Picking the Best Bidet Seat for those with Anal Fissures


An anal fissure can be an extremely painful and uncomfortable condition that is often the result of other bowel related issues, like Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, frequent diarrhea, hard stools and constipation, among others. While a bidet seat is generally helpful for improving bowel related health conditions like these, if you or a loved one is also struggling with anal fissures, adding a bidet seat to your bathroom can help bring relief. Below we walk through a couple of different seats that we think would greatly benefit those who struggle with this discomfort. 


Our recommended seats for those with anal fissures

First Place Pick: Bio Bidet A8 Serenity Advanced

Price: $599

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You might choose this seat if:

  • Water stream aeration is adjustable

  • Adjustable warm air dryer with powerful turbo option

  • Pulse/massage wash option

  • Multiple water pressure settings

  • Highly adjustable nozzle

  • One button wash & dry



  • The user could benefit from from turning aeration off for a gentler wash option

  • The user is looking for a highly customizable cleansing experience




Why this is our top pick:

The A8 serenity by Bio Bidet combines amazing wash features with a clever design to create a state of the art, luxurious bathroom experience. One of the most unique elements on the A8 is the ability to turn the water stream aeration on and off in order to let you further customize the bidet to your specific comfort level. Aeration is the process in which air bubbles are infused into the water stream and it’s a permanent feature on almost every bidet seat on market, except the A8. While aeration is a great feature for most, the air bubble infusion increases the water stream pressure, which could potentially become too harsh for those dealing with extreme sensitivity due to an anal fissure. If you are ever having a day where you are concerned about pain and tenderness, simply turn off the A8’s aeration to achieve a more gentle wash.

Wash & Dry Features

The A8 comes equipped with a single, 2 in 1 nozzle that performs a variety of soothing and cleansing wash options, including: feminine, posterior, pulse wash, oscillating spray and wide spray. Additionally, you can adjust the nozzle to five different positions so you can find what is most comfortable for your body and individual needs.

Any health condition that impacts our time in the bathroom can become exaggerated or made worse with the use of toilet paper. Whether you are dealing with an acute anal fissure or it is a chronic struggle, the warm air dryer that the A8 comes with provides a much more comfortable alternative to wiping with rough toilet paper. Unlike most other seats, the A8’s air dryer features a powerful turbo dry setting, so you can speed up the drying process and get on your way a little bit faster. Aside from adjustable power settings, the A8’s air dryer also allows the user to adjust the temperature.

The A8 is also designed with some other great convenience features, like one button wash and dry for times when you are in a rush and need a quick, automatic wash and dry. Furthermore, the A8 also comes with a user preset function, which lets you pre-program wash and dry settings for up to two users, a wonderful feature if you will be sharing the seat with another household member.

Remote & Controls

The A8 comes with a sleek and intuitive dual sided remote. The front side of the remote features the more basic seat functions, while the back side utilizes a screen for choosing some of the more advanced options. Furthermore, this remote can be mounted to the wall for convenience.

Second Place Pick: Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss

Price: $699

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You might choose this seat if:

  • High quality warm air dryer

  • One button wash & dry

  • Soothing Sitz bath option

  • Pulse & massage wash

  • Enema Wash Feature

  • Offers some of the best water temperature consistency on the market


  • Aeration is non adjustable

  • No turbo dry option





  • The user could benefit from the sitzbath option

  • The user suffers from constipation and could benefit from using the enema wasb

  • The user is looking for exceptional water temperature consistency



Why this is our second place pick:

The BB-2000 is a great seat that offers a myriad of features that can cater to a wide variety of people with different needs. With the BB-2000, you will receive a sleek and stylish unit will add comfort and convenience to your bathroom routine.

Wash & Dry Features.

The BB-2000 comes with some excellent wash and dry options that will transform your bathroom routine into a more healthy and luxurious experience.  This unit includes a high-quality, 3-in-1 stainless steel nozzle that performs its three main wash cycles: feminine, posterior and enema. Aside from these washes, the BB-2000 also has a soothing massage and pulse wash feature that can provide comfort to sensitive and painful areas. This pulsating function can also be helpful for helping to move bowel movements along.  Another nice option that the BB-2000 offers is the sitz bath, which is another way to sooth and bring relief to tender areas.

While the powerful enema wash  may not be particularly helpful for those actively suffering from an anal fissure, if you fissure happens to be an acute situation caused by constipation, the enema wash may be a feature worth considering. The BB-2000’s enema wash utilizes Bio Bidet’s patented vortex technology that essentially forces a powerful, circular stream of water into the rectum. This helps to loosen stool and stimulate bowel movements, therefore providing relief.

Although the BB-2000 doesn’t offer a turbo dry like A8, it does come equipped with an adjustable temperature air dryer, which gives you a more comfortable drying option other than toilet paper.

Remote & Controls

Bio Bidet’s BB-2000 comes with an intuitive wireless remote that can be placed inside of a wall mount, or slid out of the mount to be hand held for convenience. This remote is designed with easy to use icon buttons and a large screen display for choosing your desired options.

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