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Bathroom Struggles

We know what it’s like to feel different. Whether you’re dealing with pain, strain, trouble wiping, or something else, we’ll guide you to a bidet that solves the issue so that you feel like a brand new person in the bathroom!

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No Matter the Issue, You’re Not Alone

For years, our owner dealt with medical issues that made pooping painful and wiping pure agony, so we’re intimately familiar with the dread that creeps in when you get the urge to go. And we know it’s lonely to feel like the only one stuck with a problem that’s just so personal. You don’t have to go it alone! Team up with our bidet experts to find a bidet that matches your needs and discover freedom in the bathroom.

5 Bidet Solutions to
Common Bathroom Struggles

Find Lasting Relief from Sensitivity and Pain

When it hurts to wipe, going to the bathroom is miserable! 

Whether your sensitivity is caused by fissures, hemorrhoids, childbirth or something else, a bidet’s soothing, warm water spray can offer relief. The refreshing rinse is gentler and softer than wiping, plus it gets rid of waste and bacteria better than TP so that damaged tissue heals faster.

If you’re in the sensitivity boat, we recommend the Eco Nova or Brondell Swash 1400 bidet seats. The Eco Nova’s water pressure can be dialed down so it feels especially soft against irritated skin. It also comes with a pulse wash that alternates the water temperature between warm and cool – perfect for soothing tender areas!

The Swash 1400 offers the gentlest water pressure and softest wash of any seat we sell, so it’s another great choice for easing discomfort. We love that it has a wide wash setting that makes the spray broader and mellower. Both the Eco Nova and Swash 1400 have instant water heaters, so you’re guaranteed a relaxing warm wash that never runs out.

Swash 1400
Cascade Bidet 3000

Clean Up Easily,
No Matter Your Mobility

If limited mobility is slowing you down, a bidet with a remote is the perfect solution. 

The Cascade 3000 bidet seat is extremely popular with customers who can’t wipe themselves due to surgery, amputation, neurological conditions and other mobility-limiting issues. We specially designed the Cascade’s remote to have large, colorful buttons with a raised design, so they’re easy to identify and press. Mount the remote at waist height if you’ll be pressing the buttons with your hands, or mount it low on the wall if you want to use your feet.

The Cascade 3000’s broad seat provides excellent stability so you feel secure while on the toilet. It also has a sittable lid that’s a lot flatter than most sittable lids, so you won’t feel as if you’re sliding off if you sit on it to dress or clip toenails.

Stop Urinary Tract Infections
Before They Start

Bidets are a secret weapon in the battle against frequent UTIs! They thoroughly rinse away UTI-causing bacteria and waste from the skin, and the angle of the spray won’t push any of the bad stuff towards the urethra. The angled spray also stops fecal matter from dropping onto the nozzles, keeping them nice and clean. The nozzles even rinse themselves with fresh water before and after each use to flush away any impurities.

But that’s not where the protection ends. Some bidets, like the Eco Nova, have additional defenses against lurking germs. 

The Eco Nova’s nozzles and water tubing are coated in a microbe destroying silver-nano solution. What’s more, the Eco Nova is one of the only bidets on the market to offer UV sterilization. This state of the art feature annihilates germs by automatically blasting the nozzles with ultraviolet light after every wash. The end result? A totally sanitized bidet that gets you 100% clean.

Eco Nova
Clean Sense 1500R

Alleviate Stubborn Constipation
Without Any Mess

Although it’s one of the most common bathroom struggles out there, almost no one wants to talk about the C word: constipation. Current estimates suggest that around 20% of adults regularly feel bloated and stopped up, strain to poo, or deal with side effects of chronic constipation (we’re talking about you, hemorrhoids and fissures!) Fortunately, there’s no need for messy enemas when you’ve got a bidet!

The Clean Sense bidet seat is our top recommendation for anyone experiencing chronic constipation. In addition to all the standard wash and dry features, the Clean Sense comes with a secret advantage: an enema wash. This shoots a thin, strong stream of water into the rectum to loosen and rehydrate hard, backed up stool. The sensation also stimulates the bowels so you feel the urge to go.

As an added bonus, the Clean Sense has unlimited warm water and a special “pulse” wash that alternates the water pressure between firm and soft. The warm massage gently relaxes tense muscles, making it even easier to go.

