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What is a bidet toilet, is it the same thing as an integrated toilet? How is it different than a bidet converter kit? Daniel Johnson, your bidet expert and the owner of Many Bidets, explains all this and more!

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What is a Bidet Toilet? | Integrated Toilet Transcript:

Bidet toilets; your friends tell you you need one, but you’re not sure where to start. My name is Daniel Johnson, I’m your Bidet expert and today we’re going to talk about Bidet toilets.

First of all, It’s important to note that your friends are right, you absolutely need this. Our customers come back to us with the most common comments being, “I wish I had gotten this a decade earlier”, but in order to get there you need to start by picking the correct Bidet toilet for your needs. Let’s go ahead and start by talking about the two categories. We have Bidet converter kits and then we have the Bidet toilets.

Now, a Bidet converter kit takes your existing toilet and converts it into a Bidet through a 15 or 30 minute install process, very quick. You’re looking at electric seats, you’re looking at non-electric seats, you’re looking at attachments; which sit between your toilet bowl and your existing toilet seat. Then, you’re looking at handhelds, which sit off to the side. Now, if you’re curious about these different options and want more information on these, there’s a link up here that is going to walk you through that process in video format, similar to this. We’ll also include a link in the video description. Now, talking about this set, you’re looking at a variety of features if you go with the electric Bidet seats. Any of the other three are non-electric and are going to be pretty feature light.

The Bidet toilets, all of them that we carry, are electric and those units are going to be sleeker, classier and more comfortable than any of the units in this first category. However, they are going to be a Bidet and toilet all built into one piece, because of this you need to remove your toilet and replace it with this unit. That means it’s a bigger process and will definitely take more time. It might also require the hiring of a plumber. That being said, we do installation videos on most of the Integrated Bidet toilets that we sell. If you’re curious about how it would look if you were to do it yourself, check out our YouTube channel, there are a lot of installation videos out there.

Now, either the Bidet toilet seats with the electricity, or the Integrated Bidet toilets that use electricity, as well, need an outlet nearby. You’re talking about a three prong plug. The cords are going to be four feet long. You can use an extension cord if needed, assuming it’s 14 gauge, or better. Electricity: if you don’t have it nearby, you might need to get an electrician out. That’s one more thing to consider. Now, features wise, again, non-electrics, very basic. If you’re looking at an electric unit, you could be looking at a variety of different features.

The price point that you’re aiming at is really going to depend on how many features and how high-end those features are. With the Integrated units: you’re looking at anywhere from about 2 grand, up to about 17 grand. There are Integrated units that are less expensive, we do not recommend them. Quality of build, customer service issues, there’s a lot of reasons to stay away from lower priced Integrated units. We did a video on that, as well and you can view that by clicking on the link here, or in the video description.

Now, if you’re looking at a quality Integrated unit, or a quality seat, electric seats range from about 250 to about 1200. Here are some features that you might find yourself getting with a Bidet: warm water and that can be limited to 30 seconds, give or take, or unlimited, that’s a higher end unit that costs more money. Warm air dryer, two to three minutes to dry, eliminating toilet paper altogether. Deodorizer. Some of the Integrated units and a select few of the electric seats offer pre-misting, where they mist the bowl down before and after each use, to help debris from sticking. You can get an auto opening lid and seat sterilization. There’s a variety of different things that you can get with an electric Bidet, be it a seat, or an Integrated toilet combination, that is going to make your toileting experience an experience that you never dreamed possible.

Now we’ve talked about a lot of options and a lot of this may feel overwhelming. You’re not alone. Hearing the terms, “I never knew I would feel this overwhelmed when trying to pick out a Bidet”, is something I hear multiple times, every day. The good news is that when I hear that it’s because a customer is communicating with me, guess what happens? We talk through it, we ask questions, we address concerns and we end up finding the perfect solution for that customer. That’s why that customer calls me three weeks later and says, “Man I wish I had done this a decade ago”, because they now have the perfect unit for their needs, in their home and they know that it will continue to be the perfect solution and why not wish that you had that earlier.

If this video feels overwhelming, reach out to us and we’re happy to help. You can comment on this video. Doing that allows us to address your question, but also help those who might be watching the video, who have the same question, as they can view your comment and our answer. However, if you prefer a more personal touch you can always email us, live chat with us, call us, or text us, all that information is also in the video description. We have a link to our website in the video description as well, to browse our catalog of Bidets. Of course, thank you so much for watching today. If you have questions, reach out, we’re happy to help. We’re also happy to sell to you at a great price. Thanks again!

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