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TOTO's WASHLET+ toilet and bidet systems feature a range of flush capacities and flushing configurations, making it possible to find the perfect unit for your needs.

Single Flush vs. Dual Flush

As the names imply, single flush systems offer one flush option, whereas dual flush systems offer a smaller flush for liquid waste and a larger flush for solid waste. Users looking to maximize water efficiency are often drawn to dual-flush units as these tend to provide more opportunities for conserving water than their single-flush counterparts.

Dual Flush WASHLET+ Systems

Flush Capacity Options

Depending on the unit, the amount of water used per flush ranges from an ultra-eco friendly 0.8 gallons (the small flush on some dual-flush units) up to a generous, yet effective, 1.28 gallons. Single flush units utilize either a 1.0 gallon or a 1.28 gallon flush, whereas dual flush units offer a variety of flush volume combinations.

Single Flush - 1.0 GPF - WASHLET+ Systems

Single Flush - 1.28 GPF - WASHLET+ Systems

Auto Flushing

Many TOTO WASHLET+ systems come in both non-auto-flushing and auto-flushing models. Auto-flushing models feature a built-in sensor that detects when someone stands up and moves away from the unit and automatically flushes the toilet for additional convenience and hygiene. Non-auto-flushing models require manual flushing.

Auto Flushing WASHLET+ Systems

Non-Auto Flushing WASHLET+ Systems

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