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Bidet seat deodorizers are one of the more misunderstood features a bidet seat can offer. The deodorizer works by pulling the air from the toilet bowl through an active carbon filter that absorbs and "eats" the odor causing particles, allowing clean air to come out the other side. Some bidet seats offer the ability to turn this feature on and off, while others have this feature enabled with no way to disable it.  When the deodorizer is on, a bidet seat will start the fan when the seat is occupied, and most models will continue to run the fan for a minute or two after the seat is no longer occupied.  This allows for as many of the particles to be removed from the air as possible with each use. For bidet seats that allow the deodorizer to be turned off, this option is a "toggle" option.  In other words, if you turn the deodorizer on at the start of the week, any time someone uses the bidet, the deodorizer will kick on when they sit down.  If at the end of the week, you turn the bidet seat deodorizer off, it will no longer kick on when someone sits down until someone toggles it back on again.

We find that many people go into the bidet seat buying process without really caring if their seat has a deodorizer or not, only to come back later to tell us how awesome it is!  If you're looking to get a bidet seat, considering one with a deodorizer might be a great idea.

Bidet Seat Deodorizer Diagram

Frequently Asked Bidet Seat Deodorizer Questions:

Q: Does the a bidet seat deodorizer add fragrances to the air?

A: A bidet seat's deodorizing feature is much different when you compare it to common bathroom freshener products.  Unlike most air fresheners that add fragrances to the air to mask the bad smell, a bidet seat with built in deodorizer attacks the problem at it's source, absorbing the smell itself instead of masking it.  This is an important distinction to make as many people worry that additional scents a bidet seat deodorizer might add to the air may be problematic.  If this is a worry you've had, you can rest at ease.


Q: What is that chemical smell coming from my bidet seat deodorizer?

A: Because bidet seat deodorizers use an electric fan, the first few times it's used, there will be a smell.  It's similar to the first few times you use a new hair dryer, and you smell an odd odor.  After the first few uses, the experience will be odor free moving forward. If you've purchased a new seat and smell this odor, it's nothing to worry about!


Q: How loud is the fan that runs the deodorizer on a bidet seat?

A: While the fan that runs the deodorizer does make a noise, it's very quite.  Many people have to strain to hear it at all.  Once the deodorizer is broken in, many people will only know it's working due to the lack of nasty smells in the bathroom.


Q: Is there a way to turn off the deodorizer if I don't want to use it?

A: Most of the time when this question comes up, it's a before purchase question. Some bidet seats that offer deodorizers do not offer a way to toggle the feature on and off, while others do.  That being said, once customers get a bidet seat with a deodorizer, and start using it, they very seldom if ever decide to turn the deodorizer off.


Q: Does the filter that makes my bidet's deodorizer work need replacing?

A; Bidet seat deodorizer filters are designed to last the life of the seat, but if you find them becoming less effective over time, they can be replaced. We see about 1 in 800 customers coming back for replacement filters, so it's rare, but if needed, a spare bidet seat deodorizer cartage is available for any of the seats we sell.




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