Are you ready to revolutionize your bathroom experience? Say goodbye to traditional toilet paper and hello to the world of bidets! Bidets are innovative bathroom fixtures that provide a refreshing and hygienic way to clean yourself after using the toilet. In this guide, we highlight the best bidets on the market that combine modern technology with comfort and cleanliness. Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or a luxurious upgrade, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to discover a new level of freshness and convenience with these top-notch, bum-cleaning machines!

Daniel Johnson, Many Bidets owner and bidet expert, walks you through our Top 6 Bidet Seats of 2024 in the video below. After you watch, read on to take a deep dive into all the bells and whistles of our favorite electric bidet seats! And if you’re in the market for a specific feature or looking for a non-electric option or integrated bidet toilet, we’ve got you covered with the best picks for every category and bidet type.

Best Bidets of 2024 by Category

Best Luxury Bidet Seats: Ultra NOVA

Best Bidet Seats with Automatic Open and Close Feature: TOTO S7A

Best Bang for Your Buck: Eco NOVA

Best Bidet Seat with a Strong Wash: Swash Thinline T44

Best Bidet Seats with Wash & Dry Features: Cascade 3000

Bidet Seats with a Gentle Wash: Brondell Swash 1400

Best Bidet Seats on a Budget: Blooming R1063

Best Non-Electric Bidet Seats: Saniwise

Best Simple Bidet Toilet Attachments: GoBidet

Best Manual Bidet Toilet Seats: Kohler Puretide?

Best Bidets with Built-In Deodorizers: Studio Lux SLi 5400

Best Luxury Bidet Toilet: TOTO NEOREST NX2

Best Bidet Toilet on a Budget: Studio Lux SLi 3000

Best Bidets for Small Bathrooms: TOTO NEOREST EW

Frequently Asked Bidet Questions

Top 6 Bidet Seats At a Glance

Best Luxury Bidet Toilet Seats: Ultra NOVA

The Ultra NOVA is the Cadillac of bidet seats, featuring an exceptionally thin design, superior durability and high-tech bidet features. This winning combination of style and function delivers an unforgettable bidet experience, earning it our vote as the best luxury bidet seat on the market.

We used four criteria to evaluate the Ultra NOVA and its closest competitor, the TOTO S7A: style and design, comfort, wash experience and ease of use. Both of these bidet seats are strong contenders for the title of best luxury bidet, and we feel confident recommending either product. But at the end of the day, our testers felt the Ultra NOVA ultimately had the upper hand. Read on to learn more!

Let’s talk style for a moment. The Ultra NOVA is only 3.66” thick in the back and just 1.25” thick in the front, making it THE thinnest bidet seat ever created. With minimal seaming and a non-telescoping lid that looks exactly like a normal toilet seat lid, the Ultra NOVA effortlessly blends into any bathroom.

The only clue that it’s not your average toilet seat is a sleek dial on the side. Twisting the dial forward starts a front wash, twisting it backward starts a rear wash, and pressing the center for two seconds starts an enema wash. It’s great for quick bidet cleansing, though most people operate the bidet with the streamlined, stainless steel remote. 

The remote’s simple, labeled buttons remove any guesswork, while the narrow bar design makes it easy to hold. The dial also features an LED light that illuminates the path to the toilet when the bathroom is dark.

Ultra Nova Bidet Installed Lid Open

Next in our criteria list is comfort! Every single staff member tested the Ultra Nova, and their feedback was unanimous:

The Ultra NOVA has the most comfortable seat they’ve ever tried. Our staff range in size and build, and all of them – regardless of stature – found it to be broad, spacious and supportive. The seat is also heated, letting you choose from three temperature settings (or no heat at all), so you can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Of course, wash quality is probably the most important part of a bidet, and the Ultra NOVA does not disappoint. It comes with three wash modes: front, rear and enema. Our testers gave the Ultra NOVA bonus points because the front and rear washes start with a refreshing oscillating motion. The default water pressure is a perfect medium, with options to make it softer or firmer should you need something different.

The Ultra NOVA’s refreshing hot/cold pulse feature is also a highlight. Instead of varying the water pressure, this special pulse feature rhythmically varies the water temperature between warm and cool. 

Enema wash is another of the Ultra NOVA’s standout features! Enema washes are surprisingly few and far between in the bidet world. Prior to the Ultra NOVA’s release, the only seats with this constipation-relieving feature were older and bulkier or from companies with a spotty customer service record. In short, there weren’t a lot of great options for us to recommend!

That changed with the Ultra NOVA. The enema wash uses a thin and precise stream of water. It’s exceptionally strong but not uncomfortable, which is a difficult balance to strike. All in all, our testers felt it was more comfortable than other leading enema washes while remaining just as effective.

The Ultra NOVA is also exceptionally easy to use. First, the lid automatically opens when someone approaches the toilet and closes after the user walks away. There’s less in-depth customization potential with the Ultra NOVA than, say, the TOTO S7A, but that means the remote is simpler and easier to use. Additionally, the remote uses a radio frequency signal, which is more reliable than an infrared signal, so there’s very little chance of the seat malfunctioning.  

Extra perks to know about include the lid, which automatically opens when someone approaches the toilet and closes after the user walks away. The Ultra NOVA’s lid is designed to support up to 400 pounds, so it can be used as a seat to dress or clip toenails – you’ll just need to turn off the auto-open feature first! Plus, the Ultra NOVA’s interior parts are coated with a silver nano solution that stops microbes in their tracks. And with a backflow breaker built in, you’ll never have to worry about water from your bidet contaminating the water supply – even in drastic situations like a water main break!

Another thoughtful detail is the way the Ultra NOVA handles nozzle cleansing. Most bidet seats rinse their nozzles whenever someone sits down on the toilet, creating the sound of running water. In our experience, this noise can be off-putting to guests or kids who aren’t used to a bidet. The Ultra NOVA, however, rinses its nozzles after a wash is selected. This means you’ll only hear the rinsing sound when you’re ready to use the bidet, so you get all the benefits of clean nozzles without any extra ruckus.

The Ultra NOVA is a fantastic bidet, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Let’s talk about weak areas for a moment.

Compared to its closest competitor, the TOTO S7A, the Ultra NOVA offers different wash features and less adjustability. For example, the S7A has a dedicated soft spray and wide spray, as well as five levels for the nozzle position, water temperature, water pressure, seat temperature and air dryer temperature.

In comparison, the Ultra NOVA doesn’t offer soft or wide settings and has three levels for seat temperature, water pressure, nozzle position, water temperature and air dryer temperature. Finally, the S7A gives users a ton of control over the nuances of the bidet’s features (though most people don’t take advantage of this), whereas the Ultra NOVA does not.

Will you notice these differences? Maybe. Are these differences a dealbreaker? Probably not. If you have a lot of skin sensitivity and need the option of super-gentle settings, the TOTO S7A is your best bet. Otherwise, you probably won’t notice a huge difference between the two bidets. And don’t forget that the Ultra NOVA comes with an enema wash – if you deal with constipation or stubborn bowel movements, having this extra feature is a must.  

While the Ultra NOVA’s seat is incredibly comfortable, the broad design does make it more difficult for kids to use. That’s because the bidet features only run if skin is touching enough of the seat’s surface area. To achieve this on a spacious seat like the Ultra NOVA, smaller kids have to sit in a position that may feel awkward or uncomfortable. One of our testers reported that her 6 year old was determined to make it work and uses the Ultra NOVA daily; another tester relayed that her 6 year old gave up trying to use the Ultra NOVA and prefers to use their TOTO S7A.

Our testers loved the Ultra NOVA’s automatic open/close lid, but they wished that the remote had a button to lift the seat, similar to the TOTO S7A. They also wished the Ultra NOVA had more sterilization features above and beyond the antimicrobial silver-nano coating on the nozzle and interior parts. Lastly, several of our testers liked that the TOTO S7A has the option of both a bowl night light and a side-of-the-toilet nightlight. In comparison, the Ultra NOVA’s night light illuminates the outside of the toilet only. These critiques aside, our staff were really impressed with the Ultra NOVA’s look, feel and performance!

When you’re looking for the best bidet seat money can buy, the Ultra NOVA is a fantastic choice. It’s a lifestyle upgrade designed to take your toileting experience from ordinary to amazing!

Thinnest bidet seat on the market; looks like a regular toilet seat Can be difficult for children to use due to the broad seat
Luxury features include an auto open/close lid, ultra comfortable seat and a unique hot and cold pulse wash No deodorizer or option to auto open the seat
Sittable lid supports up to 400 lbs Fewer settings levels than closest competitor
Comfortable, effective enema wash

Best Bidet Seats with Automatic Open and Close Feature: TOTO S7A

The TOTO S7A isn’t just a bidet seat – it’s a lavish personal hygiene experience. That luxury experience is propelled by high-end features like the auto open/close seat and lid, bowl pre-mist, automatic nozzle sterilization and an ultra-comfortable wash.

Let’s talk automatic-open/close lids for a minute. The TOTO S7A is one of the few bidet seats on the market to offer this elite feature. And if you’ve never tried one before, you might be tempted to think, “What’s the big deal? I can do that myself!” 

