Meet the Many Bidets Customer Service Team

Have you ever wondered who’s on the other side of the Many Bidets live chat box? Want to put a face to the friendly voice on the phone? Get to know the Many Bidets customer service team in this discussion with owner Daniel Johnson.

Hear from Arin, Gloria and Lydia – whom our customers routinely report provide the best customer service they’ve ever experienced – on their journeys from first sales to bidet expertise. They share all the insider details on their early days with Many Bidets, common bidet misconceptions, advice for first-time buyers, their own favorite bidets and more!

If you deal with bathroom struggles, help a loved one in the bathroom, crave a spa-like bathroom retreat or just want to feel super-clean, Arin, Gloria and Lydia can walk you through finding the ideal solution for your needs. They’re experts at making uncomfortable topics feel comfortable, and they’ve truly heard it all. There’s no need to frantically type “live agent” – they’re here to help!

Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:37 Part 1 – First Sales
05:57 Part 2 – Dan’s Second Sale
09:32 Part 3 – Home Office Setups
17:27 Part 4 – Early Days
21:14 Part 5 – Talking about Bathroom Struggles
25:24 Part 6 – First Time Bidet Buyers
30:19 Part 7 – Customer Service
40:19 Part 8 – Family Business
43:18 Part 9 – Common Misconceptions
51:50 Part 10 – Favorite Bidets