Two Piece Toilets

When looking for a toilet to pair with a bidet seat, a two piece toilet is a great place to start.  Two piece toilets tend to have more space in the back then a one piece toilet, which allows them to have a more perfect fit with a bidet seat then a one piece toilet would have. These toilets are also much more commonly non-skirted, which allows a bidet seat to be installed without a top mounting kit, thus simplifying the installation process. On top of this, Two piece toilets tend to be slightly easier to install and replace due to the fact that the bowl and tank can be installed separately, whereas one piece toilets, the whole unit needs to be lifted into place at once. While both kinds of toilets tend to work well with bidet seats, if you don't have a preference between the two, two piece toilets are your best option for a perfect fit with a bidet seat. Additionally, two piece toilets tend to be a bit less expensive then one piece toilets.  If you have any other questions about bidet seat fitting, or one vs two piece toilets, don't hesitate to ask!


Blooming 1163 Bidet Seat

Blooming 1163 Bidet Seat This high end bidet seat from Blooming Bidet, the 1163 has a wide range of great features that make it not just functional, but luxurious.  Made by Blooming Bidet, one of the largest and most trusted bidet manufacturers in...

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