We get it. Our staff tester had the same thought at first. But after trying it for a few weeks, she had an epiphany. Sure, she could open and close the lid the old fashioned way. But it’s so, so nice not to have to. It’s those “little” details – the luxuries, not the necessities – that make the user feel like royalty. 

The premist feature is another perfect example of pampering extras that provide a premium experience. According to TOTO, premisting coats the toilet bowl with a thin film of water as the user sits down to stop waste from sticking. It’s a great concept, but does it actually work? In a word: absolutely!

Bidet Premisting

Our tester intentionally installed her S7A in a high-traffic bathroom. Almost immediately, the family noticed that the toilet with the S7A stayed clean…and stayed clean…and stayed clean! Throughout the testing period, it needed to be cleaned much less often than all other toilets in the house, in spite of getting the most use. 

Almost immediately, the family noticed that the toilet with the S7A stayed clean…and stayed clean…and stayed clean! Throughout the testing period, it needed to be cleaned much less often than all other toilets in the house, in spite of getting the most use. As a self-described cleaning fanatic, our tester was thrilled! 

But what really makes the S7A stand out? The ability to fine-tune every aspect of your cleansing routine, making it as personalized as your favorite playlist. The S7A offers a great wash with good nozzle and pressure range – and one of the best front washes of any bidet we’ve tried. With four wash modes – rear, soft rear, front and wide front, plus nozzle oscillation and pulse spray – the S7A does a good job offering a wide range of wash feels.

TOTO bidets are known for offering tons of control over the settings, and the S7A is no exception. The instruction manual is full of “hacks” that let users fine-tune their experience. And once you’ve found your perfect settings, you can save your preferences in one of four user presets. If you love tinkering with technology and have a clear vision for the experience you want to create, you’ll love the S7A’s flexibility!

TOTO S7/S7A bidet seat side view

Plus, the S7A isn’t just functional; it’s a streamlined, high-tech beauty that’ll make your bathroom feel like a true VIP space. Available in two colors (white and beige) and two trim styles (classic or contemporary), the S7A looks great in just about any bathroom. It’s not the thinnest bidet seat to hit the market (that distinction belongs to the Ultra NOVA), but it’s certainly elegant and refined. When closed, the lipped, telescoping lid gracefully covers the seat. 

The S7A’s warm air dryer also deserves special recognition. It offers a wide, robust stream of warm air that works hard to dry skin quickly. Here’s the caveat: No bidet dryer is “fast,” and dry times can vary a lot from person to person. One of our S7A testers got completely dry in under four minutes; another sat for over twice as long and still felt damp at the end of it. But in a world crowded with weak bidet dryers, the S7A is near the front of the pack for strength and speed.

With all these benefits, what’s not to like about the S7A?

One of our biggest complaints is the confusing installation instructions. To put it kindly, they’re a hot mess. Our tester summed it up well in her notes: “The most unnecessarily confusing bidet installation guide I’ve ever used; I spent most of my time trying to decipher the overly complicated illustrations, which had almost no accompanying text to help explain each step.”

It probably goes without saying that we’re disappointed to see a great product come with such abysmally unclear installation instructions, especially since installing a bidet seat is actually very easy. We’ve tried to make up for the unclear installation guide with our straightforward TOTO S7A installation video, so you can ditch the paper instructions once and for all. 

TOTO Bidet seat S7/S7A open

Instructions aside, the actual installation was as smooth as butter – you can really tell you’re working with a quality product and parts. Plus, our tester appreciated TOTO’s thoughtfulness in including batteries for the remote, which meant she could use her bidet without having to first go out and purchase any batteries.

When it comes to the wash, our tester noticed that the rear wash starts out with a pleasant, moderate pressure that suddenly becomes noticeably stronger after a few seconds. This shift isn’t just surprising; it’s also very firm – too firm for our tester’s liking, in fact. It’s easy enough to dial the pressure back down or to switch to a softer wash altogether, but as the testing period progressed, our tester felt increasingly annoyed with this little quirk.

Our other criticisms are more minor, but when it comes to a luxury unit that prides itself on getting the details exactly right, we feel it’s worth mentioning the misses. For example, on such a high-end unit, we expected multiple options for mounting the remote. Instead, we were surprised to find that the holder for the remote control only came with screws, with no adhesive option. Maybe it’s just us, but we don’t know many people who are eager to put extra holes in their wall or vanity. We’re certainly not! 

We also don’t love the S7A’s remote control design. This is one of our most common TOTO criticisms, and you’ll find us saying the same thing about many other TOTO products. Mainly, we dislike the button setup for adjusting the water, seat and dryer temperature. These buttons are located on the back of the remote, so adjusting them requires users to take the remote out of the holder and flip it around. 

Our tester noted that her family adjusts these settings frequently depending on who is using the bidet, and that’s pretty common across bidet users. So having to remove the remote and flip it around every time you want to tweak the settings quickly becomes a hassle. 

Additionally, the temperature settings aren’t controlled with dual up/down buttons. Instead, a single button moves the temperature up or down. This means that the temperature goes in one direction until it reaches the bottom or top of the range, then switches directions. Think of it a bit like an elevator – if you press the down button and then change your mind, you still have to go down before you can go back up.

Drake WASHLET+ S7A Two-Piece Toilet and Bidet MW7764736CEGA

For example, if you’re moving the S7A’s water temperature cooler and get it just a bit too cool for your liking, you have to keep pressing the button until you get to the bottom of the temperature range before it will start moving the temperature back up. As a result, you’ll experience even colder wash water before you get back to the warm wash. 

In short, this setup can translate into a lot of button pressing and even some discomfort in the process.

In spite of these critiques, we were really pleased with the TOTO S7A overall! With its sleek design and long list of premium features, the S7A is a high-quality product in every sense. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the top luxury bidets on the market! If you’re craving a highly personalized, exceptionally convenient bidet experience, the TOTO S7A is a great choice.

Elegant, streamlined silhouette; available in two trim styles (contemporary or traditional) and two colors (white or beige) Installation manual is unnecessarily complicated (we can help!)
Luxury features include an auto open/close lid and seat, four wash modes, highly customizable spray settings and remote options, user presets and bowl premisting Rear wash shifts from medium pressure to very firm pressure after a few seconds, requiring manual adjustment
Excellent, comfortable front wash Remote can be complicated
Sterile, electrolyzed water cleanses the nozzles before and after each use for superior hygiene

Best Bang for Your Buck: Eco NOVA

The Eco NOVA strikes the perfect balance of style, performance and affordability thanks to its sleek design, stellar array of features and moderate price. With glowing reviews from customers and Many Bidets staff alike, this bidet seat sets a new benchmark for bathroom convenience without breaking the bank, earning our vote as the bidet seat with the most value for the money. 

The Eco NOVA has all the basic features needed for a “best of” rating: a heated seat, unlimited warm wash water, front and rear washing, a broad range of water pressures and a strong warm air dryer. But that’s just the beginning. The Eco NOVA also has some extra perks that catapult it ahead of the competition.

One of the Eco NOVA’s standout features is a unique hot/cold pulse function that rhythmically switches the water between warm and cool. The temperature shifts were slower than our testers expected, but it was still exceptionally refreshing. 

The Eco NOVA also boasts a cutting-edge sterilizing system that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to eliminate any harmful germs or bacteria from the bidet’s nozzle after each use. It’s a simple concept, but our testers loved having complete peace of mind knowing that their experience was hygienic from start to finish.

For extra reassurance, the Eco NOVA comes equipped with a backflow breaker. Backflow occurs when the pressure drops in the water main that services your home, which can happen during a water main break. As a result, water from the plumbing fixtures in your home – including bidets – can get drawn into the public water supply. To put it simply, you and your neighbors could end up drinking your bidet water! While all bidet seats have built-in backflow protection, breakers add an additional layer of protection. Even in the craziest situations, anything that would go back into the lines is dumped into the toilet so there’s no risk of contamination.

On top of offering plenty of features and functions, the Eco NOVA stands out as one of the only top-rated bidets with radio frequency remote control. Unlike traditional infrared remotes, which can malfunction in small bathrooms or in rooms with dark walls, radio frequency (RF) remotes are extremely reliable. In fact, you can control the bidet from inside or outside the bathroom, so it’s great for caregivers who are helping a loved one get clean.

Eco Nova side profile

Sleekness and strength are another reason the Eco NOVA earns a top spot on our list of best bidets. Just 4.3″ in the back and 1.75″ in the front, the Eco NOVA is one of the thinnest bidets to ever hit the market. In fact, the trim design almost allows it to pass as a regular toilet seat. But don’t let the delicate aesthetic fool you – the Eco NOVA is constructed from heavy-duty plastic. The seat can support up to 500 pounds, and the lid can support up to 400 pounds, making it one of the strongest bidet seats available. 

Let’s talk about drawbacks for a hot second. Our testers loved the Eco NOVA overall, but they did feel that it had less finesse compared to luxury seats like the Cascade 3000 or TOTO S7A. Compared to these bidets, the Eco NOVA’s adjustable settings have fewer levels to choose from, and our testers reported that the spray feels a little “sharper.” The feel factor is probably due to the nozzle’s design, which allows users to detect the individual jets of water a bit more distinctly than you would on a seat with a different nozzle. 

