Bidet Buyer’s Guide: 6 Essentials to Know Before You Buy

Have you ever made an online purchase only to discover that it doesn’t live up to your expectations? We’ve been there too, and it stinks! We want our customers to find the perfect bidet on the first try, so we put together this complete bidet buyer’s guide. It’s all part of our mission to make purchasing a bidet hassle-free, frustration-free, and regret-free!

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1. What’s the Best Type of Bidet?

Anyone can benefit from a bidet, but knowing what you want to get out of it will put you on the right path to finding the best bidet option. Some people buy a bidet simply because it’s more hygienic and comfortable than wiping with toilet paper, others want to increase independence in the bathroom, and still others like the environmental benefits.

Bidets come in all different styles, so there are good options whether you want relief from painful health conditions, need a bidet that’s made for a larger frame, or just want to add luxury to your bathroom. Knowing the different types of bidets and what they offer is the first step in choosing the best bidet for you.

Bidet Buyer's Guide - Find the Best Bidet Chart
Bidet Types: Quick Side by Side Comparison

Portable Bidets

Also Called: Travel bidet, bidet bottle

Why a Portable Bidet Might Be Right for You: Portable bidets are ideal if you’re looking for a discreet way to rinse off while on-the-go. They’re usually small and compact, and they’re the most basic way to get clean. Simply fill them up, point them towards the area that needs cleaning, and you’re ready to rock.

Olympia Travel Bidet
Olympia Travel Bidet

Why a Portable Bidet Might Not Be for You: A portable bidet is only useful if you remember to fill it up before you sit down to use the bathroom, and they can be a bit clunky to handle. Additionally, directing the bidet spray in the right direction will often require you to reach, shift or twist. If any of these movements are difficult for you, a portable style won’t be the best bidet option.

Hand Held Bidet Sprayers, Bidet Attachments & Non-Electric Bidet Seats

Also Called: Shower bidet, hand held shower bidet, shattaf, bidet toilet attachment, manual bidet

Why a Non-Electric Bidet Might Be Right For You: Hand held sprayers, bidet attachments and non-electric bidet seats are the simplest way to add a no-frills bidet spray to your existing toilet. They’re budget friendly, don’t require electricity, and are easy to install. Some can even connect to your bathroom’s hot water line for a warm water cleanse. Non-electric bidets are powered by your home’s water pressure, so they usually have a strong to very strong spray.

Non-Electric Hand Held Bidet Sprayer
Hand Held Bidet Sprayer
Non-Electric Bidet Attachment
Bidet Attachment
Non-Electric Bidet Seat
Non-Electric Bidet Seat

Why a Non-Electric Bidet Might Not Be for You:: Non-electric bidets are pretty simple and don’t offer much besides a spray of water that’s aimed either at your bottom or the vaginal area. They’re controlled via levers or knobs on the side of the unit. The controls aren’t complicated but can be tough to operate if you have a larger frame, difficulty with coordination, or limited range of movement.

In addition, adjusting the controls to get the spray pressure just right takes practice and a gentle touch. And because the spray is powered by your home’s water pressure, it’s nearly impossible to get a soft spray. Some customers like the intense wash stream that non-electric bidets offer, but others find that it’s uncomfortable.

Another downside is that the position of the front and/or rear spray isn’t adjustable on most non-electric bidets. This means that you’ll have to do some shifting around to get the spray to hit the right spot. Electric bidets have adjustable spray position, so they’re the better bet if you have mobility limitations or just don’t want the inconvenience of having to reposition your body for better wash coverage.

Many non-electric bidets have one water hose that connects to your toilet’s water source. This means you’ll be getting clean with cool water, which, if we’re totally honest, can get pretty chilly depending on the temperature of your pipes.

Some non-electric bidets do have a second hose that can attach to your bathroom’s hot water line for warm water washing. However, just like it takes time for your shower to warm up when you first turn it on, it can also take your bidet’s spray a few minutes to get warm.

Installing a non-electric bidet is pretty straightforward, but there are some important considerations if you’re thinking about buying one that comes with a warm water hose. The best place to connect a warm water hose is usually under the sink. This means that your toilet needs to be close enough to the sink for the warm water hose to reach.

