TOTO B100 WASHLET Editor’s Review

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TOTO B100 WASHLET Editor’s Review


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Toto B100 WashletTOTO is the top of the line when it comes to toilets, and bidet seats.  The TOTO B100 WASHLET is a great example of why.  This TOTO WASHLET offers an efficient water heater, giving you unlimited warm water.  The elegant control panel on the TOTO B100 WASHLET bidet seat allows you to choose between 5 different temperature settings, helping you make the most of the built in water heater.  This control panel also offers the ability to adjust the seat temperature of the heated seat between 5 different settings.  This is just the beginning of what the TOTO B100 WASHLET has to offer.

The TOTO B100 WASHLET also offers a seat switch.  This gives you piece of mind when children or elderly individuals use the WASHLET.  In order for the TOTO B100 WASHLET to work, the seat switch has to be activated by sitting on the seat.  This keeps the bidet from turned on by mistake while the seat is not occupied.

When it comes to washing features, the TOTO B100 WASHLET bidet seat, has more than most.  The B100 WASHLET allows you to adjust the position of the nozzle or wand for rear cleansing, and front cleansing, as well as giving you the ability to choose oscillation settings, which allow the wand to move back and forth offering maximum coverage.

TOTO B100 Washlet Features ChartWith all these great features, people often ask us if there is a way to put the seat into power saving mode.  TOTO offers what they call Energy Saving settings or features.  Depending on use, you can choose between multiple different energy saving settings.  The TOTO B100 WASHLET bidet seat offers a timer setting, allowing the WASHLET to go into energy saving mode during hours when there’s not much use.  If you’re looking for a more automatic energy saving feature, the TOTO B100 WASHLET has that as well, in its Auto energy saving feature.  If you use the auto settings, the seat monitors use, and memorizes periods of time when the seat is not in use.  The WASHLET then adjusts the tempature settings to during times when it’s found the seat is less in use.  Yes, the TOTO B100 WASHLET is a learning bidet seat.  For those of you that want really simple, the TOTO B100 WASHLET also offers an button, allowing you to turn off things like the heated seat, saving more energy regardless of if it’s in use or not.

toto-self-cleaning-wand.jpgOne of the main reasons many people purchase a WASHLET or bidet is for the sanitary, hygienic nature of the product.  This is yet another area where the TOTO brand excels.  The TOTO B100 WASHLET offers a quickly removable toilet seat lid, as well as a one touch removal button for the WASHLET itself, making it quick and easy to clean at any point.  For added sanitary measures, the TOTO WASHLET B100 also comes with an antibacterial coating on all parts of the WASHLET that might come in contact with touch on a normal basis, giving you complete peace of mind when using the B100 WASHLET.  TOTO also takes self-cleaning nozzles to the next level.  The nozzles in the TOTO B100 WASHLET go through an automatic self-cleaning before and after every use.  The wand itself (what the nozzle is attached to) also goes through a self-cleaning process at these times.

Now that we’ve talked about features, you might be wondering what shapes and colors the TOTO B100 WASHLET comes in.  TOTO offers two versions of the TOTO B100 sw502 01 WASHLET.  The first and most common version is the TOTO B100 cotton white elongated WASHLET.  Fortunately, TOTO didn’t stop there.  They also offer a beige model often referred to as the TOTO B100 Sedona Beige elongated WASHLET.  Both of these two WASHLETs are available on this page, buy using the dropdown at the top of this product page.  Note that TOTO does not offer a round version of this WASHLET, only elongated WASHLETs.  For most people this is just fine, as elongated is the much more common style of toilet.  This elongated WASHLET will fit almost any elongated toilet, not just TOTO toilets.  There are a couple things to look for when trying to see if the TOTO WASHLET B100 is compatible with your toilet.   The TOTO B100 WASHLET is compatible with any standard elongated toilet with no curves between the seat and the tank, as long as the toilet has 1-3/4 inches of space between the mounting bolt holes and the tank.  If you’re looking for more information about the TOTO B100 WASHLET size or dimensions, feel free to check out our owner’s manuals page.

Frequently asked questions:

What different colors does TOTO offer for the TOTO B100 WASHLET?

TOTO offers two different colors for the B100 WASHLET.  The TOTO B100 cotton white elongated WASHLET, and the TOTO B100 Sedona Beige elongated WASHLET.  Both are sold through this page.  Some other versions of the TOTO WASHLETs also offer a Colonial White color option.


Do you ship the TOTO B100 WASHLET to Canada?

We offer free shipping to both the United states and Canada.  This is true for the TOTO B100 WASHLET as well.


How would you compare the TOTO B100 WASHLET vs the C110?

We include a comparison chart with this product to help you compare the TOTO B100 WASHLET to the TOTO C110 WASHLET and others (see below).


Does the TOTO B100 WASHLET offer a heated seat?

Yes, the TOTO B100 WASHLET has a heated seat with tempature adjustments allowing you to configure it to your liking.


Where can I find a youtube video walking me through installation instructions for the TOTO B100 WASHLET?

We offer an in-depth video walking you through installation process from start to finish for the TOTO B100 WASHLET.  Just look below.


Where can I find an installation manual for the TOTO B100 WASHLET?

If you’d like a installation manual, we have a link to that at the bottom of this page as well.


I’m looking for a TOTO B100 WASHLET that will fit a round toilet.  Is it true that the TOTO B100 WASHLET is for elongated toilet bowls only?

Yes, TOTO currently only offers the TOTO B100 WASHLET for elongated toilet bowls.


How does the TOTO B100 WASHLET vs the s300 WASHLET compare?

We offer a comparision chart, so you can compare the TOTO B100 WASHLET vs s300 WASHLET for yourself(see below).  We sell both, just in case you decide the s300 is the one for you.


Do you have any reviews for the TOTO B100 sw502#01 cotton white or TOTO B100 sw502#12 Sedona Beige WASHLETs?

We have reviews for almost all of our products on our site.  The TOTO B100 WASHLET seat is no different.  Look below for more details.


Do you stock TOTO B100 WASHLET parts?

Even though we don’t list parts on our site, we do have most parts in stock.  If you’re looking for a part, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do for you.  We also have a parts list at the bottom of this product page, just in case you’re not sure what the name of the part you’re looking for is called.


Where can I find specs or quickspecs for the TOTO B100 WASHLET?

We include the quickspecs at the bottom of this page.  Feel free to visit it for more details.


Is it true the TOTO b100 WASHLET is common in Japan?

TOTO is a very common, very high end brand.  Other countries tend to be a little further along in the bidet/WASHLET world then the USA.  This being said, the TOTO b100 WASHLET, is very popular, not only in Japan, but around the world.


Where would I look if I wanted to buy a TOTO B100 WASHLET toilet seat in the USA?

Our site is the perfect one stop shop when looking to buy a TOTO B100 WASHLET at a great price.  Not only do we offer these seats at a great price, but we offer free shipping, and are happy to assist you with any questions you have about this seat, or any others.


If I wanted to download a manual for the TOTO Zoe B100 WASHLET, where would I go?

Not only are you able to view the manual for this WASHLET on our site, but you’re also able to download it.  Simply visit our manuals page, and once you’re looking at the manual for the TOTO B100 WASHLET, simply right click on it, and choose to save it.


How can I figure out the compatibility of the TOTO B100 WASHLET with my toilet?

Below, we have a compatibility pdf, where you can not only see if the TOTO B100 WASHLET is compatible with your toilet, but you can compare it to other TOTO WASHLETs.


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