Enema Function

Below you will find a list of bidet seats that offer an enema wash. When looking for a bidet with enema wash, many people assume it works the same way as a standard enema does. While the overall result is the same, the bidet enema function does not insert anything into the rectum like a standard enema would. Instead, the bidet toilet seat enema function provides a pointed, strong stream, which allows the wash to work it's way up into your lower intestine, which helps break apart constipation. This allows the enema to be used by multiple people and still remain completely hygienic.


Bidet Seats With Enema - FAQs

Q: Can a bidet really give you an enema?

A: We get this question a lot. Having a bidet with enema function can seem far fetched. Despite this, we can assure you that bidet toilet seats with enema functions really do work! Using this feature may take a bit of getting used to though.


Q: Is there any trick to using a bidet as an enema?

A: Because of the high pressure, pointed nature of the stream, using a bidet acts as enema can be tricky. The key is to line up the best you can, and make sure that you are relaxed.


Q: Is a bidet enema safe?

A: This question is a pretty common one. The power behind a bidet seat enema does make it seem like there could be danger associated with the enema function.  If you are not lined up properly when running the enema wash, it might be painful.  Properly utilizing the enema function is a must for a safe effective enema experience.


Q: Most of the bidet seats with enema functions are Bio Bidet seats...  Why are other brands not offering enema washes.

A: The Bio Bidet enema function uses a patented vortex stream to offer the power that's needed for an enema.  This stream also puts a spin on the water. Because it's patented, you won't find a TOTO bidet with enema, or any other brand for that matter.  While there are some others that offer a powerful wash that can be used as an enema if you're relaxed enough, none of them really work as effectively as the Bio Bidet enema system.


Q: Do any non-electric bidet enema attachments exist?

A: Currently none of the non electric bidets offer enema washes. If you're looking for a true enema wash, you'll need power near by.

U - SPA 6800

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