The 5 Best Bidet Seats of 2022 for a Cleaner, Healthier You!

Whether you want to banish odor and itching, need an alternative to wiping, or just want to feel clean and refreshed when you leave the bathroom, a bidet can do it all. Electric bidet seats offer an ideal blend of style, comfort and affordability. They’re easy to install (most people can knock out installation in about 20 minutes) and solve a range of common bathroom issues. We took on the challenge of finding the five best bidet seats of 2022 so you can get top value for your money.

Best Bidet Seats of 2022

Cascade 3000

Eco Nova

TOTO S550e

Bio Bidet BB-1000

Brondell Swash 1400

Frequently Asked Questions

Bidet Seat Essentials

Electric bidet seats range from bare-bones and simple to feature-packed and luxurious, with price tags to match. The best bidet seats of 2022 come with characteristics and features that we consider “essential”. Plus, they represent a range of price points, so there’s something for every budget. So what’s essential?

    To be included on our Best Bidet Seats of 2022 list, a seat obviously needs to be a hit with customers. This means we take a close look at customer feedback and rule out any bidet seat with a notable record of performance issues or complaints over the past year. We also chose bidet seats that address the bathroom woes customers mention most frequently. These include discomfort or difficulty wiping, constipation, hemorrhoids or not feeling totally clean after wiping.
    Ease of use and a better all-around experience are the main reasons people choose electric bidet seats over non-electric models. All the seats on our Best of 2022 list share some basic qualities that provide superior comfort and convenience over competitors:
    • Heated seat lets you choose the perfect temperature for your tush
    • Water heating system provides deliciously warm wash water
    • Adjustable nozzle position, water pressure and water temperature deliver optimal cleansing control
    • Front & rear wash modes remove waste more effectively and gently than wiping
    • Nozzle oscillation moves the nozzle forward and backward for greater cleansing coverage & relaxation; some seats offer additional options like pulse (massage) spray, turbo wash, wide spray and/or enema wash
    • Warm air drying eliminates the need for toilet paper altogether
    • Self rinsing nozzles flush themselves with clean water before and after each use
    • Wireless remote control – easier to operate than buttons on a side panel control
    • Wall-mounted docking station keeps the remote within easy reach so it never gets lost or drops in the toilet
    • Slow closing lid prevents obnoxious slamming
    • Safety seat sensor ensures that the bidet wash only operates if someone is seated so the bidet won’t spray water everywhere
    • Easy, 15-minute installation doesn’t require any special expertise

      Nozzle Self-Rinse Feature

    Not all bidet seats will fit every toilet or bathroom color scheme, but the models on our best of 2022 list come close. Nearly all the seats here come in both round and elongated seat sizes, and some can even fit on French curve toilets. Plus, many of these seats are available in white and beige. With such a versatile collection, it’s easy to find one that fits your toilet and your style.
TOTO S550e Beige
TOTO S550e Contemporary Beige
TOTO S550e White
TOTO S550e Contemporary White

A Detailed Look at the 5 Best Bidet Seats of 2022

Here are our top picks for best bidet seats of 2022. If any of the terms are unfamiliar, check out our Glossary for a quick explanation. For a visual version of this post, check out our Top 5 Best Bidet Seats 2022 video on the Many Bidets You Tube channel.

Top 5 Best Bidets of 2022
Cascade 3000 shown with both large and small remote
Cascade 3000 shown with the large and small remote options

Dignity Solutions Cascade 3000

The Cascade 3000 is a great option if you want a large, comfortable seat, a lid you can sit on (up to 330 lbs) and wide ranging water pressure. It’s also a wonderful choice if you’d benefit from a large remote with big, colorful buttons that are easy to see and operate. In addition, the Cascade is the only bidet seat on our list that will fit on a toilet with French curves.

The Cascade 3000 is built from high quality polypropylene plastic, which is stronger than commonly used ABS plastic. The stainless steel nozzle is more durable and hygienic than nozzles made from other materials, and both the nozzle and internal tubing is coated in a sterile silver nano solution to prevent microbial growth. In addition to standard front, rear and oscillating washes, the Cascade 3000 also offers one of the most generous auto washes on the market: one minute of washing followed by three minutes of drying.

