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manybidets-family-pic-fall-2017.jpgMany Bidets is a family run, mom and pop shop. We focus on offering the finest in bidet seats, luxury integrated units, and bathroom assistance products. We have sold thousands of bidet seats to a wide array of customers: Those looking to add a spark of luxury to their bathroom, those looking to stay independent for longer, those recovering from surgery, those with illnesses like IBS, Crohns, hemorrhoids, chronic constipation and others, contractors looking to add an extra level of comfort to the houses they are building. With brands like Bio Bidet, TOTO, Novita, Infinity, Brondell Feel Fresh and others, it's hard to go wrong! These brands offer quality construction and materials, and also offer a wide array of options for any budget.


We strive to offer our customers with the very best in bidets, and integrated toilet and bidets that they can enjoy for years to come. As a small company we aim to offer a level premium level of customer service to each customer that the large companies just can't match. You are important to us, and we strive to provide a level of service that shows how important you are to us! We are happy to address any questions or concerns you might have quickly and efficiently, as we understand how valuable your time is, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Meet the Owners - Dan, Nicole, Elijah, and Benjamin Johnson

dsc-0214-xl.jpgBidets are a passion of ours, for many reasons. Dan has fought with IBS, and when he started using bidets, he fell in love. Nicole loves all things nature related, and worked at the Penn State environmental department, as a naturalist. The fact that bidets help to save the environment, was a huge draw. While both Dan and Nicole have their own reasons for loving bidets, they both can agree on the fact that the added luxury and clean feel are huge perks! The Johnson family could not keep this wonderful product to themselves, and decided to share their passion with the world.

eli-and-ben.jpgBesides a love for bidet seats, the Johnsons love photography, spending time outside, cooking, sports, and sharing life with friends and family.

In our own home, we currently use the Cascade 3000, Bio Bidet USPA IB835, and the TOTO Neorest 700H unit in our main bathroom.

Regardless of the bathroom upgrades we decide on in the future, bidets will always to close to our heart. Let us help you live healthier, cleaner, greener, more luxurious life.

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