The good news is that the spray feel doesn’t change the effectiveness – in fact, our testers felt that the Eco NOVA had one of the most efficient rear washes they’d ever tried. However, the targeted spray does impact comfort, and our female testers reported that the front wash was nearly too strong, even on the lowest pressure setting. 

The Eco NOVA also comes with a built-in night light, which isn’t uncommon for seats in this price bracket. Still, we love the convenience night lights provide, and you will too during those nighttime bathroom trips.

All in all, the Eco NOVA’s appealing design, quality construction and broad range of features make it a great fit for a wide variety of needs. Want to get exceptionally clean? Check! Need a streamlined seat that won’t stand out like a sore thumb? Check! Looking for durability and plenty of features without a premium price tag? Check! The Eco NOVA has something for everyone, easily earning it the title of the bidet seat with the most bang for your buck.

Ultra low profile design; looks like a regular toilet seat Front wash is quite strong, even on the lowest pressure setting, and may be too intense for some users
Durable construction supports up to 400 pounds (seat and lid) Less range on adjustable settings compared to more expensive bidets
Unique hot/cold pulse mode is both relaxing and refreshing
UV cleaning system sterilizes the bidet nozzles after every use
Remote uses radio frequency signals, so it’s less likely to malfunction
Eligible for a 60-day risk free trial

Best Bidet Seat with a Strong Wash: Swash Thinline T44

With one of the most powerful washes we’ve ever tried, the Swash Thinline T44 combines the robust pressure of a non-electric bidet wash with the premium features you’d expect from an electric bidet. The T44 has three customizable wash modes – front, rear and strong – and the strong wash absolutely lives up to its name! If you need a vigorous stream to feel fully clean, the T44 has the might to get the job done!

If you’re worried that others in your household won’t appreciate the T44’s power as much as you do, never fear! The T44 offers lots of adjustable settings to personalize the wash. In addition to five water pressure settings, you can choose from four water temperature levels and five nozzle positions. The hygienic stainless steel 3-in-1 nozzle’s oscillation feature means you’ll get wider wash coverage for a more complete clean – plus a little extra relaxation! 

One thing to note on the wash: Our testers found that the T44’s lowest water pressure setting was comparable to the medium level on other bidets. If you have sensitive skin, deal with hemorrhoids or fissures or simply enjoy a soothing gentle wash, the spray may be uncomfortable even with the water pressure turned all the way down.

But if your bum can handle a mighty stream, the T44 is chock-full of convenience and comfort features – some of which are rare on a bidet seat at this price point! The heated seat has four temperature settings for comfort in any climate, and the sittable lid supports up to 264 pounds. An activated charcoal filter traps odors at the source so your bathroom stays fresh without any chemicals or scents, and the warm air dryer takes toilet paper out of the equation.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t give a special shout-out to the T44’s remote control and night light. The slim, intuitive remote uses a radio frequency signal for ultra-reliable operation in any space – or even from outside the bathroom! Its two user presets let you save your ideal settings for quick, convenient use.

And our testers particularly loved that the night light is located on the side of the seat instead of illuminating the bowl. This provides enough light to safely navigate the bathroom without being overpoweringly bright. As an added bonus, the night light has color options! Select from blue, red and green to fit your style and mood.

Swash Thinline T44 Side View

Finally, let’s talk design. The T44 is one of the slimmest seats on the market at just under four inches tall. It’s second in sleekness only to the Ultra NOVA. The T44 also comes in both round and elongated sizes to fit most toilets. It’s a chic, modern bathroom upgrade that won’t break the bank!

Although we’re big fans of the T44, it does have some drawbacks we need to cover:

Brondell Swash Thinline T44 installed on toilet

First, while the straightforward instructions and well-packaged components made for an easy install, once the T44 was on board, our tester noticed that something was…not quite right. In spite of having a standard-sized toilet, the front of the seat didn’t line up seamlessly with the front of the toilet. For such a streamlined design, the mismatched look was a big disappointment.

Our tester also found that the lid tended to fall forward and hit her in the back when she used the toilet – certainly not the relaxing experience she was looking for in a bidet! She’s tested lots of bidets on the same toilet and only encountered this issue with the T44.

The T44’s front wash also fell short – literally! Our tester reported that the front wash simply didn’t have the reach necessary to easily clean feminine areas – a problem we’ve seen with other Thinline bidets. In its most extended position, the front wash also created a lot of splashing, making for a messy and ineffective experience. Our tester had to do a lot of shifting around to get the spray in the right spot, which is frustrating in a seat with so many adjustable settings!

No bidet is perfect, but the T44 has a lot going for it! If you’re looking for intense cleansing action with plenty of personalization options – not to mention a sleek, modern silhouette without a high-end price tag – the T44 might be your perfect seat!

Ultra-powerful wash pressure Even gentlest pressure may be too firm for some – comparable to most medium washes
Super-slim, modern silhouette Awkward fit on some toilets
Hygienic stainless steel 3-in-1 nozzle Lid may not reliably stay open while in use
Sittable lid supports up to 264 pounds Ineffective front wash
Radio frequency remote control
Side-mounted night light with three color options (blue, red and green)
Activated charcoal filter traps odors without chemicals or scents
Available in both elongated and round

Best Bidet Seats with Wash & Dry Features: Cascade 3000

The Cascade 3000’s extensive wash and dry settings satisfy a wide range of needs and preferences, earning it rave reviews from customers. Want a gentle wash with relaxing oscillation and unlimited warm water? No problem! Need a strong wash after a messy bowel movement, plus a generous dry time afterwards? The Cascade 3000 has you covered. Looking for an extra-comfortable seat and a lid that can support your weight while you dress or clip toenails? You’re in luck, because the Cascade 3000 has both.

Before we move on, we need to talk about our testing methods. We’ve tested the Cascade extensively because…we created it! In 2019, we recognized there was a need in the market for a bidet seat that was accessible to anyone, regardless of ability or age – so we made one. Every single member of our staff owns a Cascade 3000, so we’ve tested it more than any other bidet seat on the market. 

After all that hands-on use, we’re still just as excited about the Cascade as we were when it launched four years ago. Customers love it, too – the Cascade 3000 has been part of our 60-day risk-free trial since it was released, and it’s rare for anyone to return one.

What makes the Cascade a crowd-pleasing product? While many seats shine in one or two areas, the Cascade is strong across the board. For starters, the Cascade 3000 prioritizes comfort. That means it has a roomy, heated seat that feels spacious and sturdy. The instant water heater warms water in real time – another huge plus from a relaxation standpoint. And the sittable lid is broad and strong, so our staff report feeling secure when using it as an extra seat.

The Cascade 3000’s wide variety of wash options make it an ideal bidet for everybody. The water pressure is highly adjustable, taking the wash from very gentle to very firm in a few button presses, letting users choose what’s most comfortable in the moment. Our testers report that the spray has a full, refreshing feel, with even pressure throughout. The oscillate feature moves the spray back and forth, covering more skin; this allowed our testers to get totally clean with almost no shifting around.

Oscillating bidet seat nozzle

The Cascade 3000 is one of the few bidets with an auto-wash feature, which starts a generous 60-second oscillating rear wash followed by a three-minute dry. It’s perfect if you want to avoid the extra work of selecting individual wash and dry settings each time you use the bathroom. Getting clean and on your way really doesn’t get much simpler! 

The focus on cleanliness doesn’t end with the Cascade’s wash features. The bidet’s interior tubing and nozzles are coated in a silver-nano solution that prevents microbial growth, keeping the unit clean from the inside out. The nozzles themselves are crafted from stainless steel, the least porous of all nozzle materials, and the least likely to get contaminated with germs. The way we see it, you really can’t go wrong with extra hygiene features, especially if you experience UTIs, hemorrhoids, yeast infections or other similar health conditions.

Because we designed the Cascade 3000 with the unique needs of elderly and disabled individuals in mind, it comes with a large panel-style remote with raised, color-coded buttons. If you’d prefer something sleeker, you can opt for the small remote, which has smaller, flat buttons and a screen that displays your selections. 

As much as we love the Cascade 3000, we won’t pretend it’s perfect. Like any bidet, there are a few downsides to be aware of:

The first downside is price. Retailing at $899, the Cascade is definitely cheaper than TOTO bidets, but it’s still a luxury bidet seat. If you’re looking for a bidet with a similar wash feel but just can’t swing the Cascade 3000’s price tag, we’d recommend the Blooming R1063. It has fewer features compared to the Cascade and the construction isn’t as durable, but the wash is similar.

The second downside is the silhouette. Is the Cascade streamlined and attractive? Yes! Is it the sleekest and thinnest bidet seat out there? No. If you’re looking for an ultra low profile bidet, we recommend the Eco NOVA. The Eco NOVA is thin enough that it can almost pass as a regular toilet seat, so it’s a great option if looks are one of your top priorities.

Other than this, we don’t hear many complaints about the Cascade 3000. It’s designed to provide a great cleanse and dry for years to come. And if you do run into issues, we’re the perfect people to help get things back on track, because we know this unit inside and out. When a quality experience is at the top of your list, you really can’t go wrong with the Cascade 3000!