Additionally, if your sink is part of a vanity, you may need to drill a hole in the side for the hose to go through. And if your sink and toilet are on opposite sides of your bathroom, running a warm water hose from one to the other can create a tripping hazard.

Sample Installation for Hot Cold Bidet
Sample Installation Diagram for a Hot/Cold Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

Finally, it’s not uncommon for customers to report fit issues with bidet attachments, which are a type of non-electric bidet that goes between your existing toilet and toilet seat. Once installed, a bidet attachment usually makes your toilet seat slope forward. This can be remedied with rubber bumpers (often sold separately), but some customers report that these don’t totally fix the slope.

Electric Bidet Seats

Also Called: Electronic bidet seat, electric bidet toilet seat, Washlet, electronic bidet, smart toilet seat, smart bidet, Japanese bidet

Why an Electric Bidet Seat Might Be Right For You: Electric bidet seats replace your existing toilet seat and plug into your bathroom’s electrical outlet. They’re easy to self-install and are packed with comfort and convenience features that provide a luxurious, customized bidet wash.

Because they’re feature heavy, electric bidets are usually the best bidet option for anyone wanting to increase bathroom independence, address specific health issues (e.g. constipation, hemorrhoids, fissures) or simply enjoy a comfort focused cleanse. They are controlled either with a control panel attached to the side of the bidet or a wireless remote that can be mounted to the wall.

Why an Electric Bidet Seat Might Not Be for You: Electric bidet seats are pretty amazing, but there are a few things to be aware of before purchasing. First, electric bidet seats require a GFCI plug within 4 ft of the toilet. If your bathroom doesn’t have one, you’ll either need to install one or use a 12 or 14 gauge extension cord (the lower the number, the better). For safety, make sure the cord is off the ground where it connects with the seat’s plug.

Second, electric bidet seats are pricier than non-electric bidets. If you’re working with a shoestring budget, an electric bidet seat may be outside your price range. However, if you have a little wiggle room in your budget, we find that most customers prefer the extra comfort an electric seat provides and feel that it’s well worth the added cost. You can learn more about electric bidet features in the next segment of this article.

Finally, electric bidets rely on built-in pumps and/or solenoid valves for their spray pressure. While the spray pressure on an electric bidet can get plenty strong, it probably won’t be as strong as a non-electric bidet. Spray pressure also isn’t standardized across electric bidets, so we suggest reaching out to us for a personalized recommendation if you’ve got specific preferences.


Why a TOTO WASHLET+ Might Be Right For You: TOTO WASHLET+ Systems are made up of a TOTO toilet and electric bidet seat that seamlessly fit together for a streamlined silhouette. They’re the best bidet option if you want to upgrade your existing toilet and add bidet cleansing but aren’t in the market for an integrated unit (see below).

There are tons of WASHLET+ Systems to choose from, so it’s easy to find one that fits your needs. Better yet, they all offer TOTO’s signature quality engineering and design for a bidet solution that’s effective and elegant.

Why a TOTO WASHLET+ Might Not Be for You:While a WASHLET+ system is a terrific way to upgrade your bathroom, swapping out your old toilet is no small task. If you’re not fond of home improvement projects, you may want to hire a plumber to ensure it’s done right. In addition, a WASHLET+ toilet will only hide the cords and hoses of the bidet seat that it came with. You can always install a different bidet seat later on, but the cords and hoses will remain visible.

Similarly, a WASHLET+ bidet seat will only fit on the toilet it came with. In other words, the placement of a WASHLET+ bidet seat’s cords and hoses prevents it from fitting on an ordinary toilet. This means that you’ll only be able to move it to another bathroom if that bathroom has a compatible WASHLET+ toilet already installed 

Integrated Units

Also Called: Integrated toilet and bidet, bidet toilet, smart toilet

Why an Integrated Unit Might Be Right For You: Integrated units are a toilet with a built in bidet. They offer a sleek, modern silhouette, feature some of the most advanced bidet technology on the market, and most have a broad seat that provides an extra-cushy experience. If you want to replace your current toilet with the ultimate in bathroom comfort, convenience and style, an integrated unit will be the best bidet for you.

Why an Integrated Unit Might Not Be for You: Installing an integrated unit isn’t as simple as adding a bidet seat to your existing toilet. Most brands recommend hiring a plumber to install the unit, and the majority of customers take this route. Integrated units are also the priciest bidet option. Most are well worth the cost thanks to their high-end design and luxurious features, but it’s not going to be right for you if you’re working within a tight budget.

