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While we have broken down these units into four categories, those familiar with luxury and comfort (ADA compliant) toilets will notice that really we're only looking at two main categories.  We'll break them down below.


Integrated units with seated height below 17 inches - Luxury height

Luxury height units sit below 17 inches.  These units are not great for bad knees, but offer a lower, sleeker profile.  These lower sitting units also offer better ergonomics for those who struggle to do their business once they sit down.  If your knees are good, and you often find yourself sitting down, then not being able to have a bowl movement, these are the units for you.

Browse luxury height integrated units with seated height below 17 inches


Integrated units with seated height above 17 inches - Comfort height (ADA compliant)

Our ADA compliant units are very popular.  These toilets meet the requirements laid out in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  This act requires the seated height of the toilet to be at least 17 inches high. Integrated units sitting at this height are perfect for those with bad knees, as very little bending is needed to reach the toilet seat.  While both luxury height and comfort height have advantages, comfort height are more popular among our customers.  Browse our entire selection of ADA compliant integrated units below!

Browse ADA compliant, comfort height integrated units with seated height above 17 inches

TOTO Neorest 750H

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