Picking Bidet Seats For Hemorrhoid Care and Prevention

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Most any bidet seat is great when it comes to helping prevent and ease the pain from hemorrhoids, however, some seats are better then others.  When looking for a seat to help with hemorrhoid care, unlimited warm water, a soft, ample stream, and a warm air dryer are all things that you'll likely want on your checklist.  Below are a list of seats we recommend for hemorrhoid care.


Our recommended seats for hemorrhoid care and prevention


Top Pick: Bio Bidet A8 Serenity

Price: $749

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You Might Choose This Seat If:

  • Gentle stream with lots of options and adjustments
  • Great water flow for a complete clean
  • Unlimited and consistent warm water
  • Massage and pulse modes for comfort
  • Powerful air dryer
  • When you have hemorrhoids, you never feel clean
  • Hemorrhoids tend to make that area tender

Why the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity is our top pick:

The Bio Bidet A8 is chalked full of amazing features.  One thing that's hard to find in a bidet seat is one that offers a good mix of great water flow and pressure while still offering a stream that's gentle and soothing.  The A8 provides just such a combination, and does it while providing unlimited warm water.  If you're in the itchy stage of the hemorrhoid, the massage option can work wonders, and once it's all said and done, the powerful warm air dryer drys without having to use abrasive toilet paper which tends to simply irritate the hemorrhoids more.  It's important to note that when it comes to hemorrhoids, the wash chosen may need to change based on the state of the hemorrhoid.  Sometimes a consistently warm wash feels best, other times, a cold wash will be most soothing.  Use whatever wash feels best in the moment.

Second Place Pick: Kohler Novita BH-90/93

Price: $629

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 You Might Choose This Seat If:

  • Fairly gentle with decent water flow
  • Unlimited warm water with decent constancy
  • Weaker air dryer then A8
  • Nozzles don't reach quite as far
  • You're looking for something a little less pricy
  • You like the auto opening lid feature

Why the Kohler Novita BH-90 is our Second place pick:

 The Novita BH bidet seat is a great seat, but it's air dryer is not quite as strong, and the water stream is not quite as gentle.  It does offer the fun, auto opening feature which is rare.  That being said if you want to add wow factor to the mix, this might be a good unit for you to consider.


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