TOTO Washlets

TOTO is a brand that can be overlooked when talking about anything bathroom related.  TOTO's calls their bidet seats "WASHLET".  When talking about TOTO toilets seats, the two terms are interchangeable.  All of their seats are quality built, and their top of the line seats are very feature heavy.  The main downside to TOTO WASHLET are their warranties.  Each of these Toto bidet toilet seats comes with a one year warranty. Browse our selection of TOTO WASHLET seats below!

TOTO A200 WASHLET - Elongated

TOTO A200 WASHLET The TOTO A200 Washlet Elongated Toilet Seat offers comfort, convenience and style, all without an astronomical price tag. The unit's sleek contours are mirrored by the slim, wireless remote, which makes it easy to select wash features...

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TOTO C100 WASHLET The TOTO C100 WASHLET features a sleek design with a very convenient side remote control panel.  It ensures a superb hygienic and invigorating feeling with its automatic deodorizer and a PREMIST that aims to keep your toilet bowl...

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TOTO Neorest 550H

Not sure which integrated unit is right for you? Check out our Detailed Integrated Comparisons TOTO Neorest 550H Integrated Toilet with Bidet Love the features offered by the Neorest 500H but not thrilled with the look?  The TOTO...

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TOTO K300 WASHLET TOTO's sleek K300 WASHLET comes with an array of features that provide a supremely comfortable and thorough cleansing experience. Available in both white and beige and featuring an extra sleek silhouette, the TOTO K300 Washlet...

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