Feel Fresh HI-7000/1 Bidet

Feel Fresh HI-7000/1 Bidet

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Feel Fresh HI-7000/1 Bidet Seat

If you are looking for an affordable, easy-to-install, and fully-featured bidet, it’s time to check out the Feel Fresh HI-7000/1 bidet. This bidet seat has plenty of great features that place it with some of the most expensive bidets on the market. Whether you are an experienced bidet user who wants to upgrade a normal toilet into a high-class bidet or you simply want to try out a high end bidet without paying a premium price, this bidet seat is the ultimate solution for you.

Bidets are great for those who simply prefer the gentle, yet thorough cleansing power of a bidet to toilet paper, but are also known to help relieve issues like rashes, UTIs, and hemorrhoids, among others. The comfortable cleaning and air drying features make this far more comfortable than toilet paper and can often provide a much better clean. Even young children and the elderly will benefit from using this luxury bidet seat.

Key Features

  • Easy installation that takes less than an hour

  • Round and elongated versions

  • Sleek design and styling to complement any bathroom and any décor

  • A wireless remote for easy operation, even in the dark, with the ability to mount the control wherever is most convenient for you.

  • Dual spraying nozzles for multiple wash modes

  • A range of adjustable features, including temperature, spray strength, and width of spray

  • A lid that closes silently after use

  • A heated seat that prevents the shock of a cold toilet seat on a cold winter morning

  • Automatic warm air drying feature so toilet paper is a thing of the past

  • 2 Year Full Manufacturer's Warranty (Many Bidets EXCLUSIVE)

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With all of these amazing features, you are sure to use your bidet on a daily basis. The dual nozzles make it especially ideal for both posterior and feminine cleansing. If you are looking for a luxurious addition to any bathroom in your home, this is the bidet seat for you. Get yours today!

Looking for more details?  Check out our Feel Fresh HI-7000/1 Bidet Seat Editor's Review

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