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Galaxy Bidets 5000 and 4000 Bidet Seat Editor's Review

Galaxy 5000:


Galaxy 4000:


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Galaxy bidet seats are a happy middle of the road option.  They offer a lot of great features, but lack a few as well.  Because of the slightly lower price, they are still a great option for many.  For all the details about the Galaxy 5000 and Galaxy 4000 bidet seats, please see the resources we’ve provided below.


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Overview of Features

5 point rating

Pros and Cons List

Other seats to consider

Models offered


Editor’s Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 Bidet Features Overview

Galaxy Features List

Main Features:

The Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 offers adjustable warm water washes depending on your preference.  These warm water washes are controlled by a hybrid warm water heating system allowing unlimited, instant warm water.

The nozzle used on the Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 models is a high end, chrome plated nozzle, designed to last.

The Child settings offered on the Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 automate the wash process so it can be used by people of any age.

Luxury Features:

The warm seat offered on the Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 is adjustable, and has a built in seat sensor that prevents the seat from running when not occupied.

Beyond the normal nozzle positioning options, the Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 also allows additional nozzle adjustments, giving the operator complete control.

The massage and pulse features offered on the Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 helps to sooth, and can also be used to help stimulate bowel movements for those suffering from constipation.

In an effort to be completely eco friendly, the Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 offers a warm air dryer, which reduces if not completely eliminates the need for toilet paper.

If you use the restroom frequently at night, you’ll love the LED night light offered with the Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000

Convenience Features:

The Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 offers an anti-slam seat & lid, also know as a slow closing seat and lid.  Unlike many other bidet seats, the Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000's lid is “Sit-able”.

In an effort to make cleaning easy, the Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 come with a catch plate mount.  The bidet seat quickly slides in and out of this mount when it needs to be removed for any reason.

While the Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 are both energy efficient without any help, they still offer an energy saving feature which allows them to take eco friendliness to the next level.

Other Features:

These seats fit 2-piece, and most 1-piece toilets, and comes in both round and elongated sizes.  Currently it only comes in white.

All Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 bidet seats come with a one-year warranty.

Unlike many other seats on the market, the Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 also offer 220/240 Volt models for use in countries besides America and Canada.  Do to the low volume we sell of these 220/240 volt seats, we don't keep them in stock, but we'd be happy to order them for you!

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5 point rating for the Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 Bidet Seats

Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 Bidet Seat Rating

The quality of the Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 bidet seats is good, but not quite at the level you'd see for a TOTO Washlet.  They are still sturdy, and should last for many years.  We give them a quality rating of 4.3 out of 5.  The overall value rating is 4.0 even though it misses a few features, the price makes up for it, making it a great buy.  While the Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 bidet seats do offer a lot of good features, they miss some common ones like deodorizer, and aerated wash.  We feel like these features are fairly important, so we gave the Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 bidet seats a rating of 4.1 for features.  The warranty offered is a full one year warranty, giving you additional peace of mind just in case.


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Galaxy GB Bidet Seat Pros and Cons List


Adjustable, stainless steel nozzles

Warm air dry

Warm seat

220/240 volt option by request



Missing Odor Neutralizer

Missing Wide, Enema, and Aerated Washes


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Other seats to consider

U - SPA 6800 Bidet Seat

NOVA Bidet 1000 Bidet Seat

Swash 900 Bidet Seat


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Galaxy GB Bidet Seat Models Offered

Brand Models Shape and Color Full names
Galaxy GB-4000 RW (Round White) Galaxy GB-4000-RW Round White Bidet Seat with Side Panel
Galaxy GB-4000 EW (Elongated White) Galaxy GB-4000-EW Elongated White Bidet Seat with Side Panel
Galaxy GB-5000 RW (Round White) Galaxy GB-5000-RW Round White Bidet Seat with Wireless Remote
Galaxy GB-5000 EW (Elongated White) Galaxy GB-5000-EW Elongated White Bidet Seat with Wireless Remote


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Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 Bidet Seat Specifications

Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 Bidet Specifications


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Editor’s Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 Bidet Seat Review

Galaxy Bidet 5000 Bidet SeatGalaxy bidets are new bidet on the market as of May 2014.  This seat is created and manufactured by one of the largest manufacturers in the market today, with over 20 years of experience in the industry.  With all of this prior experience, the Galaxy bidets are able to improve on areas where prior models have fallen short.  The Galaxy line of bidet seats is one of the most high tech on the market to date, and is available at a lower price than some others with less features.  This, along with the high quality build of the seat makes it a great buy for anyone.