TOTO Piedmont Classic Bidet
TOTO Piedmont Classic Bidet

Classic Bidets

Why a Classic Bidet Might Be Right For You: Classic bidets are a totally separate bathroom fixture that sit next to the toilet. Most feature a bowl with a drain in the bottom, a spray nozzle, and sink-style knobs for hot/cold water. The nozzle sprays you off while you squat above the bowl, or you can fill the basin for a traditional sitz-bath experience. They’re most popular with customers who like the traditional look and want good wash pressure.

Why a Classic Bidet Might Not Be for You: Classic bidets take up about as much space as a small toilet and require some bathroom remodeling to install. They don’t offer much in the way of features and you have to physically move off your toilet and over to the bidet fixture to get clean. All in all, they’re not a good option if you have mobility limitations or want a lot of features for the price.

2. What are the Best Bidet Features?

At this point, you may have a sense for whether you’ll be happiest with a basic bidet or a more luxurious unit, but if not, don’t worry! In this next section, we’ll focus on the different features bidets offer to help you narrow down your options even further.

The chart below should give you a quick idea of which features come on which type of bidet, though keep in mind that not every bidet in a given category will have every feature listed. If you’re unsure what some of these features do, just keep reading or check out our complete glossary of bidet terms.

Bidet Buyer's Guide - Best Bidet Features Chart

General Bidet Features

All bidets generate a stream of water that gently cleans your private areas. If you’re using a portable bidet, hand held bidet sprayer or a classic bidet, you’ll manually point the spray nozzle in the right direction. All other bidets have a wand with nozzles at the end that offer pre-set front and/or rear spray positions. The front spray is designed to cleanse the female areas and the rear spray is designed to clean waste off your bum after a bowel movement.

Electric bidets have a control button that moves the nozzles forward or backward so that the spray hits the right spot. You might need to reposition your body a little bit, but the bidet will do most of the work. The majority of non-electric bidets don’t have a nozzle adjustment option, so there’s a good chance you’ll have do some serious scooting or shifting to get completely clean. Because of this, we don’t recommend non-electric bidets if you have limited mobility, balance or coordination.

Most bidets offer at least some control over the spray pressure, but the amount of control really depends on whether it’s an electric or non-electric bidet. Since non-electric bidets run on your home’s water pressure, they tend to have a forceful or very forceful wash stream, and there’s not a ton of room for adjustment. When customers are unhappy with the wash stream on a non-electric bidet, it’s usually because it’s too strong.

Electric bidet seats use a pump and/or a solenoid valve to control the spray pressure, and they usually offer between 3 and 5 pressure settings. Depending on the bidet’s water flow rate and nozzle design, some provide a gentle feeling wash and some offer a stronger wash. While the pressure on an electric bidet is easy to adjust, few electric models can match the intense pressure of a non-electric bidet on full blast.

Exclusive Electric Bidet Features

The biggest reason we recommend electric bidet seats, WASHLET+ systems, and integrated units to our customers is because of the incredibly comfortable and convenient cleanse they provide. Once you try one, we doubt you’ll want to go back to using toilet paper or a non-electric model! Read on to learn more about the broad range of stand-out options available on electric bidets.

Numerous Nozzle Options

Bidet wands and nozzles are typically constructed from either plastic, aluminum or stainless steel. Plastic is most likely to break, crack or harbor germs since it’s the weakest and most porous of the three. Aluminum is stronger than plastic and not as porous, so they’re considered a mid-grade option. Stainless steel is the strongest and least porous of the bunch, so a stainless steel nozzle is the most durable and hygienic option.

Dual Bidet Nozzle
Dual Nozzle Bidet

For the most part, nozzle configuration won’t affect how the bidet performs, but there are still a few things to know when you’re choosing between them. Dual nozzle bidets have two wands that are side by side. One wand performs the front wash and the other performs the rear wash. The main downside to this setup is that neither wand is perfectly centered.

