Preparing for the Coronavirus - Why you need a Bidet Seat

12th Mar 2020

If you're worried about how to properly prepare for the Coronavirus, you're not alone. With Coronavirus dominating the news and communities scrambling to prepare, stores around the country are selling out of basic household supplies like disinfecting wipes, cleaning solutions, and toilet paper. As shortages arise, many Americans are faced with the question of how to get clean after using the restroom. While wet wipes, paper towels, or even newspaper might seem like viable options if you’ve
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Cascade 3000 Full Review

13th Sep 2019

Transcript:Daniel here with I wanted to introduce to you our favorite new seat on the market; the Cascade 3000. It comes with a very easy to use remote a sittable lid, fully stainless steel nozzles, a powerful wash, and much much more when compared to other seats in the uxury class, the Cascade 3000 is our current favorite. It's a feature-rich seat and it still manages to keep operations simple and straight forward which is one of the
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Cascade 3000 Remote review

9th Jul 2019

Transcript: Hello everyone! Here's the Cascade 3000 large remote. It’s the best remote on the market for those who maybe have dexterity issues or want something simple to use. You can set up position of nozzle here, you can set up the temperature of the water, the temperature of the dryer, the water pressure ect. But, once all that's configured it's as easy as hitting rear to wash and stop to dry or hit the auto button for a wash followed by dry. That's a 1-minute wash followed by 3 minute dr
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Thank you for subscribing!

28th Feb 2019

If you've found this page, chances are you've subscribed to receive the notifications from us.  Thank you for your interest!  As a token of our appreciation, we would like to offer you discounts on our most popular units.Also be sure to check out out Member DealsNote: coupon can not be combined with other offers or sales(All coupon codes applied on top of automatic 5% discount) Coupon code: welcome10 (10% off order)Good for the following:Brondell Swash 1400Brondell Swash
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Countdown To Christmas Giveaway 2018

4th Dec 2018

It's Christmas time, and that means being Saint Nick for all your favorite people. But we want to make sure your good deeds don't go unrewarded.  Now, through Christmas day, Many Bidets will be refunding every 6th order, of a BB-2000 or DIB-850 that's purchased through the cart.  So what are you waiting for? Take a chance, and let us treat you this Christmas on our dime! Contest details: Customer must purchase through the cart to qualify Only  Bio Bidet BB-2000 or&
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