LUXE bidet Neo Elite 320 Model

LUXE bidet Neo Elite 320 Model

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LUXE Elite Neo 320 Bidet Attachment

Luxe Bidet brings you the Elite Neo 320!  This hot and cold water bidet features self cleaning nozzles and runs without electricity. It can easily get attached to any two-piece toilet with only a few steps.  The Neo 320 is equipped with high quality chrome plated control knobs and metal/ceramic core valves. It can transform any ordinary toilet into a fully functional bidet within minutes. This bidet facilitates regular as well as feminine wash with warm and cool water supply options to provide a refreshing and hygienic feel after every use. The movable nozzle guard gate allows nozzles to retract when not in use and maintains top level hygiene for the bidet nozzles.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use functionality with one-touch pressure and temperature control for warm and cold water

  • High quality metal/ceramic core for pressure faucet

  • Moving nozzle guard gate

  • Nozzles retract during times of non-use

  • Self cleaning functionality that releases hot water thoroughly over the nozzles after each use

  • Easy to install and detach from any two piece toilet

  • All the accessories and installation instructions are included in the kit for DIY installation

  • Runs without electricity

  • One and half year warranty

  • ASME certified

The easy to use control panel features a polished silver color knob that effectively adjusts pressure and nozzle positions for regular wash as well as delicate feminine wash. The clear cut and well defined settings on the control panel enables this bidet to be easily used by anyone whether elderly or children. The Neo 320 uses high quality pressure valves with metal or ceramic core for efficient water jet for a refreshing and effective cleansing. The retractable nozzles drop below the gate only when the bidet is turned on; when not in use, the nozzles remain hidden behind the nozzle guard gate. With so many alluring features, this bidet seat attachment is a must have for those looking to upgrade their bathroom for a low price.

Luxe Elite Neo 320 Bidet Seat Attachment Dimensions:


Looking for more details?  Check out our Luxe Elite Neo 320 Bidet Attachment Editor's Review

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  • Great bum washer!

    Posted by Dale on 23rd Feb 2014

    I got hooked on washing toilets when visiting Japan and S. Korea, where they are everywhere. However, the most common models (Toto) are quite expensive and require electrical connections, which would have involved getting an electrician to install.

    Luckily, I found the Luxe Bidet online. It washes beautifully. I don't need the heated seat, blow drier, etc. offered by the more expensive units.

    My only problem installing it was getting the hot water fitting to not leak, which it did at first. It took a bit of fiddling, but finally it stopped leaking, after I tightened it enough (and used teflon plumbing tape).

    Great product at a good price.

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