Toilet Combos

Integrated bidet and toilet combos are the best setups money can buy. While the features on a high end bidet seat and a high end integrated unit are fairly similar, there are some real perks to getting an integrated bidet toilet. Before we go any further, lets talk about both terms.

What is a Bidet Seat?

A toilet seat that replaces your standard toilet seat, and offers washing functionality for after a bowel movement. These seats often offer much more than simply a wash, and often require electricity.  They do not tend to be hard wired, but rather plugged in. Bidet seats are easy to install for the most part as they sit on top of your existing toilet, and come with a T connector to run water from the standard toilet supply hose to the seat.


What is an Integrated Bidet Toilet Combination?

Unlike a bidet seat, integrated bidet toilets replace both the seat and the toilet itself. While the features offered by an integrated unit are not that different from the feature set of a high end seat, integrated units have their advantages, and these advantages are beneficial enough to warrant considering an integrated unit despite the significantly higher price tag.


Why should I get a Integrated Bidet Toilet Combination?

Bidet seats store the hardware that makes the bidet work in the back of the unit. Because they need to fit in the same space as a standard toilet seat, but they have more hardware to deal with, this can mean a bit of a cramped seated experience.  When making the switch over to an integrated unit, there is no longer any toilet tank.  This allows the hardware that makes the bidet work to be stored in the back of the unit, where the tank would normally be.  This means a sittable space that's as large or larger than a standard toilet's sittable space. Integrated bidet toilets are also more sleek and classy, and if you're getting a higher end integrated bidet toilet, they offer higher power flushing with pump assisted flush.

TOTO Neorest 550H

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