TOTO S300e WASHLET Editor’s Review

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TOTO S300e WASHLET Editor’s Review


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The TOTO S300e is a high end luxury WASHLET, offering many of the same features you’ll find on the S350e, but for a lower price.  This makes it a great seat for those looking for a high end seat, but not able to spend enough to get the TOTO S350e.  For all of the details about this great WASHLET, see below.


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5 point rating

Pros and Cons List

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Editor’s Review

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TOTO S300e WASHLET Features Overview

TOTO S300e Features

Main Features:

The TOTO S300e offers a sleek, high end, easy to use wireless remote.  This remote comes with a magnetic wall mount, making it easy to store.

As is true with most electronic bidet seats, the TOTO S300e WASHLET offers both front and rear wash options.


Sanitary Features:

The TOTO S300e offers EWATER+, a electrolyzed water system, providing a more sanitary experience than any other bidet seat on the market.

The self-cleaning feature common on most bidet seats is also offered on the TOTO S300e WASHLET.


Luxury Features:

The TOTO S300e WASHLET offers instant warm water with a high end, built in heating system.  This allows the WASHLET to offer unlimited warm water for every wash.

The built in deodorizer on the TOTO S300e uses a fan that pulls air through an active carbon filter to remove odor from your bathroom experience.

There are many wash features offered on the TOTO S300e one of these is soft wash, which uses aeration, or the process of infusing air bubbles into the stream to offer a soft yet effective cleaning experience.

The TOTO S300e also offers multiple settings for optimal wash coverage.  The first of these washes is the wide wash, which provides an extra wide stream, for extra coverage.  If this isn’t enough, the TOTO S300e also offers an oscillating wash which causes the stream to move back and forth offering even more coverage.

The pulsating wash offered by the TOTO S300e causes the wash stream to pulsate between strong and weak multiple times a second.  This wash cycle is soothing, and can be used to help stimulate bowel movements.

The pressure controls offered on the TOTO S300e allow the WASHLET’s pressure to be fully adjusted to the operator’s liking.

While many electronic bidet seats offer front and rear positions, very few of them offer the ability to make additional adjustments to the nozzle position like the TOTO S300e does.  This allows the operator to get the wash exactly where they want it without having to adjust him or her self on the bidet seat.

The TOTO S300e WASHLET comes with a heated seat.  This seat’s temperature is adjustable to the operator’s liking and comes with a occupied sensor.  This sensor helps the WASHLET know when it’s should run.

The warm air dryer offered on the TOTO S300e WASHLET has adjustable temperature for maximum comfort, and completely eliminates the need for toilet paper.

With so many options on the TOTO S300e WASHLET, setting up the wash exactly how you like it can take some time.  In an effort to save the operator time, the TOTO S300e offers the ability to set up 2 different user personal washes.  These favorite washes can be selected at the press of a button.


Other Features:

As seen with many other bidet seats, the TOTO S300e offer a soft close seat, and a one year warranty.


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5 point rating for the TOTO S300e WASHLET Bidet Seat

TOTO S300e Washlet Five Star Rating

The quality of TOTO products is very high, and the TOTO S300e also offers many great features, missing only the auto lid open and close feature, earning it a very high features rating of 4.8 out of 5.  While the price tag is lower than the TOTO S350e, it’s still rather high, but with all the great features and the high quality of the product, we rate the value at 4.5 out of 5.  Sadly, the warranty on the TOTO S300e has left us wanting, with just a one year limited warranty, but with the quality of the product in the first place, chances of needing the warranty are practically non-existent.  We give the TOTO S300e a rating of 4.4 over all.


