The Best Bidet Attachment for Toilets

Modern bidets attach right to your toilet so you can ditch wiping once and for all! Today, we’re sharing our top recommendations for non-electric bidet attachments that deliver some serious hygiene magic for a cleaner, fresher you.

Out of all the bidet attachments that we’ve tried, the GoBidet and Saniwise are our hands-down favorites. And once you hear our reasons, we think you’ll agree!

Let’s dive right in!

GoBidet Bidet Toilet Attachment

With its simple design, the GoBidet might not look like much to get excited about. But rest assured, this humble toilet attachment blows the competition out of the water for a few key reasons:


Perk #1: The GoBidet has an Exceptionally Smart Design

The GoBidet cleverly avoids many of the big design pitfalls you’ll encounter with other bidet toilet attachments. For example, the nozzle on most attachments sits right behind your bum and points straight down towards the toilet bowl.

A traditional bidet attachment not in use
A traditional bidet attachment with nozzles in use

That puts them right in the “splash zone”. And by that, we mean that these nozzles are in danger of being splashed by dirty toilet water (or worse!) while you’re…ahem…doing your business.

Another big downside to this design is that it doesn’t offer much control over the position of the wash spray. The end result? you may have to shimmy and shift to get totally clean, which is just annoying.

There’s none of that nonsense with the GoBidet’s nozzles. The GoBidet’s nozzles are on the end of a rotating arm that snugly tucks up under the side edge of your toilet bowl when you’re not using it.

GoBidet attachment nozzle tucked away

When you’re ready to get clean, all you have to do is turn the lever on the side of the GoBidet. This swings the arm out from under the toilet rim and lets you position the spray in just the right spot.

GoBidet attachment nozzle in use

Even better, this unique design makes the GoBidet’s nozzles a lot less likely to get gross from poop splatter or toilet water splashes.

Perk #2: The GoBidet Fits Almost Any Toilet

Finding an attachment that actually fits your toilet is obviously an important requirement! And the GoBidet is pretty much guaranteed to fit.

Not so with other bidet attachments! Let us explain:

Most bidet toilet attachments have a clunky plastic bar that attaches to both of your toilet seat bolts.

There are some big downsides to this design, like the fact that the bar is too chunky to fit on toilets with French curves or on smaller toilets without a lot of space in the back, like the kind you’d find in an RV. (We’ll talk about a few more cons later.)

Bidet attachment with a plastic bar

Once again, the GoBidet’s sleek design comes to the rescue!

Instead of a thick plastic bar that sits squarely between the toilet seat bolts, the GoBidet has a slim metal bar that attaches to just one bolt hole. It also attaches at an angle, so it can be positioned around French curves, making it compatible with almost any toilet. There are a handful of exceptions to this rule, but they’re pretty rare and we’ve usually been able to help customers modify their GoBidet so that it ends up fitting just fine.

GoBidet attachment with single bolt installation

“Now wait just a second,” you might be thinking. “Does attaching to just one bolt hole mean that the GoBidet feels wobbly and unstable?”

Great question!

The GoBidet comes with a rubber washer that sits inside that one bolt hole (plus another that goes underneath the bolt hole). This protects the porcelain from being scratched by the metal attachment AND provides a snug, secure fit. No wobbling for this bidet!

Perk #3: The GoBidet Won’t Break Your Toilet Seat

Remember when we said that the thick, plastic bar that holds most bidet attachments to the toilet is a huge design flaw? Here’s another reason why:

Because the plastic bar sits between your toilet seat and the toilet, it inevitably raises the back of the toilet seat. And because your toilet seat is rigid, the front of the seat probably won’t sit directly on the toilet – it may float above the toilet a bit.

Bidet Attachment Gap
Plastic bidet attachment installed with a toilet seat, with the back raised
GoBidet Flush with Toilet
GoBidet attachment installed with a toilet seat, sitting flush against the bowl

So what’s the big deal? It’s just a little gap, right?


