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Bidet Seat water heating methods are one of the most important features to understand when trying to pick the right bidet seat for your needs. When looking at electric bidet seats, there are three different types of water heaters, Tank, Instant and Hybrid.  Each of these water heaters offer different pros and cons for the bidet seat they are paired with. Below you'll see a diagram showing each of the different bidet seat water heating methods.  Below this diagram, we'll share more details about each water heating method, and hopefully help you pick the right bidet water heater for your needs.bidet-seat-water-heating-methods.jpeg

Tank Water Heating

If you're looking for a warm water bidet without breaking the bank, getting a bidet seat with a tank water heater is your best bet. These water heaters are fairly inexpensive to produce, so they can be offered on a bidet seat while still keeping the price affordable.  The hot water tank on these bidet seats are housed in the seat itself, so you won't need to find a place to store or hide an additional piece of equipment.  Bidet seats with tank water heaters do tend to sit a bit higher in the back due to the water tank needing to be stored in the back of the unit. This higher back often causes people to sit further forward on the bidet seat then they would normally tend to sit, causing bidet seats with tank water heaters to feel like they have smaller seats than some of the other bidet seats on the market.  This however is not the most pressing downside to a tank water heating system used by bidet seats. Because tank water heaters store water hot water for when it's ready to use, there is a limited supply. As the hot water source gets depleted, the water will slowly start to get cold, similar to what you'd experience if running out of hot water while in the shower. While the sizes of tanks in bidet seats vary, most bidet seats with tank water heaters provide about 30 seconds to 45 seconds of warm water.

Problems with bidet seats with tank water heaters:

  • Limited warm water
  • Taller back, forcing you to sit further forward

Why should I get a bidet seat with a tank water heater:

  • Less expensive
  • Warm water from the very start

Top selling bidet seat with Tank Water Heating:

Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme (Bidet Seat)


Hybrid Water Heating

Bidet seats with hybrid water heaters attempt to get the best of both worlds.  These bidet seats use both a tank and an instant water heater.  The tank allows for instant warm water, but the tank is refilled in real time by an instant water heater, allowing for a longer wash.  Most hybrid systems are still designed to come in at a lower price point, so they are equipped with lower end instant water heaters that can not keep up with demand. These systems also come with much smaller hot water tanks.  Normally on a bidet seat with hybrid water heater you're looking at 45 seconds to 1 minute's worth of warm water.  The smaller tank, and low end instant water heater does tend to mean some space savings as well, causing these seats to be slightly more comfortable than their tank water heating counterparts. Once the hot water runs out on a hybrid water heating bidet, the change from hot to cold will be more gradual than you'd see on a tank water heated bidet seat.

Problems with bidet seats with hybrid water heaters:

  • More warm water than a tank heater, but still a limited supply
  • Back is lower than most tank, but still high enough to effect comfort


Why should I get a bidet seat with a hybrid water heater:

  • Bidet seats with hybrid heaters provide longer warm water wash than a bidet seat with a tank water heater can provide
  • Due to their smaller size, bidet seats that use a hybrid heating system tend to be a bit sleeker and more comfortable than bidet seats with tank heaters.

Top selling bidet seat with Hybrid Water heater:

Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss Bidet Seat


Instant Water Heating

Instant water heating tends to be the water heating method of choice for high end bidet seats.  There are many reasons why bidet seats with instant water heaters are preferred.  Bidet seats with these water heaters provide unlimited warm water, and tend to offer sleeker designs.  They also tend to be more comfortable due to having a more compact water heating method. Despite these huge advantages, there are a few reasons you may decide not to go with an instant water heater for your bidet seat.  The most common reason is the price.  High end instant water heaters are the most expensive water heaters that can be put into a bidet seat.  For this reason, bidet seats that offer this form of water heating tend to be more expensive. Other downsides to instant water heaters on a bidet seat would be the cold burst at the start of the cycle.  This cold burst of water tends to last under a second, and is quick enough that a lot of people don't notice it, but it's worth noting. All in all, if you're able to afford it, getting a bidet seat with an instant water heater is the way to go.

Problems with bidet seats with instant water heating:

  • Bidet seats with an instant water heaters are more expensive than other seats
  • Instant water heaters cause a bidet to have a short burst of cold water at the start of the wash cycle.  This burst is short enough, many don't even notice it

Why should I get a bidet seat with instant water heating:

  • Instant water heaters are able to supply a bidet seat with unlimited warm water
  • Bidet seats with instant water heaters means sleeker more comfortable seats


Top selling bidet seat with instant water heating:

Cascade Bidet 3000
























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