2-in-1 Stainless Steel Bidet Nozzle
2-in-1 Stainless Steel Nozzle

On the other hand, 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 configurations feature a single wand with either two or three nozzles on the end. The first nozzle delivers the front wash, the second handles the rear wash, and the third (if there is one) is for a special setting like an enema wash or wide spray. The benefit to this design is that the nozzles each deliver a perfectly centered bidet spray, so it’s less likely you’ll need to shift side to side for even coverage.

Luxurious Wash Settings

Discovery DLX Integrated Bidet Heated Seat
Heated Seat

Unlike their non-electric counterparts, electric bidets have a built-in water heater that provides warm wash water from the get-go. Tank heaters offer approximately 30-60 seconds of warm water, hybrid water heating systems offer around 60-90 seconds of warm water, and instant heaters produce unlimited warm water.

There’s nothing quite like a soothing stream of warm water to rinse you off, and it sure beats getting blasted with cold water! On top of this, all electric bidets have a heated seat, which is an especially delightful luxury in chilly weather. The seat temperature is adjustable, and you can always turn it off if you prefer a room temperature throne instead.

Electric bidets offer a totally personalized experience thanks to their adjustable wash settings, which includes water temperature, water pressure, and nozzle position. Some electric seats offer extra spray options like nozzle oscillation, which moves the wash wand forwards and backwards for increased coverage, or wide spray, which broadens the spray for greater side to side coverage.

Bidet Nozzle Positions
Bidet Nozzle Positions

Other settings include pulse wash, which alternates the pressure between firm and soft for a relaxing massage, whereas dynamic stream soothes tender areas by quickly varying the water temperature. A few electric bidets even offer an enema wash that directs a thin, powerful stream of water into the rectum to loosen stool and stimulate the bowels.

Bidet Nozzle Oscillation
Bidet Nozzle Oscillation

Unbeatable Convenience

Besides offering a super comfortable cleanse, electric bidets make the process of getting clean effortless. There’s no fiddling with knobs or levers to get the settings just right as you would on a non-electric unit. Simply activate functions with a simple button press, sit back, and relax while the bidet does all the work.

Electric Bidet Seat Side Arm Control Panel
Bidet Seat with a
Side Arm Control Panel

Electric bidets are outfitted either with a control panel that’s attached to the side of the unit or with a wireless remote. On the plus side, controls that are physically attached to the bidet can’t get lost, but they’re also not the best bidet option if you have difficulty reaching, looking down, or have a larger frame.

On the other hand, wireless remotes require batteries, but they’re usually easier to see and operate than buttons attached to the side of the bidet. Some remotes can even be operated with feet! Though a wireless remote’s signal can’t go through walls, they can be operated by a helper standing at the door of the bathroom for increased privacy and autonomy.

A large number of electric bidets come with a warm air dryer that blows air towards your undercarriage once the wash is finished. Most air dryers aren’t particularly powerful and it can take several minutes to get dry. Nevertheless, spending a little extra time may be worth it if wiping is painful or difficult for you, or if you’d like to reduce your reliance on toilet paper. Plus, the air temperature is usually adjustable depending on whether you prefer a brisk breeze or a warm wafting.

Bidet Air Dryer
Warm Air Dryer

Many electric bidets also have a built-in air deodorizer that pulls the air from the bowl through a carbon filter to neutralize bathroom odors. To be clear, these deodorizers remove smells without adding any fragrance to the air, which is good news for anyone who’s sensitive to artificial scents. Plus, the deodorizer’s carbon filter should last the lifetime of your seat.

Some electric bidets come with an LED night light that gently illuminates the toilet bowl and surrounding area, making it safer and easier to move through the bathroom in low light. A few offer a lid that can support the seated weight of an adult, known as a sittable lid.

Swash SE600 Bidet Built In Night Light
LED Nightlight

Using the controls on an electric bidet is pretty straightforward, but for extra convenience, many models offer either auto washing or user presets. Auto wash starts a rear wash and dry cycle with whatever settings were last used. User presets are a bit fancier and allow one or two users to program their favorite wash settings into the remote for a fully personalized cleanse at the touch of a button.

Seat Sensor Safety Technology

All electric bidets have a built-in sensor that stops the unit from operating until someone is sitting on the seat. If you start the wash and then stand up, the sensor will detect the change and immediately stop. Some electric bidets have additional sensors that open and close the lid you walk towards or away from the toilet, or sensors that automatically initiate a flush when you stand up.