We’re so confident you’ll love the Cascade 3000 that it’s eligible for a 60-day free trial, which is double that of our other free trials! If you try it out and find it’s just not right for you, you can return it anytime within the 60 day window for a full refund. That said, the Cascade 3000 has the lowest return rate of any seat we sell, so chances are good that once you try it, you’ll be hooked!

Bidet Seat Deodorizers
The Cascade’s deodorizer eliminates odors

**PLEASE NOTE** For the sake of full transparency, we want to clarify that Many Bidets owns Dignity Solutions and designed the Cascade 3000.

Cascade 3000 Pros

  • Unlimited warm water
  • Hygienic stainless steel nozzle
  • Great wash pressure range
  • Extra long auto wash – 1 minute wash followed by a 3 minute dry
  • Deodorizer (no scents or chemicals)
  • LED night light illuminates the bowl
  • Large, comfortable seat
  • Strong, sittable lid supports up to 330 lbs
  • Crafted from durable polypropylene plastic
  • Fits most one and two piece toilets, including many French curve toilets
  • Silver nano coating on tubing & nozzles prevents microbes from growing
  • Two remote options: large with bright, raised buttons or small with flat buttons & a display screen
  • Generous 4 year full warranty

Cascade 3000 Cons

  • Only available in white (no beige option)
  • No user presets, pulse wash or enema wash
  • There can be a brief burst of cold water at the start of the wash (many users don’t even notice)
Cascade 3000
Cascade 3000
Eco-Nova bidet seat with rose gold remote
Eco-Nova Bidet Seat

Eco Nova

The Eco Nova is perfect if you’re looking for a seat with a super sleek profile, heavy duty sittable lid (up to 400 lbs), UV nozzle sterilization and a powerful air dryer that dries the fastest of any seat we’ve reviewed. The Eco Nova is one of the only bidet seats with a remote that operates on a radio frequency versus infrared. It’s an ideal choice for bathrooms that are small, dark colored, or have dividing walls, as these features can disrupt infrared signals but won’t stop a radio signal.

The Eco Nova’s nozzle is shaped like a rounded rectangle, so it provides a broader-than-average wash stream without sacrificing power. Plus, the wash pressure can be adjusted from soft to firm, letting you choose what feels best in the moment. While most pulse washes vary water pressure, the Eco Nova’s pulse wash alternates the water temperature between warm and cool. It’s perfect for relaxing tender areas, soothing hemorrhoids or aiding postpartum recovery.

Bidet Seat Warm Air Dryer
Powerful warm air dryer

In addition to being constructed from heavy duty polypropylene plastic, the Eco Nova has the slimmest profile of any electric seat we’ve seen. The internals are coated with a silver nano solution that hinders microbial growth, and it even comes with a built-in UV lamp that sterilizes the wand and nozzles. The Eco Nova’s remote is also one of the classiest on the market, crafted from stainless steel with a brushed rose gold finish.

The Eco Nova comes with two years of 100% warranty coverage. It’s also eligible for a 30 day risk free trial, making it great for beginner buyers who want to try it out before committing. With durable construction and a ton of high end features, the Eco Nova offers terrific value for the price.

Eco Nova Pros

  • Hygienic stainless steel nozzle
  • Broad wash stream with a good range of wash pressures
  • Instant water heater – produces unlimited warm water
  • Turbo wash
  • Strong sittable lid (up to 400 lbs)
  • Ultra thin design
  • Warm air dryer is extra powerful & efficient
  • LED Night light illuminates the bowl
  • UV nozzle sterilization
  • Silver nano coating on the internals
  • Constructed from long lasting polypropylene plastic
  • Wireless remote works through walls (most other wireless remotes don’t)
  • 400 lb weight limit
  • Eligible for 30 day risk free trial

Eco Nova Cons

  • Only available in elongated seat size
  • Only available in white
  • New to the market – limited customer feedback
  • No deodorizer, enema wash & user presets
Eco Nova Open Lid
Eco Nova – Super Slim Profile
TOTO Washlet S550e Contemporary Trim
TOTO Washlet S550e Contemporary Trim

TOTO S550e

When it comes to luxury, the TOTO Washlet S550e does not disappoint! This top of the line bidet seat has been in our lineup for years thanks to high end features that offer top notch style, comfort and quality. Don’t let the one year warranty worry you — this seat regularly outlasts others on the market and we don’t get many customer complaints about it.

