Omigo Bidet Review

The Omigo company is a fairly new company that has burst into the bidet industry with a pretty big flourish. They are run by father and son Tom and Thomas Lotrecchiano. If you enjoy listening to podcasts, you may have even heard one of their ads on some of your favorite shows. Unfortunately we are not able to sell the Omigo brand at this time, but we would still like to do our best to give you as much information as we can about this new company, including reasons you may want to purchase an Omigo bidet, as well as potential problems you might encounter.

The Omigo bidet is sourced from the same factory that makes Brondell seats, and in fact their main bidet seat appears to be almost identical to the Brondell Swash 1400, except that the control buttons are a bit different. So, while we do not have much feedback or information regarding build quality, we would expect it to be similar to that of the Brondell.

Why choose Omigo?

  • Many people like to support small, family-owned businesses (like Many Bidets) and the Omigo company certainly fits that description. Businesses of this size have every incentive to provide the absolute best customer service, as this is usually the easiest way for them to set themselves apart from the larger companies.
  • A glance at Omigo’s website shows that reviews for their seats have been mostly positive. The positive reviews mention that users are very happy with the seats they purchase, and there is a general impression that the company is very responsive to questions or concerns.

Omigo Bidet Problems

In all of our brand reviews, we do our absolute best to provide as much transparency as possible, including listing potential concerns. Unfortunately, with Omigo being so new to the industry we simply do not have enough information to provide an honest assessment of potential problems, other than to say that since their main seat appears to be almost identical to the Brondell Swash 1400, it is likely that the same concerns with Brondell might also apply to the Omigo. You can read our brand review of Brondell here. We will do our best to update this review as more information becomes available.

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