Enjoy a Comfortable Cleanse at Any Weight

Size shouldn’t get in the way of getting clean, and Studio Lux’s bidet toilets make sure of it. The broad seat and generous opening provides a comfortable sitting space, and the built-in wash and dry features make wiping a thing of the past. These bidet toilets are operated with a remote control that can be mounted just about anywhere, so you won’t have to worry about reaching the controls. Last but not least, Studio Lux bidet toilets are durable and have a higher weight limit than almost any other bidet seat or bidet toilet. They even come in a variety of models and prices, so you’ve got options!

Studio Lux Sli-2000
Cascade Bidet 3000
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What our Customers Have Written About us

I discovered Many Bidets through their excellent series of YouTube videos. Very informative in helping with general understanding and specific models and features.

I became sold on Many Bidets through their pre-sales support and advice. I had several questions which I asked both through Chat and via telephone. Both experiences were outstanding - no pressure just clear explanations. They even did some research for one of my questions.

They were proactive in following up after delivery in case we had any questions or problems.

All at very competitive prices!

Many Bidets is a smaller family owned operation but don't let that shake you. They handled my business with a personal touch that you can not get from a major online outlet. Dan made sure that I got the seat I wanted, with the features I needed and beat the best price that I could find anywhere else on the internet.
Once I made the purchase, the seat was delivered in 3 days. Many Bidets has since followed up twice to make sure that my install went well ( it did and it was very easy ) and to make sure I was completely satisfied with my seat.
I am very happy that I found Many Bidets and if there are any bidet purchases in my future, they will be the first company I contact.

Profile Picture Randy Shetterly

If you are looking for honest reviews, got to their YOUTUBE page where the boss talks honestly about the actual functions, features, and perks of their top Bidets. Thats how I made my choice.
Dealing with them was not only easy but a pleasure. My bidet showed up days after I ordered it. The online install video was SUPER helpful, and last but not least they helped me online in the chat when I was narrowing down my choices.
It might seem like I'm gushing, but after walking into a few grocery stores where people just shrug and tell me they don't know where the ICE is... this was Customer Service:Advanced Edition and my experience couldn't have been any better!

Profile Picture Randale Watson

Because you were very easy to talk
with, knew your products and
ordering was very easy. Because I purchased from them before and it
was a very satisfactory experience!
Joanne H

It was very easy to order, and the bidet arrived quickly. They had the best price for the bidet we wanted.
Nicole D

Staff is extremely helpful and friendly. They were quick to answer my questions, deliver a quality product and even personally follow-up up after delivery to ensure everything was up to our satisfaction.
I would highly recommend this company to anyone!

Profile Picture Amber Hebblethwaite

Many Bidets says it's a family owned business; and believe me it treats you as if you're part of that family too. I recently made a purchase and I was immediately impressed by the service. Dan, the owner, was very friendly and professional, responding to all my concerns. He understood that, like other customers, I wanted the best quality product that fit my budget and to be happy and confident about my purchase. Believe me I got all of that and more. Delivery was super fast, the product was as described, the price was also reduced beyond the advertised discount. Dan followed up to make sure I was 100% happy with my purchase.
Recently, I had a question involving the manufacturer of a product I had purchased, nothing to do with excellent service at Many Bidets. Instead of merely referring me to the manufacturer, Dan stepped in when he didn't have, to make sure everything worked out to my satisfaction. That's the kind of customer service that Many Bidets provided. I would highly recommend dealing with Dan and Many Bidets if you value excellent all-round service, quality product at a great price, and peace of mind.

Profile Picture Peter and Ranjani Singh

I’ve purchased twice from Many
Bidets with fast service and good interactions both times. The
products they sell have served me
well and are of a good quality. I
would recommend them to anyone else looking to buy a good product and receive the best discounts.

Fantastic experience dealing with this company. Great price, fantastic response to questions, and delivery was actually ahead of schedule of when they said it should arrive. Delivery was professionally handled and well communicated.
I am a sticker for detail and had a fair amount of questions during the purchase. Each communication was dealt with promptly.
I would use this company again if possible in the future.

Profile Picture Paul Szymanski

Great price, selection and finish options. The customer service agents are very responsive and the delivery process was very clear and well explained. They also followed up after delivery to check on the install and product. I would definitely order from here again and would recommend this place!

Profile Picture Romina Perez

I had originally reached out to Many Bidets through email because I had a question about which type of bidet would fit a one-piece toilet. Someone emailed me back very quickly on a Sunday and was SO helpful. I ended up working with that person directly to then go on and purchase my bidet seat through the company. When it arrived I had some questions involving installation and they answered my email immediately. Their customer service and response time is incredible! Don't give Amazon your money when buying a bidet. Use these guys!

Profile Picture Angie Greenspan

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