Ultra comfortable seat and lid provide a broad, stable sitting space Bulkier silhouette compared to some newer bidet seats
Durable construction supports up to 350 pounds (seat and lid) Higher price point
Highly adjustable wash and dry settings allow for total customization No auto open/close lid
Antimicrobial coating on nozzles/tubing
Strong, hygienic stainless steel nozzles
Large, accessible remote or small, sleek remote
Fits on most toilets, including many with French curves (also available in round and elongated seat sizes)
Eligible for a 60-day risk-free trial

Bidet Seats with a Gentle Wash: Brondell Swash 1400

We first tested the Brondell Swash 1400 more than five years ago, and since then it’s made our list of recommended bidets year after year! One of our favorite things about the Swash 1400 is that it offers one of the gentlest washes ever, so it’s an absolute gem for customers dealing with painful hemorrhoids, fissures or other sensitivity issues.

The Swash 1400 is also one of the few bidet seats to offer adjustable spray widths. Our testers liked being able to tailor the spray’s coverage since it cut down on the amount they had to shift around to get clean.

Another notable Swash 1400 feature is the lid, which is rated to support up to 270 pounds. Most of our testers found that it was helpful to have extra sitting space in their bathroom and reported using it quite often.

Other features that stand out include the heated seat, adjustable settings, warm air dryer, night light and deodorizer. The Swash 1400 even offers the convenience of two user presets, allowing you to experience a customized wash at the touch of a button. To enhance the bidet’s cleanliness, Brondell built in a sterilizing system that releases silver nano particles into the bidet water to combat microbes.

When it comes to warranty coverage, you’ve got options. The Swash 1400 arrives with a three-year limited warranty, progressively offering 100% coverage for the first year, 75% for the second and 50% for the third. If this doesn’t sound like enough warranty coverage for a top bidet, you can always upgrade to Brondell’s comprehensive five-year full warranty for $99. Keep in mind that all warranties have fine print, so we recommend reading the terms and exclusions before you pay for extra coverage.

Brondell Swash 1400 Biscuit Side View

Though the Swash 1400 has a ton of perks, there are some downsides to know about as well. First, the Swash 1400’s gentle wash is a great fit for some, but it’s not for everyone. While you can adjust the Swash 1400’s water pressure up or down, the wash feels very light, even on the highest pressure setting. In other words, if you don’t have sensitive private areas that need an extra-gentle touch, there’s a good chance you’d prefer a seat with a firmer wash.

Our testers also noticed that the Swash 1400’s seat felt smaller and more cramped than other bidet seats. If you’re not picky about your toilet seat, this might not be an issue. But the smaller sitting space is worth considering, especially if you have a larger frame or are trying to maximize comfort.

Finally, while the lid is designed to support an adult’s weight, it doesn’t seem as sturdy to us as some sittable lids. It’s constructed from ABS plastic, which isn’t as strong as other types, and we’ve had multiple reports of lids cracking. Unfortunately, lids are excluded from Brondell’s warranty coverage, so if it does break, repair costs will be out of pocket.  

Overall, the Swash 1400 goes above and beyond the basic necessities and provides a truly comforting bidet cleanse. When it comes to a gentle wash perfect for soothing sore or sensitive areas, the Swash 1400 is tough to beat!

Ultra gentle wash is perfect for sensitive bottoms Wash pressure doesn’t go very high, so it may be too soft for users without sensitivity
Silver nano sterilizing system keeps the wash water and nozzles extra clean Constructed from lower quality ABS plastic; many reports of the sittable lid cracking (not covered by the warranty)
Two user presets (not usually found on bidets in this price bracket) Seat feels smaller and more cramped compared to other bidets
Optional extended warranty

Top 6 Bidet Seats Compared

Best Bidet Seat on a Budget: Blooming R1063

After testing dozens of inexpensive bidet seats, we finally settled on the Blooming R1063 as our top choice for the “budget friendly” category. It’s compatible with most toilets, has a highly customizable bidet wash and is easy to install, making it one of the most versatile bidets we sell. While you can find cheaper electric bidets out there, we feel the R1063 offers exceptional value for the (very moderate) price, which is why we’ve chosen it as our favorite affordable option.

Let’s start with installation: the R1063 routinely gets rave reviews from customers for its easy installation, and based on our own experiences, we agree. In general, installing a bidet seat is pretty straightforward, but the R1063’s quality components and clear instructions go a long way in making the process easy, no matter your experience level.

Adjustable settings are key for finding the perfect wash feel, and the Blooming R1063 really delivers! Our testers concluded that the Blooming R1063’s wash felt just as good as the wash on an expensive bidet like the Cascade 3000 thanks to a wide range of pressure options, nozzle positions and water temperature settings. The instant water heater is another huge bonus, since it provides continuous warm water no matter how long you run the wash (not to mention that it’s a feature often reserved for high-end bidets).

Our testers were also pleased with the range of features available on the R1063, especially considering the price tag. The heated seat, front and rear wash modes, nozzle oscillation, warm air dryer, LED night light and intuitive remote control are all features you’d find on a luxury bidet, so it’s a rare treat to find all of them on an affordable bidet like the R1063.

Blooming R1063 open bidet seat

Another of the Blooming R1063’s strengths is the versatile sizing. The R1063 is one of our preferred bidets for round toilets because it comes in round and elongated seat sizes, plus it’s narrow in the back so it can fit on many French curve toilets (the Cascade 3000 is similar). This level of versatility is fairly rare in the bidet seat world, and it’s just another reason we feel good recommending the R1063.

So what downsides should you be aware of before you purchase a Blooming R1063? First, the R1063 is noticeably thicker than many of our newer bidet seats, and the bevel detailing on the lid felt a bit dated to our testers. The remote has a screen that displays the options you select, but again, the graphics are dated. Both of these are expectable for a bidet that’s been on the market for many years, but it’s still good to know before you buy.

The R1063 also has some structural differences that set it apart from higher end bidets. For starters, it’s made from cheaper plastic and has an aluminum nozzle rather than a stainless steel nozzle. It doesn’t have a nozzle sterilizing feature (though the nozzles do rinse before and after each use), nor does it come with a deodorizer, and you can’t sit on the lid. Are these dealbreakers? If you don’t need these specific features, we don’t think so. It’s still a great seat at a great price, and its customer ratings are right up there with seats twice the price. That’s a win in our book!

Offers fantastic value – lots of features and a high-quality wash without a high-end price tag Bulky, dated design
Fits on most toilets, even those with French Curves Constructed from less durable materials (lower quality ABS plastic / aluminum nozzles)
Available in round and elongated seat sizes No deodorizer, sittable lid or sterilization system
Easy installation

Best Non-Electric Bidet Seats: Saniwise

We don’t recommend many non-electric bidets because we feel they fall short of what a bidet experience ought to be. However, after testing the Saniwise bidet seat, we have to admit that it sets the bar high for non-electric options thanks to its sleek design, easy operation and strong wash. 

Installing the Saniwise is quick and straightforward, taking our testers about 15 minutes total. Since it runs without electricity, we didn’t have to worry about having a GFCI plug close to the toilet or running an extension cord. 

The Saniwise is designed to fit on elongated toilets, but our tester toilet ended up having a round bowl. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the Saniwise still fit, with only about 3/4″ of overhang. In other words, if you have a round toilet and don’t mind this aesthetic hiccup, you can still use the Saniwise without much of an issue.

Our sole complaint about installation was the plastic connector that joins the bidet’s hose to the toilet’s T-connector. We found that the connector’s plastic threads bent a bit as we screwed it onto the metal T-connector, making it easy to cross-thread. Since cross-threading can lead to leaks, we had to try a couple more times before finally getting it on securely.

Saniwise side view of control dial

Like most non-electric bidets, the Saniwise has very basic functions that are operated with a dial on the side of the seat. Pushing the dial forward or backward one click initiates a nozzle rinse. Pushing forward two clicks starts the rear wash, and pushing backward two clicks runs the front wash.

Our first impression of the Saniwise’s wash is that it’s COLD and STRONG right from the start. It’s tough to ease in, especially if this is your first time using a non-electric, and our testers found that the spray pressure went from 0 to 100 in just a few seconds! After a few weeks of use, our testers got better at adjusting the water pressure so that it wasn’t always blasting, but mastering this skill took some practice and finesse. We also found we needed to shift around to get the spray in the right spot since the wand position isn’t adjustable.

On the one hand, this is very different from an electric bidet, which lets you adjust the water pressure, temperature and position until it feels just right! On the other hand, some folks don’t mind the vigorous spray and chilly temp. Just know that if you’ve got a sensitive bottom or want lots of control over how the wash feels, this bidet is NOT for you!

Saniwise non-electric side profile

Another key difference between the Saniwise and an electric bidet is the absence of a safety sensor. Electric bidets have a sensor in the seat that prevents them from spraying water unless someone is sitting down. The Saniwise doesn’t have this. Bump the dial, forget to turn it off all the way, or – as one of our testers experienced – have a curious child fiddle with it, and you may end up with water, water everywhere!

Speaking of controls, what if you love having the controls on the side of the seat but don’t want to worry about setting them off on accident? You’re in luck, because some inexpensive electric bidet seats have control panels that are attached to the side of the seat. We’ve created a list of the Best Bidets with Side Arm Controls to give you a starting point.

