Top 10 Signs you need a Bidet Seat

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d write another blog post!  This time about BIDETS!  Many of you who visit my blog love nice bathrooms, nice showers, creative bathroom setups and products, but have never considered a bidet seat.  It’s time to give bidet seats some consideration!  In America most people have an uneasiness when it comes to bidet seats, because they are different and foreign, but overseas, they are very popular.  So why are they popular overseas?  They provide an extra level of cleanness and comfort!  Once you get past the uneasiness, it’s a no brainer!  Ok, enough talking about bidet seats, lets have a little fun.  Below are the top ten (plus one :p) signs you need a bidet seat, FOR REAL!

11. You have a history of getting hemorrhoids.

10. You love all things eco-friendly and green

9. You never feel clean while on your period.

8. You love all things automated, and high tech

7. You find it hard to clean yourself while pregnant.

6.  You often have issues with constipation

5.  You hate the feeling of a cold toilet seat

4. Tenderness after child birth makes using the restroom painful

3. You never feel clean after using toilet paper

2. You have physical ailments that make using the restroom hard, or painful

1.  You try and time your daily poop around when you’ll be taking a shower because you like to feel clean all day