Every time you sit down on the toilet seat, your weight will force the front of the seat down, putting a lot of unnatural force on the seat and its bolts.

Over time, this wear and tear can cause the seat and bolts to warp or break.

“Hold on,” you might be thinking. “Don’t they sell little rubber bumpers that fit on the underside of your toilet seat so there isn’t such a big gap?”

Yes, but we’ve found that these bumpers don’t work particularly well. They tend to slide out of position or fall off, and they’re a pain to keep clean.

If all of this sounds like a headache you’d rather avoid, we’ve got some good news! The GoBidet’s metal bar is thin and slim, so it won’t raise the back of your toilet seat, letting you keep your toilet seat in tip-top shape.

Perk #4: The GoBidet Holds Up Over Time

When it comes to durability and hygiene, materials matter! We’re not about to hate on plastic, but the cheaper plastic used in most attachments just isn’t as strong or as hygienic as metal.

The strength bit probably feels intuitive, but what’s this about hygiene?

Every material has something called porosity – that’s basically just a fancy way of measuring how many teeny tiny air pockets exist in a material.

Plastic is more porous than metal, so it’s easier for microbes to seep in and gain a foothold. Metal has low porosity, so it’s a lot better at keeping the bad stuff out. And because there are way fewer microscopic crevices in its surface, it’s easier to get it crystal clean.

Here’s why all of this matters:

The GoBidet is made entirely out of chrome-finish stainless steel, whereas almost all other attachments are crafted from an inexpensive type of plastic. So if you’re looking for an attachment for your toilet that’s going to be extra durable and easy to clean, the GoBidet is your best option!

All metal GoBidet
Plastic traditional bidet attachment

Sure, the GoBidet is more expensive than a lot of the plastic attachments out there, but we find that customers have to replace their cheapie attachments a lot more often than the GoBidet. Plus, the GoBidet comes with a lifetime warranty, whereas most other toilet attachments only have a 1-year warranty.

Bottom line: In the long run, you’re probably saving money by choosing the GoBidet over a less expensive, plastic attachment, and you’re certainly getting more in terms of features and durability!

Other Important GoBidet Features

We’ve run through all the reasons the GoBidet is the best bidet toilet attachment on the market, but let’s take a minute to talk about a few more key features:

Non-electric warm water and cold water diagram

The GoBidet’s nozzles have seven tiny openings for a strong, broad spray that does a great job cleaning off your front or rear parts. The GoBidet also comes in a cold water version and a warm water version, so you’ve got options!

The cold water model uses – you guessed it – water from your home’s cold water line for the wash. The warm water model has an extra hose that runs from the bidet to your bathroom sink’s hot water hookup.

If you’re using the warm water GoBidet, we recommend running your sink until the water is hot before you sit down to use your bidet, just so you’ve got warm water at the ready.

Keep in mind that there will always be some room-temperature water in the hose leading from the sink to the bidet, so you’ll always get a burst of cool water at the beginning of the wash no matter what.

The final verdict? If you’re looking for a traditional bidet attachment for your toilet, the GoBidet is THE best option out there!

Saniwise Bidet Seat Attachment

What’s even better than a bidet attachment? A bidet seat attachment that replaces your current toilet seat.

Now before you write this option off as too expensive or too fussy, hear us out:

The Saniwise non-electric bidet seat is cheaper than most attachments, it looks a lot classier, it works just as well AND it’s just as easy – or easier – to install. Plus, it won’t hurt your toilet like some attachments will.

Let’s take an in-depth look at each of these perks!

Perk #1: The Saniwise Has an Enviable Price Point

Here’s a little known industry secret for you: most non-electric bidet seats are pretty much identical.


Line up a few of these bad boys, take them apart (like we did), and you’ll discover that there’s not much difference between them.

But there is a BIG difference in the prices you’ll pay for these near-identical products. What gives?! Turns out that for many of these products, you’re paying for the brand name, not better quality or more features.