Auto open bidet lid
Auto Open & Close Lid

Are Bidets Sanitary?

A lot of people want to know whether their bidet’s wand and nozzles get yucky, especially since they’re right between the toilet bowl and your bottom. The good news is that manufacturers carefully design their bidets to spray water at an angle so that the wand is not directly under your rear. Additionally, the wands on most bidets retract back into the seat between wash cycles, and the nozzles on most electric bidets automatically flush themselves with clean water before and after each use.

Bidet Nozzle Retract
Bidet Nozzle Retracting & Self-Rinsing
UV Light Bidet Nozzle Sterilization
UV Nozzle Sterilization

Some electric bidets offer special sanitizing technology that’s designed to eradicate any microbes that might be lurking. This can take the form of a silver nano coating on the bidet’s components that keeps the water clean as it travels through the unit. Other units actually release silver nano particles into the wash water to keep it germ-free. Still others bathe the bidet’s nozzles in ultraviolet light to kill bacteria.

Some brands only include sanitizing technology on their most expensive units, while others make it standard across all their products. For example, TOTO equips most of their bidets with the ability to generate sterile, electrolyzed water. This special Ewater+ is used to rinse the nozzles before and after use, and to pre mist the toilet bowl to stop waste from sticking. TOTO’s most luxurious integrated units take unit hygiene a step further by using UV light known as Actilight, to sanitize and clean the toilet and bidet.

Bidet Premisting
Premisting the Bowl

3. Top Rated Bidet Brands & Warranties

Choosing a Bidet Brand

There are plenty of bidet brands to choose from, but our top sellers include: TOTO, Brondell, Dignity Solutions and Bio Bidet. It’s really no surprise that bidets from these companies make up the bulk of our sales because they offer some of the most reliable, feature packed bidet seats and bidet toilets on the market.

We also carry bidets, toilets, bathroom hardware and bidet related products from the following companies: American Standard, Blooming, Clean Sense, BioLet, Go Bidet, Galaxy, Infinity, Kohler Novita, Lotus, Nova and Olympia. If you’re looking for a product from a company that isn’t listed here or are looking for feedback about any of these brands, feel free to reach out to us directly!

Bidet Warranty Basics

Bidet Extended Warranty

All the electric bidets we sell come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty. Depending on the bidet, warranties run the gamut from 1 year limited warranties to 5 year full warranties. Some brands even offer warranty upgrades that extend the length of time the seat is covered, the scope of the coverage, or both.

There are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating a bidet warranty. First, read the fine print! Not all warranties are created equal: some will cover the full cost of repairing or replacing a unit, whereas others only cover a portion of the cost. In addition, warranties typically only cover issues related to manufacturing defects and won’t cover damage caused by improper use, installation, unsuitable environmental conditions, or acts of God.

Second, the warranty is usually only valid if you purchased your seat from an authorized dealer. The good news is that Many Bidets is an authorized dealer for all the brands we carry, so you can have peace of mind on that front. On a related note, a bidet’s warranty usually only applies to the original purchaser. Again, this isn’t something you’ll need to worry about if you buy from us because we only sell new products.

Lastly, keep in mind that using the warranty isn’t always 100% free. For example, if you need to ship your bidet to the manufacturer for repairs, you will likely be on the hook for shipping it to them. On the flip side, most companies will pay to ship the bidet back to you once repairs are complete. And if you have a limited warranty, you may be responsible for a percentage of the repair costs.

One piece of good news is that many bidet repairs can be done at home, allowing you to skip any costs associated with shipping. If your bidet issue qualifies and you’re comfortable with this option, the bidet manufacturer will ship you any necessary parts or instructions and troubleshoot the process over the phone.

If finding a solid warranty is a top priority for you, we recommend checking out Best Bidet Warranties article. It delves into the nitty gritty of bidet warranties and offers a few suggestions for seats with the best bidet coverage. As always, we’re happy to offer personalized feedback on what type of warranty makes the most sense for your needs, so reach out if you need help in this area.