This bidet seat comes in two models.  The Galaxy GB-5000 comes with a large wireless remote that’s easy to read, as well as a mini side panel control for quick use, and the Galaxy GB-4000 offers a side panel control system.  Other than these differences, the bidets are the same.  Due to this, in the description below these different model numbers may be used interchangeably.  Both of these models can be purchased on this page, depending on preference.  Please note that the Galaxy GB-4000 is a slightly cheaper seat, due to lower cost it making the side panel control.

The Galaxy Bidet GB-5000 is packed full of great features.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Galaxy Bidet GB-5000 offers both frontal and rear washes.  However, unlike many of it’s competitors, the Galaxy Bidet GB-5000 offers both of these washes using only one nozzle.  This nozzle is chrome plated, and completes both wash options efficiently with a newly designed nozzle head.  Offering both front and rear wash settings is very common on bidets currently on the market.  The Galaxy GB-5000 bidet however, takes this a step further than most other bidets, by offering the ability to adjust the exact position of the nozzle for each wash given.  This allows the operator to get the nozzle position just right, instead of having to position themselves on the seat to get a proper clean. Surprisingly, this is a hard feature to find in most other bidet seats on the market today, even if you're looking at a high end seat.

While either of the washes are in operation, the Galaxy GB-5000 bidet offers additional wash settings, giving the operator the ability to customize the wash further.  The first of these wash settings is the massage setting.  This setting causes the nozzle to move back and forth offering a wider wash surface.  The second wash setting offered by the Galaxy GB-5000 bidet is the pulse setting.  The pulse setting causes the nozzle to alternate between hard and soft washes.  This happens multiple times a second, and can help to stimulate bowel movements.

It’s no surprise that the Galaxy GB-5000 bidet seat offers the ability to adjust the wash heat and wash pressure.  However, the water heating system used by the Galaxy GB-5000 is state of the art, and offers all the pros possible on a hot water heating system without the cons.  Many bidets on the market today offer either a hot water tank heating system, where hot water is stored for the next wash, or an instant water heating system where water is heated on demand.  Both of these systems have their pros and cons.  The hot water tank system allows for a consistent warm water stream, but the amount of warm water is limited.  While the instant warm water system doesn’t have a limit to the amount of warm water it provides, because it’s heating water on the fly, often the water temperature provided for the wash can fluctuate.  In the past, customers have had to pick the lesser of two evils.  The Galaxy GB-5000 bidet seat offers a hybrid heating system, allowing you to get the very best of both worlds.  This system uses an instant water heating system, which fills a small reservoir that acts as a heated water tank.  Because the Galaxy GB-5000 has a heated water tank, it’s able to offer steady and consistent temperature wash, and because it’s got an instant water heating system filling the tank, it can provide unlimited warm water.  Truly the best of both worlds without any of the down sides.  This alone makes it a great seat to consider purchasing.

Galaxy Bidet 4000 Bidet SeatThere are many other luxury features offered by the Galaxy GB-5000 bidet toilet seat.  The heated seat offered on the Galaxy GB-5000 bidet is adjustable to the operators liking.  Not only is this a great feature in the colder winter months, but it’s also a great way to help stimulate bowel movements.  This heated seat also has a built in safety sensor.  This sensor can detect if the seat is occupied or not.  With this feature, the Galaxy GB-5000 can opt not to turn on if no one is seated on the bidet.  This is particularly helpful when you have guests over, and they try to turn the bidet on before they are seated, or they get up before the wash is done.  In either of these cases, the Galaxy GB-5000 picks up on the fact that no one is sitting on the seat, and the wash automatically turns off, saving you a major clean up project.  One of the main concerns voiced about the safety sensor is how it handles children.  It is true that often children are too light to cause the sensor to activate.  For this reason, the Galaxy GB-5000 offers a child mode, which disables the sensor when used by a child who’s too light to activate the sensor, making this concern a non-issue.