So what are some of the S550e’s amazing features? For starters, it offers a whopping 6 wash options (front, rear, soft, wide, oscillating and pulse), unlimited warm water, user presets, a deodorizer and a night light. It’s also one of the only seats on the market to have an auto open/close lid, so you never have to touch the unit or worry about accidentally sitting down on the (non-sittable) lid.

Bidet Premisting
TOTO pre-mist function

From a hygiene standpoint, the S550e is tough to beat. The “pre mist” function automatically detects when someone is preparing to sit down and coats the toilet bowl with a thin layer of water to stop waste from sticking. The S550e uses eWater+ (water that’s been sterilized through electrolysis) to sanitize the nozzles and to pre mist the bowl, providing an extra level of protection against germs.

While the S550e only comes in an elongated seat size, customers needing a round bidet seat need not fret. The TOTO S350e has all the same features as the S550e but is designed specifically for round toilets.

TOTO S550e Pros

  • Instant water heater – produces unlimited warm water
  • Wide & soft spray options
  • Bowl premisting
  • eWATER+ water sterilization system
  • Deodorizer
  • Night light
  • User presets
  • Sleek, elegant design
  • Auto open/close lid
  • Comes in white and beige

TOTO S550e Cons

  • Cannot sit on lid
  • Plastic nozzle is less durable and germ resistant than stainless steel
  • No auto wash
  • Costly to repair outside of warranty
  • Elongated seat size only (for a round version, check out the TOTO S350e)
TOTO S550e Side View
TOTO S550e Contemporary – Side View

Bio Bidet BB-1000

Bio Bidet BB-1000 with remote
Bio Bidet BB-1000

For budget conscious buyers, the Bio Bidet BB-1000 is a winning combination of performance and affordability! It uses 0.32 gallons of water per minute, which is one of the highest water flow rates of any seat on the market. In addition, the BB-1000 offers an enema wash that directs a thin, strong stream of water into the rectum to loosen stool and stimulate the bowels. These features make the BB-1000 a great option if you experience chronic constipation or simply want a powerful wash.

Heated Bidet Seat
Heated Seat

While many customers love the BB-1000’s firm wash stream, even the lowest pressure setting is quite strong and can be too powerful for those with sensitive bottoms. It’s also the only seat on our list with limited warm water. The unit’s tank heater produces around 30 seconds of warm water at a time, followed by a 5 minute reheat period. Additionally, the BB-1000’s seat design makes it less comfortable compared to other units on our list, and it’s constructed from ABS plastic, which is less durable than polypropylene.

The BB-1000 is operated using a large, panel style remote with easy-to-press buttons. Other standout features include a deodorizer that eliminates bathroom smells without scents or chemicals, a pulse wash that alternates the water pressure for added relaxation and a generous 400 lb weight limit. The limited warranty provides three years of coverage: 100% coverage the first year, 75% the second, and 50% the third.

BB-1000 Pros

  • High water pressure provides a quick and thorough cleanse
  • Powerful enema wash helps relieve constipation
  • Large, panel-style remote control is easier to use if you have difficulty with mobility or dexterity
  • Nozzles can be replaced at home in the event of corrosion or clogging
  • 400 lb weight limit
  • Round and elongated seat sizes (will not fit a French curve toilet)

BB-1000 Cons

  • Tank water heater provides limited warm water
  • Plastic nozzle is less durable and germ-resistant than stainless steel
  • Cannot sit on lid
  • Seat slopes up in the back, requiring the user to sit forward – less comfortable overall compared to some bidet seats
  • Pressure can be too high for sensitive bottoms
  • Crafted from ABS plastic, which is not as high quality as polypropylene
  • No user presets, night light, nozzle sterilization or auto wash
  • Available in white only

Brondell Swash 1400

Brondell Swash 1400 in white and biscuit
Brondell Swash 1400 in white and biscuit

The Brondell Swash 1400 offers the gentlest washes on the market, so it’s a wonderful choice if you have a sensitive bottom and want a wash stream that’s soft and soothing. In addition, the Swash 1400 has three width settings that let you customize the wash coverage. Two user presets give the option of programming your favorite water pressure, temperature and nozzle position into the remote for a personalized, one button wash, providing an extra layer of convenience.