View bidet seats with:

1 year warranty
2 year warranty
3 year warranty
4 year warranty
5 year warranty
6 year warranty

4. Will a Bidet Fit on My Toilet?

Customers often ask for our help finding a bidet that will fit their toilet. Our bidet seat fit guide walks you through the specifics of figuring out what will fit on your toilet, but here are a few basics to keep in mind as you get started:

  • Bidet attachments and bidet seats will fit most one- or two-piece toilets. However, you may run into fit issues if your toilet is especially small or compact, or if it has French curves. If in doubt, reach out to us for assistance before purchasing! We’re happy to evaluate your toilet’s measurements or look at a photo of it to let you know what will and won’t fit.
  • Toilets in the United States and Canada either have a round or an elongated bowl. Elongated toilets are most common, and as a result, most bidet seats have an elongated shape. Some bidet seats also come in round sizes that are able to fit round toilets.
  • If you’re replacing your toilet with a WASHLET+ system or integrated unit, make sure you purchase a unit with the correct rough-in. The rough-in is the distance from the bathroom wall (behind the toilet) to the center of the flange in the bathroom floor.

    Most bathrooms in the United States have a 12” rough-in, but you’ll occasionally find bathrooms with a 10” or 14” rough-in. The good news is that many of our WASHLET+ systems offer 10” and 14” rough-in options, but integrated units are only available in a standard 12” rough-in.
Toilet Rough In Diagram

5. Bidet Accessories & Beyond

Bidet Mounting Hardware

Bidets usually come with whatever hardware is needed for installation on a standard, non-skirted toilet. However, installing a bidet attachment or seat on a skirted toilet often requires a top mounting kit and an alternate t-connector. The top mounting kit allows you to install the bidet’s mounting plate from above the toilet seat, which is helpful if you can’t access the underside of the toilet seat’s bolts.

Top Mounting Kit Diagram

Most bidet t-valve are designed to connect to the fill valve under your toilet’s tank, but it can be difficult to access this area on a skirted toilet. An alternate t-connector is designed to connect to your bathroom’s water supply line at the wall, so it’s the perfect solution to this issue.

Bidet Alternate T Connector Diagram

Currently, only Cascade seats include a top mounting kit (but no alternate t-connector) along with the standard installation hardware. All others require you to purchase both the top mount kit and the alternate t-connector separately. Some companies manufacture brand specific mounting kits, so we recommend reaching out to us if you’re in doubt about what you may need for installation.

Bidet Water Filters

Water filters are a popular bidet add-on, especially for customers with hard water. They attach to the bidet’s water line and filter water before it enters the unit. Some filters sterilize the wash water, but most are designed to remove tiny solids from the water so that they don’t build up inside your bidet and reduce water flow or clog the nozzles.

Water filters are easy to install, but they do add some bulk to the bidet’s overall silhouette. If a low-profile look is high on your list of must-haves, a water filter might not be for you. There are three types of filters:

  •  Carbon Water Filters remove sediment from the water so that it doesn’t build up inside your bidet and shorten its lifespan. They are the most popular type of filter because they don’t have much of an impact on the bidet’s water flow rate.
  • Ion Water Filters soften water for a more effective cleanse while also filtering out sediment. We recommend an ion filter if your home has hard water. Without one, the particles in hard water can build up inside your bidet over time, slowing the water flow or even clogging the nozzles. The biggest downside to this type of filter is that it usually slows your bidet’s water flow a bit.
  • Iodine Water Filters release small amounts of iodine into the wash water to sterilize it, but they don’t really remove sediment or soften the water. This type of filter is a good option if you’re concerned about the cleanliness of your bidet and wash water.

    However, there are a few drawbacks to be aware of. First, iodine filters can kill off the useful bacteria in septic tanks, rendering them less effective. Second, iodine filters are actually banned in some states, and several manufacturers discourage customers from using them with their seats.

What to Know Before You Buy a Water Filter

Most water filters cost around $20-30 each and last approximately 6 months. In general, it’s best to purchase a water filter from the same company that manufactured your bidet, though not all brands offer all three types of filters.

Off-brand filters may not fit properly and, in some cases, using an off-brand filter may even void the bidet’s warranty. Some companies, like Bio Bidet, design their filters to be seat specific, which means you’ll need to buy one that’s compatible with your specific bidet model.

Do be aware that TOTO strongly discourages using water filters with any of their bidets. Their main concern is that the filter will slow the bidet’s water flow, forcing the water pump to work harder and ultimately shortening the unit’s lifespan. Using a water filter with a TOTO bidet will void the warranty.

