TOTO Nexus 1G WASHLET+ S550e One-Piece Toilet - 1.0 GPF

TOTO Nexus 1G WASHLET+ S550e One-Piece Toilet - 1.0 GPF

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TOTO Nexus 1G WASHLET+ S550e One-Piece Toilet - 1.0 GPF

The Nexus 1G WASHLET+ S550e One-Piece Toilet and Bidet System by TOTO includes the sleek and modern Nexus toilet along with the luxurious S550e WASHLET+. The Nexus 1G Toilet is equipped with TOTO’s powerful Tornado Flush System and utilizes an efficient 1.0 gallons to effectively sweep through the bowl with every flush. The Nexus’ bowl is also coated with TOTO’s signature CeFiONtect glaze, which creates an ultra-smooth ion barrier atop the toilet’s porous porcelain surface to prevent the buildup of mold, grime and residue. Furthermore, the Nexus 1G toilet has been specially designed to conceal the cords and hoses of the S550e WASHLET+ for a smooth, seamless look (keep in mind that installing the S550e WASHLET+ on the Nexus toilet requires an inexpensive adapter kit that is sold separately). In addition, it’s good to know that WASHLET+ bidets are only compatible with WASHLET+ toilets and vice versa, meaning that you won’t be able to mix and match the components of this Toilet and Bidet System with non-WASHLET+ products. Because its a one-piece toilet, the Nexus is crafted from a single piece of porcelain and doesn't have any seams, giving it an ultra-sleek silhouette.

The TOTO S550e WASHLET+ is packed with high-end features that provide an unbelievably comfortable and convenient bidet experience. The S550e’s four wash modes (front, wide front, rear and soft rear) provide comprehensive cleansing, and the bidet’s adjustable spray wand cuts down on the amount of body repositioning required for thorough cleaning. The S550e’s pulsating and oscillating spray options provide an additional level of relaxation and comfort, and the instant water heater ensures a continuous, never-ending stream of warm wash water. Adjustable water pressure, water temperature, seat temperature and warm air dryer temperature controls allow you to fully customize your wash and dry experience, and you can even program your favorite wash settings into the two user presets on the remote if you’d rather not select them manually each time you use the bidet. The S550e also comes with an automatic deodorizer that eliminates unwanted odor before it can take over your bathroom, and the built-in nightlight, which illuminates the bowl with a soothing glow, makes it both safer and easier to navigate the restroom in low light. For optimal convenience, the S550e is equipped with an automatic open/close lid that raises or lowers whenever someone walks towards or away from the toilet. What’s more, the S550e takes unit hygiene to the next level by using sterile, electrolyzed water (EWATER+) to sanitize its nozzles after each use, as well as to PREMIST the bowl prior to use to stop residue from sticking. Last but not least, this system is available in both non-auto flushing and auto-flushing models, the latter of which flushes the toilet when a user stands up and moves away from the unit.

All in all, TOTO’s Nexus 1G WASHLET+ S550e One-Piece Toilet and Bidet System offers high-end features, aesthetic appeal, and quality construction that simply can’t be beat!


  • Purchase includes one-piece toilet and WASHLET
  • Elegant, skirted toilet design is easy to keep clean
  • Powerful Tornado Flush system
  • CeFiONtect glaze and PREMIST feature stop residue from sticking
  • WASHLET features a dual action spray with four wash modes: rear, soft rear, front and wide front
  • Oscillating and pulsating spray options relax and soothe
  • Soothing, aerated wash stream provides superior relaxation and cleansing 
  • Instant water heating system ensures unlimited warm wash water
  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure
  • Warm air dryer with five temperature settings
  • Adjustable heated seat
  • Automatic deodorizer
  • Built in nightlight
  • Automatic open/close lid
  • Energy saving mode
  • Two programmable user presets
  • EWATER+ automatically sterilizes the bowl and wand with each use
  • Wireless remote control
  • Available in auto-flushing and non-auto flushing models
  • Comes in white
  • Elongated bowl and seat
  • 12” standard rough-in; optional 14" rough-in available
  • 1 year warranty


Additional Details

Model Number(s):

TOTO Nexus 1G WASHLET+ S550e One-Piece Toilet in Cotton White, 1.0 GPF – MW6423056CUFG#01

TOTO Nexus 1G WASHLET+ S550e One-Piece Toilet in Cotton White with Auto Flushing, 1.0 GPF – MW6423056CUFGA#01

TOTO Nexus Toilet Bowl with CeFiONtect glaze (Elongated) – CST642CEFGAT40#01

TOTO WASHLET+ S550e Non-Auto Flush Compatible – SW3056T40

TOTO WASHLET+ S550e Auto Flush Compatible – SW3056AT40

TOTO Auto Flush Kit – THU766

TOTO WASHLET+ Adapter (Necessary for WASHLET+ Installation on Nexus Toilets) – 9AU321-A

14" Unifit Rough-in (Optional) – TSU010W.14

Trip Lever in Cotton White – THU485#01

Trip Lever in Polished Nickel – THU485#PN

Trip Lever in Brushed Nickel – THU485#BN

WASHLET+ S350e Parts Manual

WASHLET+ S350e Instruction Manual

WASHLET+ S350e Spec Sheet

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The TOTO Washlet+ comes with a 1 year full warranty for residential use, and a 1 year full warranty for units installed for commercial use.


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TOTO Washlet+ units ship via freight, and ships on a pallet.  The shipper will call you when the unit is in your area and ready to be delivered. This allows you to schedule delivery, so you don't need to worry about it being delivered when you're not home.  Because toilet bowls are fragile, we recommend looking over the unit quickly when it arrives.  It's very rare for anything to be cracked, but it has happened.  We see about a 5% break rate, meaning about 1 in 20 have damage. When the unit arrives, look it over before signing for it. If anything is broken, don't sign for the package. Instead, take pictures and email them to or text them to 248-974-4030, and refuse delivery. This allows us to file a claim with the shipper and get another one out to you within 24 hours.


Because of the fragile nature of toilet bowls, returning one is a tricky process.  Should a return be required on your Washlet+ unit, TOTO requires that it be shipped back via freight, and shipped back on a pallet.  TOTO also charges a restocking fee of 30%, and will not cover shipping either way. TOTO also requires that the unit come back in 100% brand new condition. If the unit comes back in any condition other than 100% brand new, resellable condition, no refund of any sort will be issued.

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