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The method you use to control your bidet seat is one of the more important things to understand when picking out a seat. Every kind of bidet seat control has it's advantages and disadvantages. Which bidet seat controller is right for you will depend on your needs, the layout of your bathroom, and your personal preferences, but in order to choose correctly, you'll need to know what the different options are. It's also important to note here that we are talking about electric bidet seats. When it comes to non-electric bidet seats and attachments, you'll not find a wireless remote option.

Wireless Remotes

Bidet seats with wireless remotes are the most popular on the market, and for good reason.  While the term for these bidets' controller is often: "wireless remote", a more accurate name for these controls would be "wall mounted controller".  One of the biggest concerns we hear from customers regarding bidet seats with wireless remotes is the concern over dropping the remote in the toilet. This stems from not knowing that the remote mounts to the wall. When operating a bidet that uses a remote, nearly all customers end up using the provided wall mount that comes with that remote.  This allows the remote control to be placed wherever it is most convenient to access. Those suffering from back injuries, limited mobility, or eyesight will find this to be very helpful. While having a controller in the most convenient place possible is nice, it's not without it's drawbacks. Bidet seats with wireless remotes do not have hardwired controllers.  This means changing batteries.  With most bidets and bathroom configurations this is a once a year or less process, but it is one more thing to deal with. In very small bathrooms, there can also be issues with the signal from the remote making it to the seat.  If you have a small bathroom and you're still looking to have a bidet seat with remote control, you'll want to considering a bidet with two IR receivers like the Cascade 3000:

Side Panel Controls

Now that we've talked about the reasons to get a bidet seat with wireless remote, it's time to talk about side controls.  While this control method is less popular, it's not without it's advantages. A side controlled bidet seat never needs batteries changed. It never gets lost, nor will it ever have connectivity issues in small spaces. While these reasons are all good reasons to consider a side controlled bidet seat, this style also has it's drawbacks.  As talked about above, having the side control means twisting to see the controls.  As you get used to where they are located, this may happen less and less, but it's still not optimal.  Some other issues with bidet seats that use side controls is the placement of the control itself.  Especially if there are young boys in the house, the side control will likely get very dirty very quickly. Those who are on the larger side will find that they may cover up part of the side control as well, which makes operating the bidet nearly impossible.


Which of these bidet seat control methods works best for you really depends on your needs and preferences.  Both controller setups have their advantages and disadvantages. For a more in depth dive into either the wireless remote or side control, and to see a list of products that offer that control type, simply click the link for the applicable bidet seat control type above.

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