Bidet Buyer’s Guide: What to Know Before You Buy

A few years back, we realized that customers were coming to us for very different reasons:

Some were searching for ways to help a loved one clean up after going to the bathroom.

Many were sick of never feeling truly clean, no matter how much they wiped.

Others wanted the most pampering bathroom experience possible. 

And still others were exhausted from bathroom struggles that made the whole poo-and-wipe routine difficult or painful.

Although people had pretty unique reasons for wanting a bidet, many retailers were offering the same, generic advice and recommendations. We decided it was time for a new approach!

The 4 Most Important Questions to Ask

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all recommendations. Instead, we came up with four questions to help you identify the type of bidet that’s right for you:

Ultra Nova on Toilet Side View

#1 Do you want to keep your current toilet or replace it?

If you simply want to add a bidet to your toilet, you’re in luck! Bidet sprayers, attachments and bidet seats let you convert almost any toilet into a bidet with minimal effort.

On the other hand, some customers come to us wanting more from their bathroom. Maybe your toilet is old and doesn’t flush particularly well. Maybe you want a modern look or a luxurious experience. Upgrading is easy when you swap your old toilet for a feature packed bidet toilet or WASHLET+ system.

#2 How important is warm wash water?

Bidet sprayers, attachments and some seats fall into the “non-electric” category. This means that they’re powered by the water pressure in your home. Most offer cold water washing only. This might be fine if you’ve got a hale and hearty tush, but if a comforting, customized wash is your goal, you’ll want to go electric.

Electric bidet seats, bidet toilets and WASHLET+ systems plug into the wall and have built-in water heaters. This means they offer warm wash water with adjustable temperature settings – perfect if you want a soothing, relaxing cleanse.

#3 What features are most important to you?

If simple is your style, you may prefer a bidet sprayer, attachment or non-electric bidet seat. These bidets don’t come with any bells or whistles, just a basic spray of water to rinse you off.

If comfort and control over the wash are high on your priority list, you’ll be happiest with an electric bidet seat, bidet toilet or WASHLET+ system. These are packed with features that let you completely customize your wash such as: adjustable water pressure & nozzle position, multiple wash modes, pulse spray, a heated seat, warm air dryer, nozzle sterilization and more.

#4 What’s the Budget?

The good news is that there’s a bidet for every price range. Non-electric models are the least expensive because they offer the least features and control. Electric bidets are pricier, but they make up for their higher price tag with ultra comfortable, highly adjustable cleansing that’s hard to beat. Here’s the pricing break down for each type of bidet:

Under $200Sprayer, attachment, non-electric bidet seat
$250+Electric bidet seat
$950+WASHLET+ System (electric)
$1600+Bidet toilet (electric)

See What Customers Like You Bought

At this point, you may know exactly what type of bidet suits you best. But if you’re unsure, here’s what people with similar needs often buy:

Our Top Bidet Recommendations

Now that you know what kind of bidet you’re after, let’s help you choose one! How do we curate our recommendations? It’s simple: hands-on testing and a lot of experience.

We’ve tried out scores of bidets in our workshop, and we regularly send them home with our employees for real world testing. This, along with customer feedback, gives us a clear picture of each bidet’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Here are our top recommendations:

The Best Non-Electric Bidets

Best Simple Bidet Toilet Attachments: GoBidet
Best Non-Electric Bidet Seat: Saniwise
Bidet Sprayers: Why We Don’t Recommend Them

The Best Electric Bidet Seats

Best Bidet Seat Overall: Eco Nova
Best Bidet Seat with Wash & Dry Features: Cascade Bidet 3000
Best Bidet Seat on a Budget: Blooming R1063
Best Luxury Bidet Seat: Ultra Nova
Best Bidet Seat with Automatic Open and Close Feature: TOTO S7A
Best Bidet Seat with a Gentle Wash: Swash 1400

The Best Bidet Toilets

Best Bidet Toilet on a Budget: StudioLux SLi3000
Best Luxury Bidet Toilet: TOTO NX2
Best Bidet for Small Bathrooms: TOTO Neorest EW
Best Bidet with Built in Deodorizers: Studio Lux SLi5400

The Best WASHLET+ Systems

Get a Personalized Bidet Recommendation

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Extra Resources

Want to see your options side by side? Below, you’ll find some comparison charts that provide an insider look at what you get with each type of bidet!

Bidet Buyer's Guide - Find the Best Bidet Chart
Bidet Buyer's Guide - Best Bidet Features Chart