Though there are some downsides to the design, we absolutely LOVE the Saniwise’s thin silhouette. It’s so streamlined that it looks almost like a regular toilet seat. The telescoping lid covers the edges of the seat when closed, enhancing the sleek look. We also appreciated that the lid had “slow close” hinges; unlike cheaper toilet seats, this inexpensive bidet seat doesn’t slam shut with an annoying bang.

So let’s get to the question you’ve probably been wondering about: Is the Saniwise worth it? If you want a dirt-cheap bidet, buy the Saniwise! For $99, you’ll get a bidet seat that looks great, is easy to operate and delivers a strong cleanse. 

That said, if you’ve got more on your priority list than budget alone, we highly recommend investing in an electric bidet seat. They really do offer the best-quality cleanse, and the comfort and convenience they provide is worth the extra cost.

Extremely inexpensive Basic front and rear wash features only
Simple and quick installation No warm water
Powerful wash pressure Adjusting the spray pressure takes a lot of practice
No safety sensor to prevent the bidet from spraying water unless someone is seated on it
Lid has a beveled edge that’s uncomfortable to lean back against when sitting on the toilet

Best Simple Bidet Toilet Attachments: GoBidet

Some customers come to us needing a small bidet that will fit on a unique toilet. Often, they’re trying to outfit an RV or have a compact toilet that isn’t big enough for a bidet seat. In these situations, we recommend the GoBidet attachment.

To understand the GoBidet’s unique benefits, we need to explain how most attachments work. Typically, attachments are made entirely out of plastic and have a thick, plastic bar that rests between the back of the seat and the bowl. The bar’s thickness often raises the toilet seat, causing the front edge to float above the rim of the bowl. 

Why is this an issue? When someone sits, their body weight pushes the front edge down, putting pressure on the rest of the seat and the bolts, wearing it down over time. Some people recommend rubber bumpers to support the front of the seat, but we’ve never had much luck with these, finding that they fall off or don’t fit quite right.

In contrast, the GoBidet is made entirely out of metal, so it’s sleeker and more durable than other attachments. The metal bar that fits between the bowl and seat is very thin, so it doesn’t raise the seat’s front edge. This means you don’t have to worry about putting strain on the seat or bolts when you sit down.

Another big plus is that the GoBidet sprays water differently from most other attachments. The GoBidet’s nozzles are attached to a wand that tucks under the side edge of the toilet bowl when it’s not being used. A lever on the side of the attachment swings the wand into position when you’re ready to get clean. This keeps the wand safely out of the way when you’re going to the bathroom.

In comparison, most other attachments store their nozzles directly behind you – when you use the bidet, they lower down and spray water from behind. In our opinion, these nozzles are more likely to get splashed when you’re having a bowel movement, which is just…yucky.

Last but not least, the GoBidet comes in cold and warm water versions: the cold water version attaches only to your bathroom’s cold water line, while the warm water version attaches to both the cold water and hot water lines. With the cold water GoBidet, your wash water will be the same temperature as your cold water pipes, whereas the warm water GoBidet lets you adjust the temperature.

Keep in mind that the GoBidet is the only attachment we recommend, and even then, it’s not perfect. For example, the GoBidet has a lot of interconnected parts, and if one gets loose or out of alignment, it can cause big issues. 

In fact, troubleshooting a rogue loose part is probably the number-one reason customers contact our support team for help with their GoBidet. Not every customer runs into this issue, but those who do find it to be time consuming and troublesome to resolve. This is why we really only recommend the GoBidet if it’s truly the only option that will work for your toilet.

Another common issue with attachments is that they can leak. We hear far fewer complaints about leaks with the GoBidet compared to other attachments, but that’s not to say it can’t happen. It’s just another reason we love electric bidets, which, in our experience, almost never leak.

Lastly, it’s important to note that the warm water version of the GoBidet is not going to give you the same experience as an electric bidet seat. The wash on an electric bidet is going to be warm pretty much from the start thanks to the built-in water heater. But the wash on the warm water GoBidet will start out cold and gradually warm up.

Why? Well, think about turning on your sink – unless you’ve been running the hot water very recently, the water starts out cold and gradually gets hotter as warm water makes its way up into the bathroom. That’s how the warm water GoBidet works, too. You can speed up the process by running the sink until it’s warm, then using the toilet and bidet, but there will always be some cold water at the start.

The other downside to a warm water GoBidet is the setup itself – the bidet has one water hose that connects to the cold water hookup behind the toilet (easy peasy!), and a second water hose that connects to the warm water line beneath the sink (not so easy!). If you’ve got a vanity, you’ll have to decide whether to drill a hole for the hose, or just leave the cabinet door slightly ajar. If your toilet is across from the sink, the hose can become a trip hazard. And if your toilet is far from the sink, you may be out of luck altogether. 

So what’s the final verdict on the GoBidet? If you need an attachment (and nothing else will do), the GoBidet is hands down your best option compared to the other attachments out there. It’s durable, well-designed and unlikely to damage your toilet. And it’s inexpensive! All told, we think these are pretty solid reasons to choose the GoBidet attachment over the competition. 

Fits on toilets that can’t accommodate other types of bidets (e.g., RV toilets, extra-small toilets) When issues do arise, troubleshooting can be time consuming and difficult due to the GoBidet’s many intricate parts
Thin design won’t put pressure on your toilet bolts or seat Some reports of leak issues (less than other attachments)
Easy installation Installing a warm water version can be difficult (or look ugly), depending on your bathroom’s layout
Crafted entirely out of durable metal No safety sensor to prevent the bidet from spraying water unless someone is seated on it
GoBidet’s wand design keeps the nozzles out of the way better than most other attachments
Cold water and warm water versions

Best Manual Bidet Toilet Seats: Kohler Puretide?

Kohler PureTide Bidet Seat

We often see the Kohler Puretide recommended online as one of the best manually operated bidet seats on the market. We don’t carry Kohler products, but we always want to stay abreast of the newest and best items on the market, so we ordered a Puretide to test it out. 

The ordering process from Kohler’s site was quick and easy. While Kohler told us to expect a 7-10 day ship time, our Puretide arrived a mere two days after we placed the order. The seat, parts and manual were neatly packaged inside the box, and the only tool we needed for installation was a flathead screwdriver. 

The Puretide is a non-electric bidet, so installation was quick, taking a little over 20 minutes from start to finish. However, the instruction manual didn’t have as many details as we’re used to seeing. For example, most manuals include drawings of each part and what they’re called; this manual did not. In addition, the written instructions were very brief and the diagrams were vague. While this didn’t faze our veteran bidet tester, it could certainly be frustrating for someone installing a bidet for the first time and even lead to installation errors. 

There are a few perks to know about the Puretide. First, it’s available in both round and elongated seat sizes and comes in two colors: white or beige. All these options make it super easy to match your existing toilet, something you just don’t find with most non-electric bidets. 

The Puretide also comes with a standard nozzle tip (for a medium spray) and two alternate nozzle tips, one for a firmer spray and another for a lighter spray. You have to swap the tips out by hand, so you can’t change the wash pressure on the fly, but it’s a nice option to have if you’re concerned about finding the right spray feel.

PureTide Side Arm Control

The wash is controlled with an “arm” that comes off the side of the seat. Twisting the arm starts the wash, and twisting it back to the original position shuts the wash off. Keep in mind that the Puretide doesn’t have a front wash, just a rear wash, and it uses cold water only.

So how does the Puretide stack up to other non-electric bidets we’ve tested? Frankly, we were disappointed. Both our testers commented that the seat felt cramped and the contours made them feel as if they were sinking toward the middle of the bowl. The handle that controls the wash felt flimsy as well, and it didn’t operate as smoothly as some of the other non-electrics we’ve tested.

In addition, the amount of body repositioning required to get the spray in the right spot was unlike anything our testers had encountered before. The wash spray doesn’t extend very far forward, so our testers had to scoot their bodies as far back on the seat as humanly possible in order for the spray to clean them properly. Both our testers are athletically built, so an adult with a larger frame might have difficulty scooting back far enough for the spray to reach the correct areas. 

It’s not uncommon for a little bit of water from the spray to land on the very back edge of the toilet seat, but our testers were surprised at the amount of water that splashed up on the back of the Puretide’s seat and lid. Additionally, the spray’s unusual position ended up getting the area above their bums wet, so it took extra time and effort to dry off.

However, our biggest concern was that water started leaking from the Puretide’s handle after two uses, creating a large puddle of water on the bathroom floor. This was the first time we’ve seen a bidet seat leaking from the controls right out of the box. Most leaks occur around the water connections, either due to faulty design or an installation error. (We’ve seen some attachment handles leak as well, but this is usually after the handle has been taken apart and incorrectly reassembled.) Because there was no way to stop our Puretide’s handle leak, we had no choice but to uninstall the bidet. 

PureTide Nozzle
Puretide Nozzle

On the plus side, the leak gave us the opportunity to experience Kohler’s customer service. We sat on hold for about 10 minutes before finally being connected to a customer service representative, but it was smooth sailing from there. The first rep connected us to the warranty department, and the warranty department got a replacement Puretide on the way to us almost immediately. All in all, our issue was resolved in about 20 minutes, and everyone we spoke to was helpful and kind.

