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INAX Bidet Clessence (Bidet Seat)

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Please Note:  INAX is no longer making bidet seats.  What we have in stock currently is all we will ever have available.  For additional bidet seats available, please feel free to visit either the other seats to consider area, or look at our list of Electronic Bidet Seats.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

The INAX Clessence CW-H230/1 bidet seat offers great features, a warranty, and a feeling of luxury that few seats provide.  The build strength, and quality of this seat attracts many people to it.  See below for all the details.

Editor’s Review for the INAX Clessence Bidet Seat

The INAX Clessence Bidet Seat offers the same great features offered on the INAX Luscence bidet seat, but offers them through a side panel control instead of the INAX Luscence wireless remote control.  This allows you to get all of the same great features for less!

INAX Clessence Bidet Top ViewAs you’d expect from a high end bidet seat, the INAX Clessence bidet seat offers both the common wash cycles.  The first of these wash cycles is the posterior or rear wash cycle.  The INAX Clessence also offers the bidet wash.  This wash is also commonly referred to as the feminine wash, or frontal wash.  Both of these wash cycles use separate nozzles.  This enables the INAX Clessence bidet seat to provide the best wash possible for both wash cycles.

While using either of these two wash cycles, the INAX Clessence bidet seat offers you the ability to adjust the pressure of the wash cycle, with water flow strength controls.  You are also able to adjust the temperature of the wash cycle.  The INAX Clessence has a heated water reservoir.  This method allows the water temperature to reach the needed level instantly, since the water doesn’t need to be heated after the temperature setting is chosen.  Since the hot water is already on hand, the INAX Clessence bidet seat is able to provide consistent water temperature throughout the wash cycle, making this method of warm water bidets a prefered method for most.

When it comes to luxury, the INAX Clessence doesn’t stop here.  INAX also equips the Clessence bidet seat with a built in seat heater.  This is great for those cold nights.  Since the seat temperature is adjustable, many people gradually turn the temperature up as the weather gets colder.  The seat warmer also helps to stimulate bowel movements, making it a great additional feature for those who might have issues going from time to time.

The side remote offered on the INAX Clessence bidet seat has indicators to show you how warm the seat and water temperatures are set to.  This helps you better control these settings to your liking.

INAX cares about more than just luxury, however.  The INAX Clessence offers so great features to help with making this bidet seat as eco-friendly as possible.  The built in air dryer on the INAX Clessence not only offers additional luxury, but also completely removes the need for toilet paper use.  The built in air dryer also offers temperature controls, for additional comfort.  The higher heat settings can also help the air dryer dry faster.

The INAX Clessence also runs an automatic nozzle self-cleaning feature after every wash.  This helps the nozzle and nozzle wand stay clean for the next wash, allowing the most hygienic wash possible every time.

With all these great features, it’s easy to see why people choose the INAX Clessence bidet seat over other seats.  You might still have some questions however.  Please visit our frequently asked questions area below to help address additional concerns.  If you still have questions after that, we’d love to hear from you!  You can always reach us through our contact us page.



The INAX Clessence CW-H230/1 offers a side-panel control.  Some people prefer this control method due to not having to worry about dropping a wireless remote into the bowl by mistake.

Main Features:

The Safety Sensor offered with the INAX Clessence CW-H231/0 helps the bidet seat to detect if the seat is in use or not.  If it’s not, the bidet will not operate till someone sits down.  The INAX CW-H231/0 also offers a child mode.  With this mode enabled the seat sensor gets disabled, allowing the INAX Clessence CW-H231/0 to operate even without the sensor being activated.

Luxury Features:

The INAX Clessence CW-H230/1 utilizes a warm water tank to provide warm water for each wash.  The temperature of each wash be adjusted to the operator’s liking.  Because the wash uses a warm water tank instead of instant water heating, the temperature throughout the wash cycle is able to stay consistent.

The INAX Clessence CW-H231/0 has two wands built into it.  Both of these wands have separate nozzles on them, allowing the INAX Clessence CW-H230/1 to offer unique washes for both frontal and rear washes.

The warm seat offered with the INAX Clessence CW-H230/1 helps with bowel movements, and with the temperature adjustment options, the operator is able to set the seat temperature to their exact liking.

The INAX Clessence CW-H230/1 also offers self-cleaning nozzles, ensuring that each wash is as sanitary as the last.

The warm air dry features offered by the INAX Clessence CW-H231/0 not only adds additional luxury, but also removes the need for toilet paper, making it a very green option.


