Tubs in the floor

Tubs set into the floor gives a bathroom a nice classy look.  These bath tubs come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.  Below are some examples.

The below tub was found at www.guatacrazynight.com, almost gives the tub a pool feel.

I LOVE this tub from www.designrulz.com!  A truly natural, classy tub, that makes one feel like they are in a small piece of heaven.

Rain shower head over the floor tub?   Yes please!  See more here: interiordesign4.com

This tub has shimmering tiles, giving it a very interesting look.  See more: www.homedit.com

Visit www.bloodandchampagne.com to see this tub with an earthy feel

A simple and sleek tub from lavillaenelpoeta.blogspot.com

Check out indulgy.com for more on this little slice of paradise.

This bathtub found at www.onekindesign.com offers plenty of room and a unique look and feel.

This tub comes from a high end hotel.  With it’s minimalist feel, and clean look, this tub earns some real points.  Want to try it yourself?  Check this out: www.hotels.com

This tub is a little different.  While it’s mostly in the floor, it does have a raised edge.  I like it, what do you think?  Source: johnfrusciante.soup.io

This tub is full of history and stories!

Source: www.realmagick.com

The prefect romantic escape.  I want a setup like this…

Source: decoratingaddict.blogspot.com

While this tub is great, there’s no denying that it’s surroundings add a little something too.

Source: simplehappenings.com

Mixing a great tub like this and the outdoors…  Does it get any better?

Source: www.elizabethbolognino.com

This tub mixed with the open layout of this bathroom is a great mix

Source: applesauceisdelicious.tumblr.com/

This is quite an amazing tub!  I highly recommend checking out the source, as there are a lot of other great shots there.

Source: www.architecturendesign.net

Feels like home, yet offers a classy feel.  What a great combination.

Source: ths.gardenweb.com

What a classy tub!  I love the pillars

Source: www.silvestricustomhomes.com

I love the view!

Source: decoholic.org