What Bidet Cleaner Can I Use On My Bidet? | New Bidet Q&A |Bidet Answers with Dan

What can I use to clean my bidet seat and keep it looking new and fresh? Daniel Johnson shares the products that are safe to use on your bidet seat!

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What Bidet Cleaner Can I Use On My Bidet? Trascript:

What should I use to clean my Bidet seat? We recommend using something all natural. A lot of the Bidet seat manuals are going to say, “Use water, only”; However, if you use something all natural like “Method Simple Green ”, these cleaners are water, vinegar mix. These cleaners will do the job and they tend to be safe for Bidet seats to use. Now, we’ll have people ask questions about other cleaners that are not listed here and my answer is, often, “Try it”. What I mean is, find a small piece of the seat that’s out of view and put a dab of that cleaner on it and let it sit for a while, an hour, or two. If you come back to the seat and you see that there’s discoloration there, that’s not a cleaner you want to use. Basically, what it boils down to is, there’s a micro antibacterial liner on the seat and if a harsh cleaner is used then that liner interacts with the cleaner and becomes discolored. Pretty easy to test. If there’s a popular cleaner that you really like to use, give it a test, put a little bit of it on a spot that’s out of sight and then come back and check it for discoloration an hour, or two later.

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