet tank.

Do keep in mind that the CSL-40 only connects to your bathroom’s cold water line. Depending on the temperature of your home, this can translate into a pretty cold bidet wash, especially if you live in a place with lots of chilly weather. The sprayer is powered by your home’s water pressure, so the spray itself is likely to be quite strong. While many users appreciate a vigorous spray, others find that it’s too rough.

It’s difficult to adjust the position of the wash spray on most non-electric bidets. However, sprayers offer a high degree of control over the direction of the wash spray. At the same time, anyone who has a hard time grasping, twisting or reaching will likely have a hard time using a sprayer. They’re also a lot more work to use than an electric bidet, which is operated by pressing buttons on a remote or control panel.

Brondell CSL-40 ProsBrondell CSL-40 Cons
Inexpensive ($80)
Cold water washing only (can be VERY cold)
Does not require a power source
Some users report leaking
Ergonomic design
Difficult to operate if you have limited mobility or dexterity
Strong wash stream
Water pressure is not adjustable & may be too strong for sensitive bottoms

You have full control over the direction of the spray
Require more effort to use than an electric bidet seat

Can be used to spray down the toilet bowl
Can make the toilet area look cluttered
Brondell CSL-40 Sprayer

Best Non-Electric Bidet Seat: American Standard AquaWash SpaLet

American Standard AquaWash SpaLet
AquaWash SpaLet

Swap out your current toilet seat for the American Standard AquaWash SpaLet 1.0, and you can enjoy easy bidet cleansing every time you go to the bathroom. This non-electric bidet converter kit is an entry level bidet seat that offers basic front and rear washing. The slim design is elegant and unobtrusive, and slow close hinges ensure that the lid closes quietly and gently every time.

An elegant chrome lever on the side of the seat controls the type of wash (front or rear) and the spray volume. The nozzles can be detached for cleaning, which is a feature not found on most bidet seats. The seat itself easily lifts off the mounting plate at the touch of a button for easy cleaning.

Though the pressure and nozzle position are technically adjustable, they aren’t as adjustable as the pressure or nozzle position on an electric bidet seat. You may need to shift your body around to make sure that the wash spray hits all the areas in need of cleaning, and getting the pressure just right can take finesse. Lastly, the cold water wash can get very cold, so it’s not as comfortable as a unit with warm water wash capabilities.

AquaWash SpaLet 1.0 ProsAquaWash SpaLet 1.0 Cons
Very inexpensive compared to other bidet seats ($125)
Cold water washing only (can be VERY cold)
Does not require a power source
Very few features compared to electric bidet seats
Simple, slim design
Water pressure can be tricky to adjust
Nozzles can be removed for cleaning
Nozzle position has limited adjustability; some customers complain that it does not reach the desired areas
American Standard AquaWash SpaLet 1.0

Best Electric Bidet Seat: Cascade 3000

Cascade 3000 Bidet Toilet Seat

The Cascade 3000 electric bidet seat is our favorite bidet converter kit, and from the rave reviews it gets, it’s clear that our customers love it too! The Cascade 3000 was designed by the Many Bidets team using our years of expertise and feedback from our customers. The result is a bidet seat that fills the gaps in the bidet market and offers customers the very best in comfort, durability, and ease of use.

For starters, the Cascade 3000 has an ultra comfortable, heated seat along with a sittable lid that can support up to 330 lbs. It offers front and rear wash modes, optional nozzle oscillation, and fully adjustable water pressure, water temperature and nozzle position. This makes it easy to get the wash stream in the right spot and minimizes the amount of shifting you need to do to get clean. Plus, the Cascade’s instant water heater produces unlimited warm water so you can relax and enjoy the cleanse.

Additional standout features include a warm air dryer with adjustable temperature settings and an optional LED night light that automatically turns on in dim light. The auto wash option initiates a lengthy wash and dry cycle at the touch of a button, and the built in deodorizer eliminates odors by pulling the air in the bowl through a carbon filter. The Cascade even offers two remote options: a large remote with raised, color coded buttons and a small, slim remote with flat buttons.

Last but not least, the Cascade 3000 is built to last. Stainless steel nozzles are not only durable, they’re easy to keep clean. Plus, the seat’s nozzles and interior tubing is coated in a sterile, silver nano solution keeps the wash water clean as it travels through. We’re so confident in the Cascade’s quality that it comes with a full 4-year warranty, one of the most comprehensive on the market.