The Swash 1400’s water pressure range is limited, so it’s not the best seat to buy if you want the option of a stronger wash. It’s also not our most comfortable seat since the design provides less sittable space than units like the Cascade 3000 or Eco Nova. We’ve also seen issues with the sittable lid cracking, and Brondell historically hasn’t covered any lid damage under the warranty.

The Brondell Swash 1400 does offer a broad range of luxury amenities including a night light, deodorizer, unlimited warm water, user presets, nozzle oscillation, pulse mode, and silver nano sterilization. The three year limited warranty covers the unit 100% the first year, 75% the second and 50% the third, but it can be extended to a five year full warranty for $99 if you’d prefer more coverage. The Swash 1400 is also eligible for our 30 day risk free trial, making it a great option for first time bidet buyers.

Brondell Swash 1400 LED nightlight
Brondell Swash 1400 LED nightlight shown in light
Brondell Swash 1400 LED nightlight
Brondell Swash 1400 LED nightlight shown in dark

Swash 1400 Pros

  • Gentle wash due to lower water pressure
  • Hygienic stainless steel nozzle
  • Instant water heater – produces unlimited warm water
  • Pulse wash & nozzle oscillation
  • 7 front to back nozzle positions plus 3 spray width options
  • Deodorizer (scentless, chemical-free)
  • User presets
  • Night light
  • Silver nano sterilization system keeps the nozzle clean during and after the wash
  • Sittable lid (rated to support up to 270 lbs)
  • 3 year limited warranty can be extended to 5 year full warranty for $99
  • White and beige color options
  • Round and elongated seat sizes (will not fit a French curve toilet)
  • Eligible for Many Bidets’ 30 day risk free trial

Swash 1400 Cons

  • Sittable lid is not particularly strong and is not covered by the warranty; the customer is responsible for damage caused by sitting on it
  • Dual nozzles means they are not fully centered
  • Constructed from ABS plastic, which is less durable than polypropylene
  • Seat is on the smaller side & some users feel as if it pushes them forward
  • Even at the highest pressure setting, the wash stream is still very gentle – some users dislike this
  • There can be a brief burst of cold water at the start of the wash (many users don’t notice this)

Frequently Asked Questions

Bio Bidet BB-2000 w/two remote options
Bio Bidet BB-2000 with Remote Options

Why isn’t the Bio Bidet BB-2000 included as one of the best bidet seats of 2022?

The Bio Bidet BB-2000 offers fantastic features and has been on almost every top 5 list we’ve ever put out, so you may wonder why it didn’t make this year’s list. Over the past year, we’ve received an unprecedented amount of feedback from customers who’ve had problems with the BB-2000’s water heating system. This is unusual for a top of the line seat like the BB-2000, which usually gets rave reviews.

As a result, we simply couldn’t put the BB-2000 on our top 5 list this year. Instead, we’re giving it “honorable mention”. Aside from the issues with the latest batch, it’s a feature packed unit that delivers a top quality cleanse. We are optimistic that the next batch of BB-2000s will be problem-free and hope to include the seat on next year’s list.

Will any of these bidet seats match my beige toilet?

Yes! The Swash 1400 and TOTO S550e come in both white and beige.

Brondell Swash 1400 Biscuit Side View
Brondell Swash 1400
TOTO S550e Beige
TOTO S550e

Which bidet seat offers the most comfortable wash?

Wash comfort is tied to water pressure, and what’s comfortable for one customer might be uncomfortable to another. Electric bidets offer a range of water pressures, letting you adjust the wash according to what feels good right then. The diagram below shows the pressure ranges of each seat on this year’s best bidets list.

2022 Best Bidets - Water Pressure

The Bio Bidet BB-1000 offers the strongest wash pressure, and it really isn’t possible to achieve a “soft” wash on this unit. For that reason, it’s the only bidet seat on this list that we don’t recommend for sensitive bottoms.