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Pros and Con’s List



Instant, unlimited warm water

memory settings for favorite washes



Missing auto open and close

More expensive than most seats


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Other seats to consider


BB-2000 Bliss Bidet Seat

Novita BH-90 and BH-93


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TOTO S300e WASHLET Dimensions




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TOTO S300e WASHLET Comparison Chart



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TOTO S300e WASHLET Specifications Sheet

TOTO S300e Washlet Specifications\


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Editor’s TOTO S300e WASHLET Review

toto-s300e.jpgIf you’re looking for a WASHLET that’s packed full of features, the TOTO S300e WASHLET may be the one for you.  This seat not only offers many great wash cycles (which are covered below), but also some state of the art energy saving features.  And of course, all of these features are easily controlled with TOTO’s high quality wireless remote control for the TOTO S300e WASHLET.  The TOTO S300e WASHLET also offers EWATER+, a feature only high end TOTO WASHLETs offer.  For more details on all of these features, see below.

The wash features on the TOTO S300e WASHLET are far superior when compared to the TOTO B100 or E200 WASHLETs.  The TOTO S300e offers the same rear cleansing and front cleansing that TOTO’s lower models offer, but along with these also offers a soft rear cleansing.  In this cleansing cycle, the wash alternates between forceful and gentle spray 70 times per second.  This allows you to still get a very thorough cleaning, with more comfort, and using less water.  The rear and front positioning that TOTO offers with this seat are pretty standard, but TOTO adds to this standard feature, with wand position adjustment control.  This allows you to dictate exactly how you want the wand positioned for your perfect wash.  Unlike most other bidets on the market, which only have a rear and forward setting, the TOTO S300e allows you complete control over where the nozzle sprays.  Much like the other WASHLETs TOTO offers, the TOTO S300e WASHLET also offers pressure control, allowing you to adjust the water pressure used in the wash between multiple different settings.  The TOTO S300e WASHLET offers a few additional wash cycles.  In the oscillating wash cycle, the wand moves back and forth, offering a more thorough cleaning, for a wider area.  This feature is located on the side of the remote, allowing for easy access, but not confusing guests with additional settings.  The TOTO S300e also provides a pulsating wash that offers a combination of soft and strong water pressure for an extra thorough wash.  This is also located on the side of the remote for easy access.


The TOTO S300e WASHLET also offers a feature unique to the TOTO S300e and S350e called EWATER+.  EWATER+ is a state of the art feature that puts TOTO above the rest of the market, and sets it apart.  The TOTO S300e WASHLET uses electrolyzed water to wash the WASHLET nozzle and toilet bowl before and after each use.  This is created from your tap water by electrolyzing the chloride ions in the water, making it a 80% better cleaning agent then normal water.

toto-s300e-remote.jpgFeatures on the front of the remote consist of Rear and Soft Rear settings, Front and Wide Front settings, an Air dryer, and two user presets.  All the other settings are located either on the one of the sides, or rear of the remote.  This allows guests to have easy access to the functions they need, while the remote is on the wall, without overwhelming them with features.  Still giving you the option to customize the wash however you want, or choosing from one of your two presets.  On the rear of the remote, the TOTO S300e WASHLET settings for pressure and temperature show up.  The remote also has a small screen on the back side of the remote, allowing you to set up more advanced settings.  When guests use the remote, since it’s in the wall mount, they do not have to worry about the settings on the back of the remote at all.

While wash functions tend to be the focus when looking for a bidet or WASHLET, there are other features the TOTO S300e WASHLET offers that should not be overlooked.  The TOTO S300e WASHLET offers some common features like a soft close lid, which keeps the lid toilet seat lid from slamming shut.  But it also offers some higher end features as well.  As an added safe guard, the TOTO WASHLET S300e also includes a seat sensor.  This helps the WASHLET determine if you are seated or not before engaging, saving you from having to clean up a big mess if from a youngster playing with the remote.

