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Shower Bidets

Shower bidets are very different from the other units we sell.  The other units we sell are seats.  With a shower bidet, the bidet hangs near the toilet.  When the bidet needs to be used, you simply remove it from where it's hanging, and place the sprayer where it needs to be in order to complete the wash.  Other units we sell allow the nozzle to position itself so you don't have to put your hand down there.  If you're looking for a shower bidet, we have them!  See below for the full list.

Blue Bidet handheld (Both BB-80 and BB-60)

The Blue Bidet BB-80 and BB-60 are hand held bidets that offer the ability to adjust water pressure to your liking.  There is no electricity required to operate either the Blue Bidet BB-80 or BB-60, making both very green bidets.  In order to...

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