Non-Electric Bidet Seats

These non-electric bidet toilet seats replace your existing toilet seat, but do not require an electric outlet.  This means they are able to be used in bathrooms where power near the toilet is not an option. This added flexibility does come at a cost.  Nonelectric bidet toilet seats are less feature heavy as a result.  If you're looking for a non-electric bidet seat with hot water, you'll need access to a hot water line. Most often this comes from the hot water line that leads to the sink.  This creates a delay in warm water as the water does not get warm till the hot water line fills with hot water. Non-electric bidet seats also miss out on heated seats, night lights, remote controls, air dryers, deodorizers and more.  If you really want a bidet seat, and don't have an outlet near by, a non-electric seat will do the trick, but don't expect anything feature rich.  We often encourage customers to find a way to make an electric bidet seat work instead of settling on a non-electric if possible.  If not, a non-electric can still do the trick.  Have questions?  Just let us know!

Bio Bidet Premium i3000 Bidet Seat

Bio Bidet Premium i3000 Bidet Seat If you are looking for a luxurious bidet at an affordable price, you have found it! The premium i3000 bidet seat is not just one of the most fully-featured and high-quality non-electric bidet seats on the market, it is...

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Swash ecoseat 100 (Elongated only)

Brondell Swash ecoseat 100 Bidet Seat With a technologically advanced design and refreshing stream, this bidet seat is perfect for anyone looking for an affordable and hygienic. Unlike other seats that use electricity, this seat is entirely powered by...

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