After Market Bidet Night Lights

After Market Bidet Night Light
After Market Night Light

Night lights are a fantastic amenity that make it easier and safer to use the restroom in low light, but they’re usually only found on higher end electric bidets. If the bidet of your dreams doesn’t come with a built in night light, you still have options! Inexpensive after market bidet night lights clip on to the side of the toilet bowl so you can see where you’re going and what you’re doing even when it’s dark in the bathroom.

After Market Bidet Night Light Close Up

The main downside is that after market night lights are bulkier than their built-in counterparts. Additionally, many after market night lights are motion activated, so you have to be within a certain radius of the toilet before they’ll turn on. On the plus side, the after market night light we carry allows users to change the light’s color or to cycle through the colors. Most built-in nightlights, on the other hand, come in blue only.

Bidet Compatible Safety Rails and Risers

Some, but not all, safety rails or toilet seat risers are compatible with bidets. If you rely on these enhancements to use the bathroom safely, we recommend getting in touch with us prior to purchasing a bidet. We can help determine if your current safety setup will work with a bidet and, if not, we’ll be able to help you find products that will.

6. How Much Do Bidets Cost?

At this point you may be thinking, “you’ve talked about some awesome sounding bidets, but how much do they cost?” We understand! Budget is a big deal for a lot of our customers, which is why we work hard to offer you the absolute lowest price we can. The good news is that there’s a bidet for nearly every budget.

The old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true for bidets. Cheaper bidets usually have fewer features, their settings are less adjustable, and they typically have a shorter lifespan. Even if you don’t end up splurging on a bidet with all the bells and whistles, spending a little extra can pay out big dividends in terms of comfort, seat lifespan and wash quality.

Our honest opinion is that electric bidet seats, WASHLET+ systems and integrated units offer the best bidet experience, as well as good value for your money. Yet if these are out of your price range, we’ll work hard to help you find a non-electric option that’s right for both your bottom and your budget. The approximate price range for each type of bidet is as follows*:

Travel Bidet$20$70
Hand Held Bidet Sprayer$40$130
Bidet Attachment$40$150
Non-Electric Bidet Seat$100$200
Electric Bidet Seat$250$1355
WASHLET+ System$850$3300
Integrated Toilet & Bidet$1200$18,000
Classic Bidet$630$1450
*Prices are approximate, based on our current inventory & do not reflect sales or discounts

A quick word on our price match policy: every once in a while, a customer will ask us to match the price they found on Amazon, eBay, or another site, and we have to say no. Why? We’re proud to be an authorized dealer for the brands we carry, and our dealer agreements lay out the lowest prices we’re allowed to offer.

If we tell you we can’t match a price, it’s usually because that price is coming from an unauthorized dealer or an authorized dealer whose been given the green light to run a sale. We understand that customers sometimes need to go with the lowest dollar amount, but keep in mind that purchasing from an unauthorized bidet dealer comes with risks that you won’t take on when you purchase from us.

Insurance Coverage for Bidet Purchases

Did you know that we can work with insurance companies to get your bidet covered? If you are purchasing a bidet due to a disability or medical condition, you may be eligible for partial or full insurance coverage. Every claim is a bit different, but in general, we recommend taking the following steps to determine if this route is right for you:

  1. Contact us to discuss your bidet needs so we can provide individualized feedback and gather the information needed to process an insurance claim.
  2. Obtain a prescription from your physician and submit it to your insurance company.
  3. Finally, if your insurance approves the request, they’ll need to call us so we can finalize the purchase.

Take Our Bidet Finder Quiz

There are a couple easy ways to figure out which bidet model is going to serve your needs best:

  • Our “Shop” drop down menu lets you browse seats by brand, type, or popular features.
  • Alternatively, you can take a look at our total inventory and narrow the options by using the filters on the left hand side of the page.
  • Last but not least, if you know you want an electric bidet, you can take our bidet finder quiz, which is designed to help you find the best bidet for your situation.

Want a Personalized Recommendation? Contact Us!

We know there’s a lot to consider when buying a bidet, and we want you to find the best bidet solution. If you’d like customized feedback, please reach out to us for expert advice and personalized bidet recommendations. Here are the best ways to connect with one of our bidet specialists: