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The bidet portion of TOTO WASHLET+ systems are operated either by a side arm control panel or by wireless remote control. There's no "right" answer as to which is best since both styles have pros and cons, but generally speaking, wireless remote operated units are most popular. 

Side Arm Control Panels

Because side arm control panels are attached to the bidet seat itself, they offer easy access to the seat's controls and can't be lost or misplaced. However, operating a side arm control panel can pose a logistical challenge for individuals with certain disabilities or physical mobility restrictions, and they add bulk to the dimensions and overall look of the seat.

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Wireless Remote Control

Wireless remote controls offer greater versatility than side arm control panels and don't require anything to be attached to the seat itself, giving your unit a sleek, streamlined profile. General speaking, wireless remotes are more convenient to operate than side arm control panels, though the degree to which they are easier to maneuver than a side arm control panel really depends on the individual.

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