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Blue Bidet BB-2000

Blue Bidet BB-2000

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The Blue Bidet BB-2000 is one of the few Blue Bidets that offer a dual nozzle feature.  This allows the Blue Bidet BB-2000 to offer better cleaning then many of the other bidet seat attachments or accessories.  To control the pressure of these nozzles, the Blue Bidet BB-2000 has a pressure control nob, allowing you to use the bidet just the way you like.  You can also adjust the position of these nozzles, allowing rear cleaning, frontal cleaning, and everything in between.  These features make it a great bidet for the price.

With all these great features, many people pick this bidet seat attachment over the Blue Bidet BB-3000.  However, the Blue Bidet BB-2000 does lack one key feature the Blue Bidet BB-3000 offers.  If you’re looking for a hot water option, the Blue Bidet BB-2000 is not the bidet attachment for you.  The Blue Bidet BB-2000 is considered a ambient water bidet seat accessory.  This simply means that it does not have a hot water connection, so you’ll have to be ok with room temperature water.  Most people however do not find the fact that the Blue Bidet BB-2000 is a cold water bidet a big deal.  If you’re looking for a Blue Bidet that offers a warm water option, you might want to check out the Blue Bidet BB-3000.

As is common with most of the Blue Bidets, the Blue Bidet BB-2000 also offers retractable nozzles that have a self-cleaning feature.  This allows the nozzles to be out of the way unless they are use, keeping them clean.  The self-cleaning feature allows them to be cleaned after every use as well, making sure that each wash can be as hygienic as possible.

Along with all of these features, the Blue Bidet BB-2000 offers the same high quality you’ve come to expect from Blue Bidet.  The Blue Bidet BB-2000 offers metal hoses and connectors.  Blue Bidet also offers a one year warranty for the Blue Bidet BB-2000.  

Frequently asked questions:

Where can I find reviews for the Blue Bidet BB-2000?

We have multiple reviews for the Blue Bidet BB-2000 on this page.  We also have reviews for most of our other bidet seats.  These reviews are from others just like you.  If you’re looking for honest thoughts from others like you, this is where you need to be.  Feel free to check out reviews on our other seats as well.


Is the Blue Bidet BB-2000 the best?

It’s always hard to say which bidet seat attachment is the best.  However, if you don’t care about having a hot water function, the Blue Bidet BB-2000 is a great option.  If a hot water option is a must, you might want to look at the Blue Bidet BB-3000


Is the Blue Bidet BB-2000 a warm water bidet?

No, the Blue Bidet BB-2000 offers all the features you could want in a bidet attachment, except for the hot water option.


What is a bidet attachment or accessory, and how does it differ from a bidet seat?

Many Blue Bidets are bidet seat attachments or accessories.  This means that you would still utilize the existing toilet seat.  Bidet seats tend to be more expensive then bidet seat attachments or accessories, because there is more to them.  This being said, because the Blue Bidet BB-2000 is a bidet seat attachment, it can offer more features for less.


I need replacement parts for my Blue Bidet BB-2000.  Can you help? 

Even though we do not list parts on our site, we have many of them in stock.  If you need parts for your Blue Bidet BB-2000, simply ask us.  We’ll help you out.


I have a one piece toilet.  Will the Blue Bidet BB-2000 work with this toilet?

The Blue Bidet BB-2000 works with almost all two piece toilets, and a good number of one piece toilets as well.  This is the benefit of purchasing a bidet seat attachment, instead of a full bidet seat.


How do I know I can handle installing the Blue Bidet BB-2000 all by myself?  I’m not real handy around the house.  Will I be able to handle this?

Installing the Blue Bidet BB-2000 is a very easy process.  You do not need to be a handy man or plumber to complete this process.  Most people are able to install this bidet seat attachment in 15 or 20 minutes, without any prior experience.  We also provide step by step instructions with every bidet seat we ship.  These instructions include pictures and both English and Spanish text as well, making them very easy to follow.


Why should I buy these this Blue Bidet BB-2000 online when I can buy them at Costco, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, or Lowes?

Buying products in a physical store does have its advantages.  However, when it comes to bidet seats, online is the way to go.  Our site has reviews, and many more seats to choose from then what the local stores have to offer.  This gives you the ability to make sure you’re getting the perfect seat for you.  If you have any questions about the seats, we can assist you as well.  When looking at bidet seats at a store, the employees simply are not able to answer the questions we can help you with.


I need customer service for my Blue Bidet BB-2000.  Can you help?

If you need help with your Blue Bidet BB-2000, we’re happy to offer you any customer service related help.  Feel free to reach out to us.


Are there any coupon codes or discount codes you offer for the Blue Bidet BB-2000?

We do offer coupon codes or discount codes for any of our bidet seats.  Feel free to visit our deals and sales page for more details.


I live in Canada.  Can you ship the Blue Bidet BB-2000 to me?

We offer free shipping to both the United States and Canada.  Just one more reason to buy from Many Bidets!


Is Blue Bidet based out of Miami Florida?

Yes, they are.


Is there any warranty offered for the Blue Bidet BB-2000?

Blue Bidet offers a one year warranty for the Blue Bidet BB-2000.


I’m looking for installation instructions for the Blue Bidet BB-2000.  Can you help me out?

We ship each of our Blue Bidet BB-2000 seats with installation instructions.  If you need instructions to install the bidet seat attachments, fear not.






Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 Owners Manual

Bio Bidet BB-2000 Fitting Diagram


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