Nozzle shown oscillating
Nozzle shown oscillating

The Swash 1400’s wash pressure lands on the gentle end of the spectrum, so if you want the option of a firm wash (in addition to soft washing), this unit isn’t for you. On the other hand, the Swash 1400’s gentle feel makes it a good option if you’re sensitive due to fissures, hemorrhoids, childbirth or something else.

The remaining three units – the Eco Nova, Cascade 3000 and Swash S550e – offer a broad range of pressures. None offer wash pressure as strong as the BB-1000, but the soft pressure settings are comparable to the Swash 1400.

Features like nozzle oscillation or pulse wash are also great for soothing tender tissue and increasing wash comfort. The Cascade 3000 offers oscillation, and the Eco Nova and TOTO S550e offer both oscillation and pulse wash. The S550e even offers a dedicated “soft” setting for times when your undercarriage needs a little extra pampering.

Do any of these bidet seats have sittable lids?

Only the Cascade 3000, Eco Nova and Swash 1400 have lids that can support the weight of an adult. The Cascade’s lid supports 330 lbs, the Eco Nova’s supports up to 400 lbs, and the Swash 1400 can support 270 lbs.

Cascade 3000 Bidet Seat
An installed Cascade 3000 Bidet Toilet Seat

Which of these bidet seats will fit on my toilet?

  • The Cascade 3000, Bio Bidet BB-1000 and Swash 1400 come in both round and elongated seat sizes.
  • The Eco Nova and TOTO S550e are only available in an elongated size. If you love the TOTO S550e’s features but need a round seat, check out the TOTO S350e. It’s designed for round toilets only and has all the same features as the S550e.
  • The Cascade 3000 is the only seat on our Best of 2022 list that will fit a toilet with French curves.
  • For more help, check out our bidet seat fit guide!

Which of these bidet seats has the best warranty?

The Cascade 3000’s 4-year full warranty is the longest and most generous on our Best Bidet Seats of 2022 list. The Bio Bidet BB-1000 and Swash 1400 both offer 3 year warranties, but they are limited. This means they provide 100% coverage for the first year, 75% coverage for the second, and 50% coverage for the third. The Eco Nova’s full warranty offers 100% coverage for 2 years, and the TOTO S550e comes with a 1 year warranty.

It’s worth noting that a seat like the TOTO S550e is very high quality. In fact, the S550e tends to outlast other seats on the market, and we get very few customer complaints about them. In other words, if this bidet catches your eye, don’t let the short warranty scare you off!

Can any of these bidet seats help with constipation?

Yes! The BB-1000 is the only seat on our Best of 2022 list to offer an enema wash. This strong, thin wash stream is specifically designed to soften hard stool and jump start bowel movements, making it a great feature if you deal with constipation.

What type of remote is best?

Cascade 3000 large remote
Cascade 3000 large remote

All of the picks on our best bidet seats of 2022 list come with wireless remote controls. Wireless remotes usually come with a docking station that can be mounted to the wall, giving you a safe place to store it when you’re not using the bidet. It can be placed at hand height or closer to the floor if you plan to operate the controls with your feet. In general, remotes are easier to operate than control panels attached to the side of the seat.

Remote controls come in a variety of sizes. We recommend a panel-style remote with large buttons if you have tremors, limited mobility, or will be using a foot or elbow to control the buttons. Both the Cascade 3000 and the BB-1000 offer this type of remote.

Eco Nova Remote in Holder
Eco Nova Remote in Holder

Most remotes operate using an infrared signal. However, these may have issues if your bathroom is very small bathroom or has dark walls or partitions. In those instances, we recommend a remote that operates on a radio frequency, such as the Eco Nova’s.

Some remotes are designed with stye in mind! The Eco Nova’s stainless steel remote has a stylish rose gold finish and feels utterly luxurious. Additionally, TOTO consistently designs some of sleekest and most elegant remotes on the market. While the TOTO S550e’s slim, lightweight remote is actually crafted from plastic, it looks like brushed stainless steel.

I’m new to bidets…what happens if I buy one and don’t like it?

For hygiene reasons, most bidet seats can’t be returned once they’re removed from the package. However, three of the best bidet seats of 2022 are eligible for free trials! A free trial lets you try out the seat and return it for any reason within the trial window. The Eco Nova and Brondell Swash 1400 come with a 30-day free trial, and the Cascade 3000 is eligible for a 60-day free trial.