Browse Washlet+ Systems by Bidet Seat Model

TOTO WASHLET+ Toilet and Bidet systems come with various toilet model and bidet seat combinations. Below, you'll be able to browse WASHLET+ systems by bidet seat model, which include the C100, C200, S300e, S350e, S500e and S550e. TOTO's C100 and C200 are most budget friendly, the S300e and S500e are intermediate models that come with an array of premium features, and the S350e and S550e are the most luxurious WASHLET+ models available.

TOTO C100 and C200

TOTO's C100 and C200 units are the most economical WASHLET+ models available. Unlike the other WASHLET+ models, they don't offer wide front cleansing, and the C100 does not have a pulsating wash option (the C200 does). In addition, both these seats come with tank water heating systems whereas the other WASHLET+ models offer instant water heaters. Neither feature water sterilization, a nightlight or automatic open/close lid, whereas some of the other WASHLET+ models do. Additionally, the C100 comes with a side arm control panel while the other WASHLET+ units feature a wireless remote control.

WASHLET+ Systems with C100 WASHLETs

WASHLET+ Systems with C200 WASHLETs

TOTO S300e and S500e

The TOTO S300e and S500e are mid-range bidet seat models that come with a wide array of comfort and convenience features. From a features standpoint, these two seats are nearly identical. The primary difference between them is that the S300e comes in one style, whereas the S500e is available in a contemporary or a classic design. They're both operated via wireless remote control and feature instant water heaters as well as nozzle sterilization using EWATER+. Unlike the S350e and the S550e, their higher end counterparts, the S300e and S500e don't offer night lights or auto opening/closing lids.

WASHLET+ Systems with S300e WASHLETs

WASHLET+ Systems with S500e WASHLETs

TOTO S350e and S550e

When it comes to WASHLET+ models, the S350e and S550e offer the best money can buy. They come with the full complement of premium features including an instant water heater, wireless remote control, nozzle sterilization, LED nightlight, and auto opening/closing lid. The primary difference between them is that the S350e comes in one style, whereas the S550e is available in a contemporary or a classic design. 

WASHLET+ Systems with S350e WASHLETs

WASHLET+ Systems with S550e WASHLETs

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