Bathtub Lifts

If you or a loved one is having issues getting in and out of the bathtub, you may have found that this single issue causes many other issues. There might be fewer baths, thus causing hygiene issues.  And when baths do happen, it can be a scary enough that it prompts even fewer baths in the future.  There are many bathtub lifts for the elderly and disabled out on the market, but they are big, bulky, permanent solutions, that turn the bathroom into what looks like a medical facility. No one wants home sweet home to look like a hospital, so often bathtub lifts are forgone regardless of how much they may be need. This leads to a dangerous, unsafe bathing experience, and often prompts the move to assisted living.

For the first time, these concerns about bathtub safety have been addressed in a simple, elegant solution that allow your home to maintain the feeling of a home while providing that functionality that allows for daily baths. The bath lifts below are portable, allowing them to be stored out of site when not in use.  They also offer multiple height options, which allows them to be used as a seat in the bathtub, or as a lift, and their powerful battery pack allows them to be used regardless of bathroom outlet access.  Comfortable, discreet, simple, and powerful.  Stop fearing bath time, and get one of these amazing bathtub lifts for the elderly and disabled.  You'll wish you had done it sooner!



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