Once the replacement arrived, we wasted no time installing and testing it. Fortunately, this Puretide didn’t have the same leak issue as the first one. Even so, it can take time to build back confidence in a product after a bad first experience, and our testers expressed concern that another leak could develop unexpectedly at some point in the future. For now, they’ll be turning off the water to the toilet before heading out on any long weekends, just to be safe.

**UPDATE** – Within two weeks of installing the second Puretide, our testers walked into their bathroom to find another puddle on the floor. Upon closer inspection, this Puretide was also leaking from the handle, just like the first. Having encountered the same leak issue twice in a row, we opted not to try a third Puretide – to us, it just wasn’t worth the risk of causing water damage to the bathroom.

All told, we don’t think the Puretide warrants the title of best manual bidet seat. The seat isn’t very comfortable, the spray range is too narrow, and the leaking handle on both models we tried didn’t inspire confidence in the product’s overall quality. It’s disappointing, especially coming from a powerhouse like Kohler. 

The good news is that there are solid non-electric bidets out there, like the Saniwise. But if you really want to take your comfort and cleanliness to the next level, we recommend an electric bidet like the moderately priced Blooming R1063. Your bum will thank you!

Inexpensive Basic rear wash only
Comes in two sizes (round and elongated) and two colors (white and beige) No warm water
Interchangeable nozzles allow you to tailor the wash pressure depending on whether your home’s water pressure is weak, average or strong Spray does not extend far enough forward, making it hard to get the cleanse in the right spot; water from the spray tends to splash on the back of the seat/lid
Kohler customer service was quick and friendly; they addressed our leak issue by sending us a replacement bidet Our initial test began leaking from the handle (an unusual spot for a leak) after a few uses, leading to a large puddle of water on the bathroom floor
Seat has an uncomfortable design

Best Bidets with Built-In Deodorizers: Studio Lux SLi 5400

If you’re searching for a bidet with a great deodorizer, we recommend the Studio Lux SLi 5400 bidet toilet. The SLi 5400 offers high-end features and a sophisticated look, plus it comes with an ultra-quiet deodorizer that works hard to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. Keep in mind that the SLi 5400 is a bidet toilet (not a bidet seat), so it fully replaces your existing toilet.

The first thing we noticed about the SLi 5400’s deodorizer is the stealth factor. This baby is quiet! We’re used to deodorizers that make a gentle humming noise, so when we first tested the Studio Lux line and didn’t hear the telltale hum, we assumed the deodorizer was broken. It wasn’t! It’s just super quiet.

Second, you never have to worry about remembering to turn the SLi 5400’s deodorizer on like you do with most bidets – it automatically switches on when you sit on the toilet and continues to work its magic for a few minutes after you finish. This gets the odor-busting action going before you really need it, curbing smells before they can take over.

All bidet deodorizers – including the SLi 5400’s – are scent- and chemical-free. Instead of masking smells, bidet deodorizers use a small fan to pull air from the toilet bowl through a carbon filter, eliminating odor-causing particles in the process. This makes them eco-friendly and great for folks who are sensitive to fragrances. Plus, the deodorizer is designed to last the lifetime of the bidet, so you’ll never need to replace it.

SLi5400 top view

Keep in mind that every deodorizer has its limitations, so if what’s happening in the toilet bowl is really, really smelly, the deodorizer may not eliminate the scent completely. What it can do is reduce the smell factor so that it’s much less noticeable. And with the deodorizer hard at work, bad odors won’t linger as long as they would without this nifty feature.

In addition to the deodorizer, the Studio Lux SLi 5400 has a lot going for it. It’s right at the top of the Studio Lux line, so it offers nearly every feature you could want. You’ll enjoy unlimited warm water during the front and rear washes, nozzle oscillation, pulse mode, auto wash, warm air drying and user presets. The lid automatically opens and closes, and the toilet mists itself before use to stop waste from sticking to the bowl, as well as flushes automatically when you’re done using it.

We also love that the SLi 5400’s strong stainless steel nozzles unscrew at the tip, allowing you to deep clean them with ease. (Most bidet nozzles don’t offer this feature!) Dual flushing conserves water, while a built-in night light guides the way in the dark. The latest SLi 5400 even features a multi-color light strip that adds pizazz to the unit’s overall look. This modern design element is both stylish and functional, gently illuminating your bathroom to make it easier to find your way around in the dark.

You know we can’t end this review without mentioning the downsides, so let’s chat about those for a minute.

Studio Lux SLi 5200 White Light Bar

It’s nice that the SLi 5400’s deodorizer is quiet, because the rest of the bidet isn’t. For example, while the bidet wash was running, our testers noticed a variety of random noises in the background, and they weren’t entirely sure what was causing them. 

Additionally, the SLi 5400’s flush is loud. In fact, it’s probably the loudest flush we’ve ever tested. Our staff also discovered that if your pipes aren’t properly secured inside your wall, the SLi 5400’s raw flush power will cause the pipes to vibrate, resulting in a banging sound.

Although the SLi 5400 has many of the features often found on high-end bidet toilets, one of our testers mentioned that the Studio Lux line didn’t feel like a high-end bidet to them. Studio Lux is designed to be a budget-friendly option, so this feedback isn’t surprising, but it’s good to be aware of if you’re trying to decide between brands.

Downsides aside, if you want to revamp your bathroom without spending a ton, the Studio Lux SLi 5400 is a great option. With a wide range of features and a quiet, hard-working deodorizer, this bidet toilet adds ease to your routine while keeping your bathroom smelling clean.

Extremely quiet deodorizer silently eliminates odor – no scents or chemicals involved Wash is noisy and flush is very loud
Plenty of wash options, including unlimited warm water, front and rear wash modes, nozzle oscillation, pulse spray, autowash and user presets Doesn’t have the luxe feel you’d get with a more expensive bidet toilet
Loaded with top tier features: auto open close lid, bowl pre-misting, removable nozzles, warm air drying, a heated seat and a decorative light strip Wash spray may be too intense if you experience sensitivity due to hemorrhoids, fissures or other medical conditions
Sittable lid can be used as an extra seat in the bathroom (most bidet toilet lids cannot support any extra weight)
Strong wash feel

Best Luxury Bidet Toilet: TOTO NEOREST NX2

Of all the bidet toilets we’ve tested, none come close to matching the TOTO NEOREST NX2’s superb design and cutting-edge technology. Our staff described their NX2 experience as deliciously pampering, comparing it to a spa retreat for their bums. If this sounds over the top, we dare you to try the NX2 and see for yourself!

Let’s start with the NX2’s design. While most bidet toilets have a crisp, angular silhouette, the NX2’s smooth, egg-like shape channels peaceful, relaxing vibes. There are no visible seams aside from where the lid and toilet meet, which adds to the luxury feel. The controls are located on a remote that resembles a long, thin bar and sits in a wall-mounted holster.

One of the first luxury features you’ll encounter is the NX2’s automatic-open/close lid. The lid opens whenever you stand directly in front of the unit, and it automatically closes several seconds after the toilet flushes.

If you want both the seat and lid up, simply press the “open” button on the remote (and press the button again to lower the seat). We mounted our remote to the wall at hip height (chest height if sitting), so pressing that “open” button to raise the seat was easy for our testers to manage.

Integrated Bidet Toilet TOTO Neorest NX2

Our testers were especially impressed with the Neorest NX2’s wash features, which include front, rear, rear soft and wide wash modes, plus pulsating and oscillating spray settings. Each wash mode offered something unique, and each was useful in its own way.

The rear spray felt firm in the very center but soft around the edges. It did a good job cleaning quickly without being overpoweringly strong. The rear soft wash had an opposite feel – super light in the center and a bit firmer on the edges. Because it’s very, very gentle, the soft setting takes some time to clean, but it’s ideal if you’re experiencing sensitivity.

When we tested the wide wash, we discovered that it’s gentle with even pressure throughout, making it a happy medium between the rear and rear soft settings. Plus, the broad width covers a sizable portion of your backside, so it was great for cleaning up after “messier” bathroom moments.

The front wash also exceeded our expectations. Our testers reported that it had good volume and cleaned well without feeling harsh even on the highest pressure setting. In our experience, gentleness and effectiveness can be a tough balance to hit in a front wash, so we were pleased to find that the NX2 does it well.

TOTO Neorest NX2 Actilight

The NX2’s Actilight self-cleaning system is a revolutionary feature that uses ultraviolet light to break down dirt and grime in the bowl, leaving you with a crystal-clean toilet. We wanted to know if it really worked, so we ran a long-term testing scenario to find out:

Two years ago, one of our staff installed the NX2 in their main floor powder room and programmed it to automatically run the self-clean feature every night. In that time, it’s gotten heavy daily use, yet they’ve rarely needed to do any real cleaning because of the Actilight system. Actilight only targets the bowl, so they’ve had to wipe down the outside of the toilet now and then, but that’s about it. They enjoyed the peace of mind that came with knowing the toilet was always presentable for guests, and they were glad to ditch the harsh toilet bowl cleaners, too.

