Blue Bidet BB-1000 (Both Beige and White options)

Blue Bidet BB-1000 (Both Beige and White options)

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The Blue Bidet BB-1000 is a single nozzle bidet seat attachment.  This attachment or accessory does not replace your current toilet seat.  It simply gets utilized with your existing toilet seat.  This allows you to purchase a low price product without having to worry about sacrificing any quality.

As is true with the other products Blue Bidet offers, the Blue Bidet BB-1000 is non-electric, making it quick and easy to install, as well as making it that much better for the environment.  Just because it doesn’t use electricity doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features however.  This middle of the road bidet seat accessory offers some great features for the price.

The nozzle on the Blue Bidet BB-1000 offers 3 different positions, allowing for rear and frontal cleansing, as well as cleaning for children.  The three position nozzle also offers a self-retracting, and self-cleaning feature.  This allows the nozzle to stay out of the way while the toilet is in use, and only comes out when it needs to run its cleaning cycle.  Not only this, but it runs through a self-cleaning process after the wash, making it a very hygienic bidet to own.  On the control panel for the Blue Bidet BB-1000 there is a pressure knob, allowing you to control the pressure of the bidet’s water stream to your liking.

The Blue Bidet BB-1000 is one of the few bidet attachments that also come in both white and beige.  Most other bidet seat attachments only offer a white option, making the Blue Bidet BB-1000 a very versatile bidet seat option.  If you’re looking for a beige seat, the Blue Bidet BB-1000 is one of very few seats that will do the trick for you!

Installation of the Blue Bidet BB-1000 is quick and simple.  We ship each of our Blue Bidets with installation instructions including pictures, and both English and Spanish text, making it easy to follow for everyone.

Quality parts are important to Blue Bidet.  The Blue Bidet BB-1000 comes with brass internals and metal hoses and connectors.  Blue Bidet also offers a one year warranty on the Blue Bidet BB-1000.


Frequently asked questions: 

How easy is it to install the Blue Bidet BB-1000?

Most people find that they can easily install the Blue Bidet BB-1000 within 15 to 20 minutes.  It does not require any plumbing knowledge to install.  We also provide step by step instructions in English and Spanish, as well as pictures for each step with every Blue Bidet BB-1000 we ship


I’m looking for reviews for the Blue Bidet BB-1000.  Do you know where I can find any?

We have reviews on our site for the Blue Bidet BB-1000, allowing you to hear from others just like yourself!  If you are wondering what others think of a seat you’re interested in, simply look below to find out.


Which Blue Bidet attachment is the best?

This is a hard question to answer because it really depends on what you’re looking for.  The higher end Blue Bidet attachments offer more features, but also cost more.  A couple of items you’ll want to think about would be dual nozzles warm water options.  Are these important items to you?  If so, a more expensive Blue Bidet might be the way to go.  Otherwise, the BB-1000 might suit you just fine.


Where can I find replacement parts for my Blue Bidet BB-1000?

Even though we don’t list them on our site, we have most replacement parts in stock.  If you’re in need of a part, let us know, and chances are, we can help you out!


What do you mean when you say that the Blue Bidet BB-1000 is a bidet seat attachment or accessory?

Bidet seat attachments or accessories are bidets that attach to your existing toilet seat instead of taking the place of your toilet seat.  This helps keep the price down, while still offering some great features.  Some people prefer the bidet seats over the attachments or accessories, because you can get features like heated seats, but bidet seat attachments are a great price for what you get.


Why should I look online for bidets when I can buy them from Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, or Sam’s Club?

Local stores have their advantages, but when it comes to buying something like a bidet, online is the only way to go.  Buying from manybidets.com gives you the ability to choose from many different bidet seats, as well as get expert advice about what seat will suit your needs best.  These are things that you simply can’t get locally and thus a great reason to look to manybidets.com.


Where is Blue Bidet’s headquarters?

Blue Bidet is based out of Miami Florida.


How can I contact customer service for my Blue Bidet BB-1000?

Here at many bidets, we offer customer service help for any of the bidets we sell.  If you need any help, just let us know.


Do you offer shipping of the Blue Bidet BB-1000 to Canada?

Many Bidets offers free shipping of all seats to the United States and Canada.


Does the Blue Bidet BB-1000 have a warranty?

The Blue Bidet BB-1000 has a one year warranty from Blue Bidet.


Do you offer any discount codes or coupon codes for the Blue Bidet BB-1000?

We do offer discount codes for our seats!  For more details visit our deals and sales page.


I’m looking for installation instructions for the Blue Bidet BB-1000.  Where can I find them?

We ship all of our Blue Bidet BB-1000 attachments with installation instructions, complete with English and Spanish text, making it easy for anyone to install.


You say that the Blue Bidet BB-1000 is an ambient water temperature bidet see attachment.  What does this mean?

Some bidet seat attachments connect to both the hot and cold water lines of your house, allowing you to have hot water, cold water or anywhere in between.  Ambient water temperature bidets simply use the cold water line from your house, this makes it easier to install, but not quite as nice in some respects to the warm water bidet.  Most of our customers however find that ambient water bidets are not as hard to get used to as they thought it would be.  If you’re looking to see what others think of this bidet, simply look at our reviews below.

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