Integrated Toilet and Bidet Seat Comparison: TOTO Neorest EW VS TOTO Neorest 500H

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TOTO Neorest EW Wall Hung Dual Flush One Piece Toilet and Bidet (CWT994CEMFG#01)

TOTO Neorest 500H Integrated Toilet and Washlet (MS952CUMG#01, MS952CUMG#12)

Neorest 500H

Neorest EW

500h.jpg toto-neorest-ew-wall-hung-toilet-bidet.png
Floor Mounted Wall Mounted


Both the TOTO Neorest EW and the TOTO Neorest 500H offer a wide range of features that maximize user comfort and convenience. The only real differences between the two are looks and price. The Neorest EW is a wall hung unit with an ultra-modern silhouette that will elevate the look of any bathroom space. It's an especially good option for small bathrooms where space is at a premium. The TOTO Neorest 500H, on the other hand, is a traditional floor mounted unit. It isn't quite as sleek as the Neorest EW, but it does come in both white and beige whereas the Neorest EW is available only in white. Additionally, there's a price jump between the Neorest 500H and the Neorest EW. Ultimately, determining which unit is best for you will depend on your budget and your style preferences.


Other Details About Both Units

Model Numbers

TOTO Neorest EW Wall Hung Dual Flush One Piece Toilet and Bidet: CWT994CEMFG#01

Comes with the following components:

  • Bowl Unit: CT994CEFG#01
  • Top Unit: SN994M#01
  • NEOREST In-Wall Tank Unit: WT174M
  • White Glass Push Plate: YT994#WH


TOTO Neorest 500H Integrated Toilet and Washlet: MS952CUMG#01 (White), MS952CUMG#12 (Sedona Beige) 

Comes with the following components:

  • Bowl Unit: CT952CUMG
  • Top Unit: SN952M

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