The Galaxy GB-5000 doesn’t just focus on being a luxurious bidet however.  While the adjustable warm air dryer offered on the Galaxy GB-5000 does offer an additional luxurious touch, it also helps to make the Galaxy GB-5000 very eco-friendly.  Toilet paper manufacturing is very bad for the environment.  The warm air dryer offered by the Galaxy GB-5000 can significantly reduce the use of toilet paper, and may remove the need of toilet paper all together.  This isn’t the only eco-friendly option offered by the Galaxy GB-5000.  By it’s very design, the Galaxy GB-5000 is very energy efficient, but it doesn’t stop there.  The Galaxy GB-5000 offers an additional energy saving mode, allowing the Galaxy GB-5000 to offer an even more energy efficient operation, making it the ultimate in eco-friendly bidet toilet seats.

While these are the main features offered by the Galaxy GB-5000, there are other features that should not be overlooked.  The first of these additional features is the sittable lid.  This may seem like a little thing, but it’s a very rare feature in bidet seats.  Because of the shape of most bidet seats, making the lid sitable is nearly impossible.  The Galaxy GB-5000 has found a way to offer this feature as an effort to offer additional, rare features that customers have been asking for since bidet seats were first created.  If this has been a deal breaker for you in the past, maybe it’s time to reconsider.

Other features offered by the Galaxy GB-5000 is the anti-slam seat and lid.  While this may not be a make or break feature, it’s a very nice feature especially if you have kids possibly using the toilet during the night.  The Galaxy GB-5000 also offers a LED night light to help with those late night visits.  The night light feature is one that is rare in other seats, but it does exist in a select few, the Galaxy GB-5000 being one of them.

In order to help make cleaning easy, the Galaxy GB-5000 offers a quick release option, allowing the bidet seat to be removed and re-attached with ease.  This allows the toilet to be cleaned with very little effort.

The Galaxy GB-5000 is a very high quality product, and comes with a one year warranty giving additional peace of mind.  Because the Galaxy bidets come in both round and elongated, they will fit almost any toilet seat.  Below are the different models offered.  If you have any questions, feel free to check out our frequently asked questions, or contact us.


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Frequently asked questions:


Will you ship the Galaxy GB-5000 to Canada?


We offer free shipping of our bidets to both Canada, and the USA.  The Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 are no different.


Where can I find Galaxy GB-5000 bidet reviews?

Due to how new the Galaxy GB-5000 and Galaxy GB-4000 is, we currently do not have any customer reviews, but be assured that we’ll have some soon.  In the mean time, feel free to read our editor’s review.


What is the prefered Galaxy remote control?

The Galaxy GB-4000 has a side panel control, and the Galaxy GB-5000 offers a wireless remote control.  The Galaxy GB-4000’s side panel allows the controls to stay put, and ensures that the control doesn’t accidentally fall into the toilet.  However, the Galaxy GB-5000’s wireless remote is a little easier to use, and with it’s large display, is simple to operate.  Which you choose is up to you.  It’s also important to keep in mind that the Galaxy GB-4000 is slightly cheaper.


I need help troubleshooting my Galaxy GB-5000.  Can you help?

We are always more than happy to help with any troubleshooting questions you might have.  If you have questions, just ask.


Can I handle the Galaxy GB-5000 bidet installation myself, or do I need to hire a plumber?

The Galaxy GB-5000 bidet is designed to be easy to install.  You should be able to install the Galaxy GB-5000 in under an hour without any prior plumbing experience.


What’s the weight limit for the Galaxy GB-5000 bidet seat?

The Galaxy GB-5000 and Galaxy GB-4000 have a weight limit of 300 pounds.  There are a few bidet seats we sell with higher weight limits.  If you’re wondering what they are, feel free to ask, and we’d be happy to assist.


Where can we get the Galaxy GB-5000 manual?

If you need the manual for the Galaxy GB-5000 or any of our other seats, simply check out our owners manual page, or contact us, if it’s not posted there yet.


Do you have a Galaxy GB-5000 video review?

We do offer some youtube video reviews, but due to how new the Galaxy GB-5000 and GB-4000 are, we don’t have any for this seat just yet.  However, you can be confident that we’re working on it!


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