Paying for nothing more than a name seems silly to us, so we’ve priced the Saniwise affordably. It’s a simple unit, so we feel a simple price makes sense.

However, don’t confuse simplicity for low quality! More on that in a bit…

Saniwise non-electric bidet seat
  • Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $79.00.

Perk #2: The Saniwise Looks Amazing

Think back to the first time you saw a bidet attachment. Your first thought probably wasn’t, “What’s this sleek beauty adorning the toilet?!”

If we’re being honest, traditional attachments aren’t going to be winning any cutting-edge style awards anytime soon. Even the chicest options stick out awkwardly from the side of the toilet and lend a clunky look to the bathroom.

Bidet Toilet Attachment
Traditional attachments are highly noticeable in your bathroom

On the other hand, you’ll be hard pressed to distinguish the Saniwise from a regular toilet seat! Like the chameleon that it is, the Saniwise’s thin silhouette and sleek design blends right into your bathroom as if it came with your toilet. There’s no thick control panel jutting out from the side either – just a petite, easy-to-use lever that controls the seat’s functions.

Ultra-slim Saniwise installed on a standard toilet
Regular toilet seat (featured on Kohler San Souci toilet)

Perk #3: The Saniwise is Durable, Easy to Install and Won’t Harm Your Toilet

Manufacturers make bidet toilet seat attachments out of either ABS plastic or polypropylene plastic. ABS plastic is less expensive, but it’s not as strong as polypropylene, so it doesn’t hold up as well.

Fortunately, the Saniwise is made out of high-quality polypropylene plastic, giving you all the strength you could want in a toilet seat. It’s also pleasant to sit on, so you don’t have to worry about losing comfort by swapping your current seat for the Saniwise!

Earlier, we described how many bidet attachments have to be sandwiched between your toilet seat and toilet, which puts a lot of strain on the bolts and can lead to breakage. Because the Saniwise attaches to your toilet in place of your current seat, you’ll never have to deal with this!

Installation is a breeze as well. Everything you need comes included with your purchase. Just unscrew your current seat, pop the Saniwise on in its place and connect the water hose to your toilet’s water source using the provided T-valve. Presto! You’re ready to go!

Perk #4: The Saniwise Offers a Great Basic Bidet Cleanse

Non-electric attachments are known for delivering a simple, no frills cleanse, and the Saniwise does just that. The lever on the side of the seat lets you select either a front wash designed with female genitalia in mind, or a rear wash that’s intended to clean anyone’s bum after a poo.

You’ve also got some control over the water pressure, but as with any non-electric attachment or seat, it takes a bit of practice to get it just right. And like most non-electrics, you really can’t adjust the position of the wash spray the way you can with an electric bidet.

Keep in mind that the Saniwise only uses cool water, so if your bum demands warmth and comfort, we recommend checking out an electric bidet seat attachment.

Also note that the Saniwise is designed for elongated toilets only – if your toilet has a round bowl, this toilet seat attachment won’t work. You can ensure a perfect fit by checking out our toilet measuring guide before you purchase!

Bottom line: Attaching a bidet to your toilet should be easy, affordable, durable and stylish, and the Saniwise does it all! In the world of non-electrics, it’s a clear winner for getting your rear clean after you poo!

Bidet Attachments with Dryers

Bidet Seat Warm Air Dryer
Electric bidet warm air dryer

A lot of our customers are interested in a bidet because they’re tired of wiping for one reason or another. It’s a really good reason, too! Bidets are light-years more hygienic and comfortable than wiping with toilet paper.

But not every bidet lets you totally toss the TP! That’s because once you finish washing off, you still have to get dry.

Most people use a few sheets of toilet paper to tap themselves dry. But what if you want to eliminate TP for environmental reasons or because you have limited mobility?

In that scenario, you’ll want to invest in a bidet attachment with a dryer, and that means purchasing an electric bidet. We love electric bidet attachments for a lot of reasons, the main one being that they’re fantastic at delivering a thorough and comfortable wash and dry.

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