TOTO C200 Not the Best Bidet? 2022 | Bidet Answers with Dan

Why don’t we include the TOTO C200 in our top 5 bidet seats of 2022? Daniel Johnson, your bidet expert and owner of Many Bidets, explains why we don’t recommend the TOTO C200 for everyone.

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TOTO C200 Not the Best Bidet? 2022

When you start looking for a Bidet seat you look for top Bidet seats. A lot of those lists say that the C200, by Toto, is the top seat of 2022. Those lists would be incorrect and today we’re going to share why this seat is not the seat to recommend. As well as, talking about others that you might want to consider instead.

For starters, the C200 has been discontinued in the elongated form factor. Ninety percent, approximately, of toilets in the U.S. are elongated and the C200 is no longer made in that form factor; it’s only made in round. If you’re looking for a top recommendation for an elongated toilet, in the year 2022, the C200 really isn’t going to be a good option, because it’s no longer made in a version that fits your toilet. Aside from the fact that it’s no longer made in elongated, look how tall it is in the back. This added height makes it a little bit more uncomfortable than you’re going to see with other seats, where the height isn’t as big, or the slope is more steep, so that there’s more sittable space. There’s a variety of different things that make a seat comfortable. This seat doesn’t have those items.

Now, the C5, which replaced the elongated version of the C200, is going to be more comfortable than the C200, because the back doesn’t raise up as much. However, it’s still not our top pick for the year of 2022, because of the fact that it offers limited warm water. It’s more of an entry-level seat.

If you’re looking for a seat that really deserves the title of “top seat”, we would recommend looking at either one of Toto’s higher-end seats, like the Toto S550e, or S500e. Possibly some seats from some other brands, like the Eco Nova. Fantastic seat, we just finished fully testing it and absolutely love it. A link will be in the video description. The Cascade 3000, another fantastic seat, the Bio Bidet BB-2000, or the Swash 1400, all great seats.

If you’re curious to learn more about all of these seats, guess what! We’re doing a top five video and this top five video includes all seats that are currently being manufactured and currently available. As well as, seats that have those luxury features that are just going to make your bathroom experience perfect. Check out that link in the video description and keep in mind that if you’re looking for those seats, we’re the ones that will give you the best pricing and make sure that your customer experience is flawless. Thank you so much for watching today and have a fantastic day. where we sell many Bidets, not mini Bidets.

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