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Luxury Class

When it comes to using the restroom, luxury toilet bidet seats are a real treat.  In this class of bidet seats, you'll find nothing but the best.  Designed to pamper and impress, these high end bidet toilet seats do more than simply get the job done.  Sure, you'll get a great wash with any of these bidet seats, but that's just the start.  With features like automatic deodorizers, heated seats, unlimited warm water, auto opening and more, they will have you feeling like royalty and wow your guests.

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Blooming 1163 Bidet Seat

  Blooming 1163 Bidet Seat This high end bidet seat from Blooming Bidet, the 1163 has a wide range of great features that make it not just functional, but luxurious.  Made by Blooming Bidet, one of the largest and most trusted bidet...

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Swash 1000

Brondell Swash 1000 Bidet Seat This incredible device is top of its class when it comes to providing ultimate toilet experience. It’s a true amalgamation of luxury and style in one unit. This award winning bidet seat provides unsurpassed comfort...

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