Warm Water Bidets – 3 Water Heating Methods Used By Bidets

Warm water bidets are all different from one another, and all have their advantages, and disadvantages. One thing we can say with certainty is that a bidet that offers warm water wash is a must. The warm water helps to relax the area, and thus also helps the cleaning process be more pleasant and effective. Washes that offer cold water only tends to make one clench which makes it harder for the water to do what it needs to do for an effective clean. Below we’ll walk though each of the water water designs offered by electric bidet toilet seats.

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Warm Water Bidets With Tank Water Heaters

Warm Water Bidets With Hybrid Water Heaters

Warm Water Bidets with Instant Water Heaters

Warm Water Bidets

Warm Water Bidets With Tank Water Heaters

Tank water heaters are the least expensive of the three water heater styles to make warm water bidets. This makes them the perfect fit for entry level units. Despite their low cost, they have a lot of advantages. Bidet seats with tank water heaters offer instant hot water, and tend to offer a pretty consistent temperature throughout the wash.

There are some down sides to the tank water heater design as well. The biggest issue with a tank water heater is that it only offers about 30 seconds of warm water before the line starts to go cold. This does not mean that the wash will only last for 30 seconds, but rather, means that after 30 seconds the wash will gradually cool down, till you’re only being washed with cold water, similar to what happens when you stay in the shower too long, and your water heaters runs out of warm water.

This is not the only downside of tank water heater in a bidet. While the tank is not a separate fixture, the tank does mean that more space is needed to house the water tank. This means that the back of most bidet seats that use a tank water heater sit higher than other bidet seats, which in turn make them less comfortable to sit on and make them feel smaller, as it forces the operator to sit further forward on the seat. Some of the largest hot water tanks on the market are found on the TOTO C100 and TOTO C200 WASHLET bidet seats, which makes them some of the least comfortable seats on the market.

Lastly, tank water heaters keep the water hot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that they require more electricity to run than their more expensive counterparts.

Are the upsides of a tank water heating system worth it, or should you consider purchasing a higher end seat? If you’re looking to stay in a lower price bracket, the tank water heating system if a fine choice. If you’re unsure, Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re always happy to help.

Why Should I Buy a Bidet with a Tank Water Heater?

  • Low cost
  • Warm water from the very first moment
  • Consistent water temperature

Problems with Bidets with Tank Water Heaters

  • Limited warm water (Approx 30 seconds)
  • Large back, making seated experience less comfortable
  • Uses electricity while not in use to keep water tank filled with warm water

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Warm Water Bidets With Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters offer a happy medium between bidet seats that use a tank water heater and those that use an instant water heater. Bidet seats that use this water heating design utilize both a small water tank, and an instant water heater.

While at first glance, the hybrid water heater design might seem the most expensive of the three, most hybrid water heaters utilize a under powered instant water heater, since they have a small tank to work with as well. Most bidet seats that use a hybrid water heater are more expensive than a bidet seats that use tank water heaters, but less than those using an instant water heater.

The bidet seats that utilize a hybrid water heater tend to offer offer a longer wash with warm water than the tank water heaters systems, but still tend to run out, normally about 45+ seconds in. The tank water heater on these systems is much smaller than the tank on a tank water heating system. As the wash uses the water from the tank, the instant water heater works to refill the tank to keep the wash warm. Because these units tend to offer lower end instant water heaters, the instant water heaters are not able to keep up with the tank filling, hence the longer warm water wash, but not unlimited warm water. The only seat we’ve found to date with a hybrid water heater that does offer unlimited warm water is the BB-2000 by Bio Bidet.

Because the tank heater on these systems are smaller than the tank on a tank water heating system, these bidet seats are a bit more comfortable in general than units that utilize a tank only.

Just like bidets that use a tank water heater, bidets that use a hybrid water heater also start off right from the start with warm water, so you need not worry about any cold burst at the start of the wash.

Why Should I Buy a Bidet with Hybrid Water Heater?

  • Less expensive than instant water heating units
  • No cold burst at the start of the wash
  • Generally more comfortable than bidets that use tank water heaters
  • Longer warm water wash than bidets with tank water heaters
  • Consistent warm water while it lasts

Problems with Bidets that have Hybrid Water Heaters

  • Only 45 seconds of warm water on average
  • More expensive than bidets that use tank water heaters
  • In general, less comfortable than bidets that utilize instant water heaters

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Warm Water Bidets with Instant Water Heaters

Instant water heaters are the preferred water heating method by most customers. Bidets that use this water heating method tend to be more comfortable than any others on the market due to their compact design, and thus additional sit-table space.

If you’re looking for unlimited warm water for your wash, getting a bidet seat with an instant water heater is a must. While bidet seats that include instant water heaters are more expensive, they are still one of our most purchased style of bidet due to the benefits this high end system provides.

While there are a lot of great reasons to get a bidet that uses an instant water heater, there are some downsides as well. These bidets tend to be more expensive. Many bidets that use instant water heaters may also have a small burst of cold water before the water gets warm. This burst tends to be 0.25 to 0.5 seconds, and is short enough that many don’t even notice it, but those who might be more sensitive to temperature fluctuations, might find this annoying. The cold burst comes from the water in the line between the water heater and the end of the nozzle.

Why Should I Buy a Bidet with an Instant Water Heater?

  • Unlimited warm water
  • Sleeker design
  • More comfortable
  • Does not use any power when not in use

Problems with Bidets with Instant Water Heaters

  • Most expensive bidets on the market
  • Some may experience a short burst of cold water at the start

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