Many people decide to switch to WASHLETs or bidets to get rid of the need for toilet paper, only to find that they purchased a bidet without an air dryer.  The TOTO s300e WASHLET allows you to truly go without toilet paper, with its state of the art heated air dryer.  The built in air dryer offers temperature settings, and is considered to by many to be one of the best bidet air dryers on the market, totally eliminating your need for toilet paper.  This isn’t the only heating feature the WASHLET offers, however.  The TOTO S300e WASHLET also offers a heated toilet seat, and heated water.  All of these heated features are able to be adjusted to your liking using the wireless remote that comes with the TOTO S300e WASHLET.  Last, but not least, is the powerful deodorizer, allowing you to use the restroom without the smell.  This deodorizer uses a strong fan, which pulls the air through an active carbon filtration system.  This means that the TOTO S300e WASHLET deodorizer doesn’t cover up the smell, it absorbs it!

toto-s300e-washlet.jpgEven with all these great features, the TOTO S300e WASHLET does a very good job being energy efficient.  It does so using a variety of energy saving features, giving you the option to pick the one that works best for you.  The TOTO S300e Timer Energy Saver feature allows you to dictate when the toilet seat heater is on, and when it’s off, allowing you to save energy while it’s not in use.  The TOTO S300e WASHLET also has an Auto Energy Saver feature.  Using this feature, the WASHLET remembers and tracks what times of day the seat is not used, and uses this information to determine when the TOTO WASHLET S300e toilet seat heater should be turned off and on.  The TOTO S300e WASHLET also has an on/off button, allowing you to power it down when it’s not in use, giving you even more power saving.  Which of these great features you decide to use is totally up to you.

One of the main reasons to purchase WASHLETs or bidets is for the added cleanliness.  When it comes hygiene, the cleanliness of the bidet or WASHLET itself is very important.  The TOTO S300e WASHLET offers many features that keep it running the cleanest possible.  Cleaning the TOTO S300e WASHLET could not be easier.  It has a one-touch WASHLET removal feature, allowing you to quickly and easily remove the WASHLET for cleaning.  The WASHLET lid itself also has an easy removal feature, in case you need to remove just the lid for cleaning.  The TOTO S300e WASHLET also runs an auto cleaning cycle on both the nozzle, and the wand before and after each use, making sure it’s clean and ready before being used to clean you.

The TOTO S300e WASHLET offers both round and elongated WASHLETs in both Cotton White, and Sedona Beige colors.  Regardless of the bathroom you’re looking to match a seat to, the TOTO S300e will work.  All of these variants are sold under this page, just choose the applicable options above.

Hopefully after reading all of this, you have a good feel what the TOTO S300e WASHLET has to offer.  However, you might have more questions.  Please feel free to reach out to us if there’s anything we can do to help, and also feel free to check out our frequently asked questions area below.


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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find TOTO S300e jasmin WASHLET reviews?

Almost all the WASHLETs sold on our site have customer reviews.  Others just like you have given their thoughts about this seat.  Look below, under our reviews to see what they have to say.

Where can I find a TOTO S300e Fit Chart, or compatibility chart?  I’m not sure if the TOTO S300e will fit the dimensions of my toilet.

Under the Additional Resources area, we have a link to a compatibility chart.  This is a great tool when trying to figure out if the TOTO S300e WASHLET will fit your toilet or not.  With both the Elongated front and round front options the TOTO S300e WASHLET offers, it does fit almost any toilet. TOTO S300e dimensions.

How does the TOTO S300e WASHLET’s power consumption compare to other electric bidet seats?

Even with all the great features the TOTO S300e offers, the energy saving functions it uses allows it to keep its power consumption is quite low in comparison to other electric bidets.

If I have any problems with my TOTO S300e WASHLET, where can I find help?

We are always here to help you with any and every question or problem you have.  Simply feel free to contact us with questions, and we’ll make sure you get taken care of.

Will you ship the TOTO S300e WASHLET to Canada?

Yes, we offer free shipping of the TOTO S300e to both the USA and Canada.

Where can I find parts for the TOTO S300e Jasmin WASHLET?

Even though they aren’t listed on our site, we do have most parts in stock.  If you’re looking for a particular part, simply ask us, and we’ll see what we can do.