Other features you should know about include the NX2’s four user presets, unlimited warm water, heated seat and auto flush feature. Like most other NEOREST bidets, the NX2 self-generates sterile, electrolyzed water that it uses to mist the bowl when someone approaches, as well as to rinse the nozzles before and after each use. 

At this point, you may be wondering if this miracle bidet toilet has any downsides at all. While the NX2 is pretty darn close to perfection, there are a few things to keep in mind before you purchase.

First, while the remote looks fantastic, we don’t love the button layout. Most of the buttons are on the front, but a handful, including the temperature settings, are located on the back. When our testers took the remote out of the wall holder to operate the back buttons, they found that they often accidentally pressed a front button in the process – a frustrating problem to have on such a high-end bidet.

TOTO Neorest NX2 open

Second, if you’re using the NX2’s auto flush and auto close features, be aware that it will always flush before closing the lid. In other words, there’s no way to make the lid close before the flush. The NX2’s bowl and flush were specially designed to minimize the risk of splashing, so flushing with the lid open shouldn’t make a mess, but some of our testers noted that they’d prefer more control over the sequence of events.

With its customizable bidet functions and cutting-edge aesthetic, the NX2 truly redefines what modern toilets can be. If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom to a new level of elegance and sophistication, the NX2 is the perfect option. Your senses will thank you every time you step into your private oasis.

Exceptionally luxe look and feel; crafted from high-quality porcelain with a plastic seat and lid Difficult to operate the buttons on the back of the two-sided remote without accidentally pressing the buttons on the front
Actilight self-cleaning system uses ultraviolet light to eradicate microbes and break down dirt and grime in the toilet bowl; regular use significantly reduces or eliminates the need to clean the bowl by hand Basic functions and settings are easy to operate, but the more detailed setting customizations are not intuitive (users will likely need to refer to the manual)
Contoured, heated seat provides a stable and extremely comfortable sitting space Cannot sit on the lid
Comes with the hottest high-end features on the market, including unlimited warm water, pre-misting, user presets, auto flushing, auto open/close lid and a self-cleaning system Professional installation recommended, unless you are experienced in installing toilets
Generates sterile, electrolyzed water which is then used to mist the bowl when someone sits down, as well as to clean the nozzles before and after each use Very expensive (the Neorest NX1 is a similar model with a lower price tag)
Four highly adjustable wash options (front, rear, soft, wide), as well as two spray settings (pulse and oscillate)

Best Bidet Toilet on a Budget: Studio Lux SLi 3000

If you want to overhaul your cleanliness without breaking the bank, we recommend the Studio Lux SLi 3000. This sophisticated bidet toilet is a refreshing blend of luxury and affordability, making it the ideal choice for upgrading on a budget.

Before we get started, we should mention that it was harder than we expected to find an inexpensive bidet toilet we felt good recommending. A lot of the cheap bidet toilets out there are just that…cheap! We don’t feel that way about the SLi 3000. Overall, it performs exceptionally well compared to other bidets in the same price bracket.

In spite of the low price tag, the Studio Lux SLi 3000 doesn’t compromise on features. The heated seat and adjustable settings work together to maximize comfort, and the built-in air dryer eliminates paper waste and saves you money in the long run.

In addition to these basics, the SLi 3000 comes with some unique features that our testers loved. For starters, we were excited to discover that the SLi 3000’s lid is strong enough to support the weight of an average adult. Most bidet toilets have delicate lids that can’t support any weight at all, so the SLi 3000’s sittable lid is an unexpected luxury. The manufacturer does not recommend using the lid as a seat since doing so may cause superficial scratches, but that was a risk our testers felt willing to take since they loved the convenience the extra sitting space provided.

We’re also big fans of the SLi 3000’s ultra-quiet deodorizer. Most deodorizers produce a noticeable humming noise, but the SLi 3000’s deodorizer was so ninja-quiet that our testers initially thought it wasn’t operating at all. 

SLi2000 open seat lid

While few bidet toilets in this price range rival the SLi 3000’s quality and premium functionality, there are a couple of cons to consider before buying:

First, the SLi 3000’s flush is much louder than we expected, and it can create even more of a racket if your pipes aren’t securely anchored inside your walls. If your pipes are securely anchored, you’ll just experience a loud flush. If they’re not, you may find that the vibrations from the powerful flush cause the pipes to vibrate as well, resulting in a hammering sound. For one of our staff testers, the hammering noise was especially annoying at night, when family members were trying to sleep.

Second, the spray of the SLi 3000 bidet toilet is quite firm even on the lowest pressure setting. While many of our customers enjoy a firm wash, people with sensitive bottoms may find it too strong for their comfort. One of our staff mentioned that they swapped out the SLi 3000 for a bidet seat with a wider range of pressure options before their partner gave birth, because they were concerned the spray would be too strong for postpartum tenderness.

In spite of these potential downsides, we’re still really pleased with the Studio Lux SLi 3000, especially compared to other bidet toilets in the same price range. It’s a solid choice if you want the convenience and sleek look of a bidet toilet but aren’t looking to spend an arm and a leg!

Low price (the SLi 3000 is the only toilet in this price bracket that we feel confident recommending) Noisy during the wash cycle
Streamlined silhouette adds contemporary flair to any bathroom’s overall look Very loud flush – if your pipes are not anchored securely, the flush can cause them to vibrate, resulting in a loud hammering sound
Lots of features, especially for the price Firm spray may be too intense for some users, especially those with medical conditions that cause sensitivity
Extra quiet deodorizer
Sittable lid can be used as a seat in the bathroom (most bidet toilets do not have sittable lids)

Best Bidet for Small Bathrooms: TOTO NEOREST EW

When you’ve got a small bathroom, every inch of space is precious! If you’re looking for a space-saving toilet that doubles as a bidet, the wall-hung TOTO NEOREST EW is a great choice. But what exactly does “wall-hung” mean, and how does it help save space?

When we say a toilet is “wall-hung,” we mean that the toilet bowl is suspended from the wall, and the water tank and flush mechanism are hidden inside the wall rather than resting on the floor like a traditional toilet. Getting the toilet up off the floor creates more open space in front of and beneath it, so your bathroom looks and feels more spacious. Plus, it makes cleaning the floor a breeze – no more bending down to clean the crevices around the base of the toilet.

In addition to the space-saving benefits, the NEOREST EW bidet toilet comes with every premium bidet feature TOTO offers, apart from Actilight self-cleaning. We also love the EW’s unique design. The boxy shape and chic, wavy lid are a refreshingly modern twist on a traditional silhouette.

Now that you know the pros, let’s talk about the cons. First, wall-hung toilets, as a whole, have the most complicated installation process of any plumbing fixture we sell. It involves removing and replacing a significant amount of drywall, lots of plumbing work and usually some floor repair. In short, it’s best outsourced to a professional!

Auto open bidet lid

Another potential downside involves one of the EW’s most coveted features: the automatic open/close lid. Overall, we LOVE auto open/close lids! They’re convenient and helpful and take the whole experience to the next level. Our testers have found that to activate one of these lids, all you have to do is move directly in front of it – easy peasy.

But if you have a small bathroom where there’s not much space to begin with, you may end up activating the toilet lid over and over without meaning to. Quite a few customers with small bathrooms have told us that this repetitive opening/closing action gets annoying. Depending on the direction your toilet faces, this is a good downside to be aware of, especially if you’re buying the EW specifically for a small bathroom. (Keep in mind that turning the auto open/close lid off is also an option!)

These considerations aside, the innovative features and efficient use of space truly makes the TOTO NEOREST EW one of the best bidet toilets for transforming a small bathroom into a luxurious oasis.

Wall mounted design saves up to 9″ of floor space compared to a traditional, floor-mounted toilet, plus it’s easier to keep the toilet/floor clean since there are fewer crevices and nooks for buildup to accumulate Installation requires some bathroom renovation and is best handled by a professional
Contemporary, boxy design upgrades any bathroom’s overall style factor Pricier than similar floor mounted bidets, since you have to factor installation into the overall cost
Packed with high-end features, including unlimited warm water, premisting, user presets, auto open/close lid and auto flushing If you have a small bathroom, moving around it may activate the auto open/close lid even when you’re not planning to use the toilet (turning the lid off is always an option if this becomes bothersome)

Best Best Bidets for 2024 FAQs

What is a bidet?

A bidet is a plumbing fixture used for washing the genitals or anus after going to the bathroom, following intimacy, during menstruation or postpartum. There are many different kinds of bidets, but they all involve a nozzle that sprays water. 

Bidet cleansing is gentler, more hygienic and better for the environment than wiping with toilet paper. Many kinds of bidets can be used by individuals with physical disabilities to get completely clean without assistance. Bidets can even help alleviate the symptoms of uncomfortable health conditions like constipation, hemorrhoids, fissures and IBS.

What is a bidet seat?

A bidet seat fits on top of your toilet, replacing your toilet seat, and has built-in bidet functions. Depending on the type of bidet seat you buy, it can include features like:

The Eco Nova rose gold remote.
  • Multiple wash modes (e.g., front, rear, wide, soft)
  • Built-in water heater
  • Adjustable water temperature, pressure and nozzle position
  • Oscillating and/or pulse spray 
  • Heated seat
  • Warm air dryer
  • Nozzle sterilization
  • Deodorizer
  • Night light
  • User presets
  • Automatic open/close lid

Bidet seats offer a convenient, comfortable and hygienic way to clean up after going to the bathroom without the need for a separate bidet fixture. They are easy to install and range in price from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars, so there’s an option for nearly every budget.