Cascade 3000 ProsCascade 3000 Cons
High quality, durable construction
Pricier than a non-electric bidet ($899)
Sittable lid (supports 330 lbs)
Requires a GFCI outlet (versus non-electrics)
Unlimited warm wash water
Missing some ultra luxury features
(e.g. auto open/close lid, user presets, premisting)
Front & rear wash modes, plus optional nozzle oscillation

No specialty wash modes
(e.g. enema wash, wide wash, soft wash)

Fully adjustable nozzle position, water temperature, water pressure, seat temperature and air dryer temperature

Comes with a night light, one button wash/dry, deodorizer, heated seat & warm air dryer

Two remote options: large & small

Available in round & elongated seat sizes

4 year full warranty
Cascade 3000 Electric Bidet Seat

Best Budget Bidet Seat: Brondell Swash 1200

Brondell Swash 1200
Brondell Swash 1200 Bidet Toilet Seat

If you love the comfort and convenience offered by electric bidet converter kits but don’t have a big budget, you’re in luck! There are several quality, electric bidet seats that come in under $500, and the Brondell Swash 1200 is one of them. This unit offers a surprising number of features for the price, and it’s manufactured by one of the best known names in the business.

Like the Cascade 3000, the Swash 1200 comes with basic front and rear wash modes, a heated seat, automatic night light, and an auto wash/dry setting. While it doesn’t have nozzle oscillation, a warm air dryer or a deodorizer and only comes with one remote option, the Swash 1200 does offer some desirable features that are worth highlighting.

First, the Swash 1200 comes with an instant water heater that produces unlimited warm water, which is rare for a bidet at this price point. Second, the Swash 1200’s nozzles are highly adjustable, with seven front to back positions and three spray width options. In comparison, most bidet seats offer three to five front to back positions, and very few offer different spray widths. Lastly, the Swash 1200’s nozzles are crafted from stainless steel, which is the gold standard of nozzle materials.

For all its perks, the Swash 1200 isn’t as feature packed as many higher end models. The wash stream is on the gentler side, which may result in a less efficient cleanse. Additionally, the Swash 1200 has dual nozzles (one wand for the front wash and one for the back wash) that are laid out side by side. As a result, neither wash spray is perfectly centered on your backside and you might have to shift around a bit to get thoroughly clean.

Even with these downsides, the Swash 1200 brings a lot to the table at a price that’s hard to beat! If you’re looking for a bidet converter kit that offers quality and comfort on a budget, this bidet seat is a good option to consider.

Swash 1200 ProsSwash 1200 Cons
Under $500
Dual wands provide slightly off-center wash spray
Durable stainless steel nozzles
No nozzle oscillation

Unlimited warm water
No warm air dryer or deodorizer

Front & rear wash modes
Limited specialty wash modes
(e.g. enema wash, soft wash)
Highly adjustable nozzles:
7 front to back positions & 3 width settings

Only one remote option

Adjustable water temperature, water pressure,
and seat temperature

Wash stream is on the weaker side

Comes with a night light, one button wash/dry, heated seat, and 2 user presets
1 year limited warranty

Available in both round & elongated seat sizes
Brondell Swash 1200 Electric Bidet Seat

Best Luxury Bidet Seat: TOTO S550e

TOTO S550e WASHLET Bidet Toilet Seat
TOTO S550e WASHLET Bidet Seat

TOTO is a pioneer in the bidet space, so it’s no surprise that the TOTO S550e bidet seat lands a spot on our list of best bidet converter kits! With state of the art features and quality construction, the S550e is every bit a luxury bidet. The main downside to this opulent unit is the price tag. At over $1000, the S550e is one of our priciest bidet converter kits, but many customers feel that the superior comfort and convenience are well worth spending extra.

In addition to standard front and rear wash modes, the S550e offers wide spray, pulse spray, soft wash, and nozzle oscillation. Furthermore, the S550e is one of the very few bidet converter kits to come with an auto open/close lid. The S550e even mists the toilet bowl with sterile electrolyzed water when you sit down to stop waste from sticking, and it uses eWater+ to clean the nozzles every time the bidet is used.

In addition to the bevy of top tier features, the S550e comes in two designs and two colors. Customers can choose from a sleek, contemporary silhouette or a beveled, classic look. Both styles are available in white and in beige, making it easy to match your current bathroom color scheme. All in all, the TOTO S550e offers one of the most luxurious cleanses money can buy.

TOTO S550e ProsTOTO S550e Cons
Sleek, high end design
Premium price ($1176-$1352)
Unlimited warm water
Requires a GFCI outlet (versus non-electrics)
Front, rear, wide & soft wash modes, plus optional
pulse mode & nozzle oscillation

Only available in an elongated seat size

Fully adjustable nozzle position, water temperature, water pressure, seat temperature
and air dryer temperature

No sittable lid

Comes with a night light, 2 user presets, deodorizer, heated seat, warm air dryer, auto open/close lid, nozzle sterilization & bowl premisting with eWater+

Only one remote style

Available in two trim styles: classic & contemporary
1 year limited warranty

Available in two colors: white & beige

TOTO S550e Electric Bidet Seat

Final Thoughts on Bidet Converter Kits

Deciding which bidet converter kit is worth purchasing might feel like an overwhelming task, but we’re here to help. If you have questions we haven’t covered here or simply want a personalized recommendation, don’t hesitate to reach out! We want you to find the right bidet converter kit for your needs. Here are the best ways to get in touch:

  • Live Chat on our website
  • Phone: 248-974-4030
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Or via WhatsApp and Marco Polo

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