Washlet+ Toilets with Bidet Seats

If you're looking for an integrated bidet and toilet, because you love how sleek the units look, but can't afford the high end price tag, these Washlet+ or Connect+ systems are the perfect solution.  These toilets are made with a little "passage" built into the ceramic.  When paired with a TOTO washlet  that's specially designed to work with these toilets, the cord and hose come out in such a place that they can be routed seamlessly through the passage, and remain out of sight.  Yes, they may not look quite as "cool" as the integrated units, and they may not offer auto flushing, but for the price point, you won't find a sleeker, more classy option.  A special note to those who have had units like this in the past, TOTO is rebranding their Connect+ systems. Moving forward, any units that were prior known as connect+ will now be referred to as Washlet+.  Questions or concerns?  Just ask!