The INAX Clessence CW-H230/1 comes with a soft close lid and seat, and has the high weight limit of 300 lbs.

The design of the INAX Clessence CW-H230/1 allows it to fix 2-piece toilets, and some 1-piece toilets. Since the white version comes in both round and elongated, and the beige version comes in round, the INAX Clessence CW-H230/1, the H230/1 works for many different bathroom setups.

While the INAX Clessence CW-H230/1 doesn’t offer the best warranty out there, it’s 1 year warranty is enough to give you some confidence.  Most of our customers report that this seat lasts over 10 years without any issues.

5 point rating for the INAX Clessence CW-H230/1 Bidet Seat

The below rating compares the INAX Clessence CW-H230/1 to other electronic bidet seats on the market today.

INAX Clessence Bidet Seat Ratings

While the INAX Clessence CW-H231/0 has a lot of great features, it’s missing a few key ones we believe are needed for a 5 star features rating.  These features are Enema wash, massage wash and odor neutralizer.  If the INAX Clessence CW-H230/1 had these features, it would have earned 5 stars.  The pricing on the INAX Clessence CW-H230/1 is pretty good, but the missing features keeps the value rating a little lower than we like to see.  While the warranty is decent, offering a 1 year warranty, it’s not great, earning it a 3.0 out of five.  Overall, the INAX Clessence CW-H230/1 gets a rating of 3.9.

Pros and Con’s List:


Offers round seats in white and beige, and elongated seats in white

Heated wash, heated seat and heated air dry


Missing enema and massage wash

Missing odor neutralizer

Models offered:

Base Model Code Round or Elongated Color Completed Model Code Full name with model number Also know as
CW-H23 0-R W CW-H230-RW INAX Clessence Round White CW-H230-RW INAX Clessence Round White CW-H230-RW-US-CL
CW-H23 1-E W CW-H231-EW INAX Clessence Elongated White CW-H231-EW INAX Clessence Elongated White CW-H231-EW-US-CL
CW-H23 0-R B CW-H230-RB INAX Clessence Round Beige CW-H230-RB INAX Clessence Round Beige CW-H230-RB-US-CL
CW-H23 1-E B CW-H231-EB INAX Clessence Elongated Beige CW-H231-EB INAX Clessence Elongated Beige CW-H231-EB-US-CL


Additional Details

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the dimensions of the INAX Clessence bidet seat?  I need to make sure it fits my toilet.

Below is a diagram of the required toilet dimensions.  If you have any further questions, just let us know!

INAX Clessence Dimensions Top ViewINAX Clessence Dimensions

How easy is it to install the INAX Clessence bidet seat?  I’m not a plumber, do I need the hire a plumber to get the INAX Clessence bidet seat installed?

The INAX Clessence bidet seat is designed to be able to be installed without the need of a licensed plumber.  Most people find this process takes under one hour.  If you have any questions about the process, please let us know.


Where can I find parts for the INAX Clessence bidet seat?

Even though we don’t list the parts on our site, we have most of them in stock.  If you’re looking for INAX Clessence parts, we can probably help you out, all you need to do is ask!


Will you ship the INAX Clessence to Canada?

We offer free shipping to both the USA and Canada.  This is just one more thing we do to try and give you the best experience possible.  You want your INAX Clessence shipped to Canada?  We’ll ship it, and pay for it!


Where can I find the INAX Clessence manual?

We have the INAX Clessence manual here!  Feel free to download it, and as always, if you have any questions, let us know.


What colors does the INAX Clessence come in?

The INAX Clessence offers both a white and Beige color for both the round and elongated versions, giving you the ability to use this seat regardless of the toilet you use.


Where can i find help troubleshooting the INAX Clessence?

We are always here to help with any troubleshooting you might need help with.  Have questions about the INAX Clessence?  Let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.


How would you compare the price of the INAX Clessence v.s. the features to other bidets on the market?

The INAX Clessence does very well on this front.  It offers many of the features high end bidets offer, but since it uses a side panel, INAX is able to offer it for less than many others, making it a great option.


There are many different model numbers listed for the INAX Clessence.  How do I know what these model numbers mean?

This is a very good question, as you want to make sure you’re getting the proper seat.  Below is a table that hopefully details all this out for you.  However, if you still have questions, you can always feel free to reach out to us.

