LUXE bidet Neo Elite 250 Model

LUXE bidet Neo Elite 250 Model

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LUXE Elite Neo 250 Bidet Attachment

For those looking to get a bidet seat without spending a lot of money, the Neo250 is a great choice. This full-featured bidet can be installed on just about any two-piece toilet and has enough adjustments and controls to offer many luxury features without the high price tag.

With a single nozzle that retracts when it is not being used, and absolutely no electricity needed in order to power this unit, you will love how clean it can get you, and the low investment and maintenance cost. Sleek, white, and easy to control: these are just three of the Neo250’s great features.

Key Features

  • Controls for both pressure and temperature, to ensure each user has the ability to enjoy the exact stream they desire

  • Valves made from metal and ceramic to withstand even the highest pressure

  • An easy-to-install braided metal hose that connects easily to your water line

  • A guard gate to protect the bidet nozzle

  • A nozzle that retracts when not in use to keep it clean and sanitary

  • The ability to easily install and uninstall the unit on most two-piece toilets

  • All instructions necessary to install the bidet on your toilet included with the unit

  • A year and a half warranty (18 months)

When it comes to bidets, you may not be ready to install a full bidet system, or you simply may not want to pay the high price of those bidets. This system allows you to put a bidet in any bathroom of your home, quickly and easily, with just a little bit of time, a screwdriver, and a wrench.  What are you waiting for? Get your Neo250 bidet today!

Luxe Elite Neo 250 Bidet Seat Attachment Dimensions:


Looking for more details?  Check out our LUXE Elite Neo250 Bidet Attachment Editor's Review

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