Is the TOTO S300e WASHLET the best price for the features?

The TOTO S300e is a middle of the road TOTO WASHLET.  It offers a lot of great features while still keeping the price quite a bit lower than the high end TOTO WASHLETs.  When it’s said and done, it’s up to you to decide how it fits with what you need, but the TOTO S300e is a great option.

There are a lot so SKUs out there for the TOTO S300e WASHLET.  How can I tell what these SKUs mean?

Seat NameBase SKUColor SKUCompleted SKUCompleted Name
TOTO S300e Elongated Seat / Cotton WhiteSW574#01TOTO SW574#01TOTO S300e Elongated Seat Cotton White SW574#01
TOTO S300e Round Seat / Cotton WhiteSW573#01TOTO SW573#01TOTO S300e Round Seat Cotton White SW573#01
TOTO S300e Elongated Seat / Sedona BeigeSW574#12TOTO SW574#12TOTO S300e Elongated Seat Sedona Beige SW574#12
TOTO S300e Round Seat / Sedona BeigeSW573#12TOTO SW573#12TOTO S300e Round Seat Sedona Beige SW573#12

How does the TOTO S300e WASHLET deodorizer filter work?

Contrary to what many people think, the TOTO S300e WASHLET deodorizer does not mask the smell, rather, it absorbs the smell.  The deodorizer uses a fan to pull air through an active carbon filtration system.  The air coming out the other end of this filter is cleaner, making it a much better option that bathroom scent fresheners.

Where can I find a TOTO S300e WASHLET installation or owner’s manual?

At the bottom of this page under Additional Resources, we have links to all sorts of valuable information, including an installation manual, owner’s manual, and instruction manual for the TOTO S300e WASHLET.  Feel free to check them out below.

If I need help with repair for my TOTO S300e WASHLET, where can I find help?

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have about your WASHLET.  Even if we can’t help, we can at least point you in the right direction.

What are the electrical requirements for the TOTO S300e WASHLET?

The TOTO S300e WASHLET should only be used with an outlet that offers 120V, 60Hz electrical current.  It is also very important that the outlet is properly grounded.

Do you offer any specifications, or specs for the TOTO S300e WASHLET?

In our additional resources area, which you can find below, you will find a link to TOTO S300e WASHLET quickspecs.  This is a short concise specifications chart, showing you everything you need to know about the TOTO S300e quick, easy to read document.

I’ve seen bidet seats at places like Costco, Sams Club, Home Depot and Lowes.  Why should I buy the TOTO S300e WASHLET from you?

While these local locations have their perks, when it comes to purchasing a bidet or WASHLET, is the only way to go.  Shopping here, you can choose between many different brands and read reviews from other customers on each brand we sell.  As well as having experts in the world of bidets at your fingertips.

Do you offer any warranty on the TOTO S300e WASHLET?

Yes, the TOTO S300e WASHLET comes with a one year manufactures warranty.  For all the details visit the last page of the manual (linked to below)

How does the TOTO S300e WASHLET compare vs e200 WASHLET?

The TOTO S300e is more advanced, and offers more features, but can be a little bit more pricy as well.  For all the details, visit the comparison chart here.

Do you offer any sort of youtube video walking us through the installation process for the TOTO S300e WASHLET?

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find additional resources, including things like a youtube video walking you through the install process step by step, a spec sheet for the TOTO S300e WASHLET, and much more.  Be sure to check it out.

I have a Kohler toilet.  This toilet has a French curve in it.  Will the TOTO S300e WASHLET fit Kohler curve toilets?

The TOTO S300e WASHLET fits practically except for these select few.  If you’re looking for a high end bidet that will fit this seat, you might look at the INAX Luscence bidet seat (also sold on many bidets)


What it the TOTO S300e WASHLET Amps requirement?

TOTO recommends plugging the TOTO S300e WASHLET into at least a 15 Amp grounded outlet.


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TOTO S300e WASHLET Installation Manual


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