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Integrated Units by Water Heating Methods

All of our integrated units offer warm water.  There are currently three different water heating methods: Tank, Instant, and Hybrid.  When it comes to bidet seats, units are pretty split up between these three methods.  For integrated units, all currently have either Tank or Instant water heaters.  Learn more about each below:

Integrated Units with Tank Water Heaters

Tank water heaters have their advantages, namely that water temperature offered is very consistent.  However, this water heating method also has a big down side.  Because the water is being pulled from a water tank, the amount of warm water the integrated unit has to work with is limited.  Once the warm water is depleted, the water will go cold until the hot water tank refills.  Integrated units with this water heating method tend to be less expensive then the units with the instant water heating method.

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Integrated Units with Instant Water Heaters

Instant water heaters tend to be the preferred water heating method between the two types listed on this page.  With an unlimited supply of warm water, and decent consistency, it's easy to see why.  While the tank water heating method is more consistent, the instant water heating method only varies by a degree or two, which tends to not even be noticeable by many owners.  Looking for a high end unit with unlimited warm water?  Click the link below!

Browse Integrated Units with Instant Water Heaters


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