(video) TOTO Neorest RH UNboxing (Sku: MS988CUMFG)

What comes with a purchase of the TOTO Neorest RH MS988CUMFG? Watch our TOTO Neorest RH Unboxing video to find out! If you purchase from Many Bidets, your TOTO Neorest RH comes with everything needed for install. Watch this video to see all the details. Main Parts include: Toilet Bowl: CT989CUMFG Top: SN988M Note that both the TOTO Neorest AH and TOTO Neorest RH use the same bowl. TOTO Neorest RH: https://www.manybidets.com/product/toto-neorest-rh-dual-flush-toilet-and-washlet/

Hello, this is Daniel, owner of manybidets.com.

Today we are going to be doing an unboxing of the Toto Neorest RH.

Both the AH and the RH use the same base, so this base would be used for either of those. The top is different but we’re going to start by unboxing the bottom.

What we need to do is, we need to push these little clips through, so that they’re no longer impeding this top portion from sliding up. You’re going to have four of these, one on each corner, so we’re going to push each of these through, then one left.

Now you’ll notice on both sides there’s handles. When you’re carrying this originally, you have two handles on either side making it very easy to carry. I recommend carrying it while these are out, not pushed in. Once you’re ready to start disassembling, don’t carry it with those handles or be more careful with them.

Now that all four are pushed in, this top portion should slide off fairly simply. It might be getting caught on one of these corners, there we go… and there we are! Here’s the top portion, which was a sleeve, which… slid over this section. We can see here we have a pretty basic base, but you can see it’s reinforced on the sides. It’s pretty sturdy, you could technically lift it with just this sleeve, without the cardboard ripping or anything I would guess, so pretty heavy duty. You’re going to notice up here on the top, we have a variety of pieces which we’ll talk about in a moment. In the front, we have these side pieces, and are going to cover up the back of the toilet. Here in the back, we can see we have holes where the toilet mounts. This obviously is not something that you want visible. These covers cover up this area in the back, they’re adhered with some velcro as you can see. In the top we have a bag and this bag includes our installation manual, some warning information.This warning information talks about how you have to install the flange adapter, before installing the bowl. We’re going to do another video on installation, so this will be clear as to why when we do that video. Then the ever important mounting template, so this would go on the floor, next to or on top of, I should say, where you’re installing your toilet. It basically shows you where to drill holes to allow for the mounting hardware to sit in place. So it shows you where all the holes need to be drilled for a proper installation, very important. Also in this bag, we have all the hardware, so here’s some of the screws, etc. that you would need.

Then here, is that mounting piece, that was referenced in this warning sheet. So this mounts on top of your flange or the drain hole, with the wax ring. This is something that is a little bit unique because most of the time when you’re talking about a standard toilet, the toilet itself grips on top of the flange. In a scenario like this, this actually sits on the flange and this rubber gasket up here at the top, connects the drain hole in the bottom of the toilet, so a little bit of a different design. You also have this little cable; and the cable operates a flapper, inside this apparatus, that allows you to have a manual flush if you lose power. That’s another important thing to note.

Last but not least, we have this box. Inside of this box, we are going to have our connectors. This is a little bit of a unique T-connector; so this actually screws into the water supply, the wall itself and takes the place of your existing T-connector, so a little bit of an important thing to note. Then here’s an elbow, we’ll talk about this a little bit later. Then an extension, again we’ll talk about this in more detail later and a washer so that’s what’s inside of that box. This little sheet that’s also in that box shows how they connect. This can come out of the wall, if it comes out of the wall you’re not going to use the extension. If it comes out of the floor you’re probably going to use the extension because you don’t want that sitting right on the floor. So basically that kind of shows you how those three pieces work together. It also gives you some instructions on how not to install it, so helpful little piece there. All right so that wraps up what we have to look at as far as the bowl portion and unboxing.

Now we’re going to take a look at opening up the top portion of the Toto Neorest RH. Keep in mind the bottom portion of the Toto Neorest RH is the same for the RH as it is for the AH, but the top portion is where things differ. It’s really a style difference, the actual features and internals are the same. We’re going to go ahead and open up the top of the RH now so that you can see what it looks like.

Okay, so you’re going to see for starters, that we have some instructions here on how to properly open this. So you can see there’s actually some handles that you can use to help lift it. They walk you through not lifting it by the lid, not lifting it by the base, but actually using the handles so that is definitely important. You can, kind of probably, see a little bit better in the screenshot right there.

We have manuals galore so we have, actually, a couple things in this box. We have the safety precautions, but we also have this little plastic instructions guide. This actually will talk about mounting the controls for the Neorest onto the wall; but when you mount the controls onto the wall, the wall mount, which the remote clips into and out of, has three screws. Those three screws can also go through these three holes and then this instruction guide basically sits right above the remote; so that you can see what the options on the remote, on the front are and also what the options along the top are. This will help especially if you install the wall mount high enough, that you can’t see the top of the remote when seated. This will help, so that’s what that is. Also inside of this box or this bag i should say, are the precautions and the safety instructions. All right so Toto makes this fun, you do not need all of the manuals that are in here, you get three manuals and you will use one. Toto Neorest AH and RH instruction manual, pretty straight forward to figure out what this is. This is the instruction manual in English, they also give you a french and spanish version of the instruction manuals. All three automatically come with your toilet. Obviously keep the one that makes the most sense for you to keep and you can probably recycle the other two. We’ll go ahead and put these back. Pretty good manual, you can kind of see the details in here; but pretty straightforward manual, pretty well done. So yeah, definitely something good to keep handy. We’ll go ahead and put these back in here for now.

Now here, we have the instructions on how to lift this seat out of the box, so you can see that right there. Over here on the side, we have the remote control, along with a couple of batteries. We’ll take a look at that here in a little bit. We have a cover and we also have a couple of additional screws, we’ll talk about these later and then we have the seat.

Let’s see how these handles work for me real quick, actually i’m going to follow this to the tee. So i’m going to lift up the lid and the seat and then i am going to grab these handles to lift this out and that is how you lift this out of the box. You can see there’s these handles here. When i first opened the box the handles were like this, so i basically came in from the inside, pushed the handles out, so that i wasn’t pushing the handles against the plastic and then you can just lift with both of those. That’s how they recommend that you lift it out of the box. The reason is obviously, there’s pretty obvious reasons why we wouldn’t want to lift from the lid itself; but the bottom side of this seat has a lot of electronics in it so they don’t really want you lifting from that either. Which is why they give you this handy little carrying case. That’s all that’s in the box.

Now let’s take a look at the mounting hardware screws and everything else that’s included with your purchase, to make your installation complete and successful.

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