What’s the best affordable bidet?

Figuring out what makes an affordable bidet the “best” really depends on your needs and budget. 

The Saniwise bidet seat and GoBidet attachment are our top two recommendations for customers on a shoestring budget. They’re non-electric, so they offer minimal features, but they perform well compared to other products in their price range.

If you can spend a bit more but don’t want to spend a ton, we recommend an electric bidet seat from Blooming. The Blooming R1063, for example, gets great customer reviews for its ability to fit on almost any toilet, easy installation and quality wash. 

For customers with a little more financial wiggle room, we suggest investing in an electric bidet seat like the Eco NOVA or Cascade 3000. Both of these models get rave reviews from customers and offer the latest bidet functions, so you can expect a great cleanse plus some extra pampering. They’re also much more affordable than a bidet toilet, so you get a similar cleansing experience at a much lower price. 

What’s the best toilet bidet?

Japanese manufacturer TOTO is famous for creating some of the most beautiful, durable and deluxe bidet toilets in the world. Any TOTO bidet toilet is going to be a worthwhile investment. But if you’re looking for the best money can buy, we recommend the TOTO NEOREST NX1 and NX2 bidet toilets for their quality construction, graceful design and state-of-the-art features. 

TOTO Neorest NX2 bidet toilet

Studio Lux and Swiss manufacturer Axent are two additional bidet toilet brands that we recommend due to their quality products.

A word of caution when it comes to buying a bidet toilet: We recommend skipping the super-inexpensive brands. We’ve seen too many cheap bidet toilets develop issues shortly after purchase, with little to no customer support for buyers, so we suggest sticking to reputable brands like TOTO, Studio Lux or Axent.

What’s the best toilet seat on the market?

Bidet seats like the TOTO S7A, Cascade 3000, Eco NOVA and Blooming R1063 are popular choices due to their durability, advanced features, customizable settings, quality cleanse and high customer satisfaction ratings. These brands also have a track record of providing good customer service when issues do arise, which is a must in our book.

Regardless of the brand you choose, rest assured that Many Bidets will always be there to support you! However, keep in mind that customer service standards may vary among manufacturers. While we strive to assist to the best of our ability, there may be instances where our aid is constrained if a bidet’s manufacturer is uncooperative. That’s why we recommend sticking to brands with a history of providing quality customer service.

What information should you know when buying a bidet for the first time?

Bidet Nozzle Coming Out

Here are the most important factors to consider when purchasing your first bidet

  • Type of bidet: Decide whether you want a non-electric bidet or electric bidet.

    Non-electric bidets include sprayers, attachments, standalone bidets and some bidet seats. Electric bidets include most bidet seats, all WASHLET+ systems and all bidet toilets.

    You can learn more about each of these in our Bidet Buyers Guide. For now, the most important thing to know is that non-electric bidets are very basic and offer a bare-bones wash, while electric bidets have advanced features that provide a comfortable, customizable cleanse. Top bidets with warm air dryers even reduce or eliminate toilet paper use, benefitting both the planet and your pocket book.

    At Many Bidets, we recommend buying an electric bidet seat, WASHLET+ system or bidet toilet because they provide the best user experience.
Top view of round toilet and elongated toilet
  • Compatibility: Before purchasing a bidet, you’ll need to do some measuring to make sure it’s compatible with your toilet/bathroom.

    A bidet seat needs to match your toilet bowl’s shape in order to fit. Toilet bowls can be round or elongated. To figure out which you have, check out our bidet fit guide.

    Customers sometimes ask if they can put a round bidet seat on an elongated toilet or vice versa. In short, no. Mixing and matching shapes can cause problems, so if your toilet is round, plan to purchase a round bidet seat. If your toilet is elongated, opt for an elongated bidet seat.

    If your toilet is smaller or more compact than the average toilet (for example, an RV toilet), you might also run into fit issues. In order to install a bidet seat, you need at least 1.5 inches between the seat bolts and the tank and around 5.5 inches between the seat bolts. If you have a unique toilet, we can work with you to find a bidet that fits.

    It’s also important to check your toilet for French curves. Regular toilets have a right angle between the tank and the bowl, but French curve toilets are curved in this area. Only a few bidet seats can fit on French curve toilets, so reach out to us before purchasing if you think you might have one.

    A WASHLET+ system or bidet toilet must have the same rough-in as your bathroom in order to be compatible. The rough-in is the distance from the back wall of the bathroom to the center of the flange in the bathroom floor. Most North American bathrooms have a standard 12-inch rough-in, but you’ll find 10- or 14-inch rough-ins in some bathrooms. Our easy bidet toilet measuring guide has all the tips and tricks for ensuring the perfect fit.
TOTO Aimes Washlet+ with S7 bidet seat
TOTO Aimes WASHLET+ with S7 bidet seat
  • Features: Decide what features are important to you. Non-electric bidets (sprayers, attachments and some bidet seats) offer a very basic spray of water. If you want control over the water pressure, water temperature or spray position, we recommend investing in an electric bidet seat, WASHLET+ system or bidet toilet.

    Electric bidets also offer features that give you control over the entire experience from start to finish. These comfort and convenience features can include heated seats, warm air dryers, night lights, deodorizers, nozzle sterilization, special spray settings, user presets, automatic open/close lids and more! If you need help figuring out which features you need, check out our bidet finder quiz.
  • Installation: Consider the installation process. Bidet attachments, sprayers and seats are easy to self-install – no prior experience needed!

    On the other hand, installing a standalone bidet, WASHLET+ system or bidet toilet is a fairly involved process. Unless you have a lot of DIY experience, you may want to consider hiring a professional.
Bidet converter kit price range
  • Budget: Bidet prices can vary dramatically, ranging from $30 to more than $20,000, so setting a budget can help guide your bidet choice.

    Non-electric bidet sprayers, attachments and seats are the least expensive option, costing under $300.

    Electric bidet seats cost between $250 and $1,500.

    WASHLET+ systems and bidet toilets are the priciest option, starting at $850 for WASHLET+ systems and $1,500 for bidet toilets.
  • Brand and warranty: Not all manufacturers offer the same level of product quality and customer service, so research brand reputation before you buy. To avoid surprises, make sure you understand the warranty ahead of time, including how long it lasts, whether it is full or limited and what it does and does not cover.

    Know that if you do encounter an issue with your purchase, we will support you to the very best of our ability. However, if a manufacturer is uncooperative or refuses to honor a warranty claim, we may be limited in our ability to help. Brands that have a good track record of customer service and satisfaction include: TOTO, Cascade, Nova, Blooming, Brondell and GoBidet.
  • Reviews: First hand experience is a great way to figure out a product’s pros and cons, so read through customer reviews to gauge how real people feel about their purchase’s durability, installation and performance.

    Our team of bidet experts is another great resource! We regularly test the products we sell and use them in our own homes, so chat with our customer service representatives or check out our resource videos and posts if you have questions about a specific model or topic.

How do you use a bidet?

Although bidets are common around the world, many North Americans are unfamiliar with how to use one. Here’s a general guide on how to use a bidet attachment, bidet seat or bidet toilet:

1. Prepare to use the bidet: After going to the bathroom, do not use toilet paper to wipe. Bidets use a spray of water to clean you off, so you’ll only need toilet paper if you want to pat yourself dry after you’re done with the cleanse.

Saniwise wash lever
Non-electric bidet lever

2. Activate the bidet: Different bidets have different activation methods. 

Non-electric bidet seats and attachments usually have levers or dials. To start the wash, gently turn the dial or lever. Be sure to take it slow – turn the controls too fast and you’ll get blasted by a strong stream of water.

Electric bidets are controlled by buttons located on a side-arm panel or remote control. As you sit down on an electric bidet, you’ll hear the sound of water trickling. Don’t be alarmed – that’s just the bidet nozzles rinsing themselves in preparation for washing you off. Once you’re done going to the bathroom, press the button for the wash you want. All electric bidets offer front and rear washes; some come with auto wash/dry or user presets, too. The bidet will make a gentle whirring noise as the wand extends and begins spraying water.

How to start the bidet wash
Electric bidet remote with wash buttons

3. Adjust the wash: You may need to shift your body slightly on the toilet seat to allow the water to reach the desired areas. If you have an electric bidet, use the controls to adjust the nozzle position, water pressure and water temperature. Some electric bidets also offer pulsating and oscillating spray options. Choose what feels best in the moment, then sit back and relax while the bidet gets you clean. 

4. Turn off the bidet: Once you feel clean, turn off the bidet’s water supply by moving the lever or dial back to its original position (non-electric bidets) or by pressing the “stop” button on the remote or control panel (electric bidets). 

5. Dry off: After using the bidet, use a small amount of toilet paper to pat dry. Some electric bidets have built-in warm air dryers that you can use instead.

Check out the video below for our favorite tips and tricks for getting the most out of your bidet!