LUXE Bidet Vi-110

LUXE Bidet Vi-110

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LUXE Vi-110 Bidet Attachment

A high-quality bidet can be expensive. What if you could transform your current toilet into a high-quality, effective, luxurious bidet, with just one simple part? That’s what the Vi-110 provides for you. Without the steep price of a full bidet seat, you can turn your toilet into the bidet you have always wanted. Installation is simple and easy, and the stream it creates is refreshing and cool. For those who prefer the soothing clean of a bidet over the rough and sometimes incomplete clean of toilet paper, this do-it-yourself bidet is the easiest, cheapest, fastest, and best way to get a fully-functioning, adjustable bidet in your bathroom.

To install your bidet, all you need is the Vi-110, a two-piece toilet, and about ten minutes, along with a screwdriver and a wrench. Installing a bidet could simply not be any easier.

Key Features

  • A freshwater stream that can be controlled with a pressure knob right on the bidet

  • A nozzle that retracts to keep itself perfectly clean and sanitary when not in use

  • Metal valves and hose for extreme durability

  • Can be installed on just about any two-piece toilet

  • Simple to detach and move to a new toilet when necessary

  • All instructions and necessary accessories for installing the bidet on your toilet are included with the Vi-110

  • Comes with a 15 month warranty

  • Uses no electricity

  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain


If you have ever wanted to try a bidet or if you have owned a bidet, do not currently have one, and have been missing the refreshing clean they can provide, this is the perfect option. The low cost makes it simple and easy to invest in a bidet, and the high-quality construction allows you to continue using the bidet for years down the road.

Simple installation enables anyone, even those among us who are not necessarily handy, to install a fully-functional, adjustable bidet in any two-piece toilet. Sanitary, refreshing, and much more thorough than toilet paper, you are sure to love this bidet! Purchase yours today!

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