Base Model Code Round or Elongated Color Completed Model Code Full name with model number Also know as
CW-H23 0-R W CW-H230-RW INAX Clessence Round White CW-H230-RW INAX Clessence Round White CW-H230-RW-US-CL
CW-H23 1-E W CW-H231-EW INAX Clessence Elongated White CW-H231-EW INAX Clessence Elongated White CW-H231-EW-US-CL
CW-H23 0-R B CW-H230-RB INAX Clessence Round Beige CW-H230-RB INAX Clessence Round Beige CW-H230-RB-US-CL
CW-H23 1-E B CW-H231-EB INAX Clessence Elongated Beige CW-H231-EB INAX Clessence Elongated Beige CW-H231-EB-US-CL


I know the INAX Clessence does not have a wireless remote control.  What are the benefits to the side remote?

Both the side panel remote and the wireless remote control have their benefits.  Having a side panel ensures that you don’t loose the control panel.  However you are able to operate a wireless remote without looking down.  And of course, the side panel control allows the price to come down a little, which is always a perk.  When it’s said and done, this is really more of a preference than anything else.


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  • Is there a battery powered version of this bidet?

    Sadly this bidet does not have a battery operated version. This bidet requires too much power to realistically rely on a standard battery, as the electrical pull is too high. This bidet uses a standard 3 prong GFCI outlet.

    Answer by : [email protected] on Mar 1, 2021 10:40:01 AM

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I discovered Many Bidets through their excellent series of YouTube videos. Very informative in helping with general understanding and specific models and features.

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All at very competitive prices!

Many Bidets is a smaller family owned operation but don't let that shake you. They handled my business with a personal touch that you can not get from a major online outlet. Dan made sure that I got the seat I wanted, with the features I needed and beat the best price that I could find anywhere else on the internet.
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I am very happy that I found Many Bidets and if there are any bidet purchases in my future, they will be the first company I contact.

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Dealing with them was not only easy but a pleasure. My bidet showed up days after I ordered it. The online install video was SUPER helpful, and last but not least they helped me online in the chat when I was narrowing down my choices.
It might seem like I'm gushing, but after walking into a few grocery stores where people just shrug and tell me they don't know where the ICE is... this was Customer Service:Advanced Edition and my experience couldn't have been any better!

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Because you were very easy to talk
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ordering was very easy. Because I purchased from them before and it
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It was very easy to order, and the bidet arrived quickly. They had the best price for the bidet we wanted.
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Staff is extremely helpful and friendly. They were quick to answer my questions, deliver a quality product and even personally follow-up up after delivery to ensure everything was up to our satisfaction.
I would highly recommend this company to anyone!

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Many Bidets says it's a family owned business; and believe me it treats you as if you're part of that family too. I recently made a purchase and I was immediately impressed by the service. Dan, the owner, was very friendly and professional, responding to all my concerns. He understood that, like other customers, I wanted the best quality product that fit my budget and to be happy and confident about my purchase. Believe me I got all of that and more. Delivery was super fast, the product was as described, the price was also reduced beyond the advertised discount. Dan followed up to make sure I was 100% happy with my purchase.
Recently, I had a question involving the manufacturer of a product I had purchased, nothing to do with excellent service at Many Bidets. Instead of merely referring me to the manufacturer, Dan stepped in when he didn't have, to make sure everything worked out to my satisfaction. That's the kind of customer service that Many Bidets provided. I would highly recommend dealing with Dan and Many Bidets if you value excellent all-round service, quality product at a great price, and peace of mind.

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I’ve purchased twice from Many
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products they sell have served me
well and are of a good quality. I
would recommend them to anyone else looking to buy a good product and receive the best discounts.

Fantastic experience dealing with this company. Great price, fantastic response to questions, and delivery was actually ahead of schedule of when they said it should arrive. Delivery was professionally handled and well communicated.
I am a sticker for detail and had a fair amount of questions during the purchase. Each communication was dealt with promptly.
I would use this company again if possible in the future.

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Great price, selection and finish options. The customer service agents are very responsive and the delivery process was very clear and well explained. They also followed up after delivery to check on the install and product. I would definitely order from here again and would recommend this place!

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I had originally reached out to Many Bidets through email because I had a question about which type of bidet would fit a one-piece toilet. Someone emailed me back very quickly on a Sunday and was SO helpful. I ended up working with that person directly to then go on and purchase my bidet seat through the company. When it arrived I had some questions involving installation and they answered my email immediately. Their customer service and response time is incredible! Don't give Amazon your money when buying a bidet. Use these guys!

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