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TOTO S7 Washlet

Brand new to the market, the versatile TOTO S7 bidet seat seamlessly blends into nearly any bathroom and delivers one of the best bidet cleanses around. The S7 is available in both white and beige, so it’s easy to match your toilet. Personalize your toilet’s look further by choosing from two lid styles – beveled classic or smooth contemporary. A block style, white remote controls the seat’s features and mounts to the wall for convenience.

The S7’s heated seat offers exceptional comfort, and the instant water heater generates unlimited warm wash water for maximum relaxation. Customize your wash experience with four wash modes (front, rear, wide and soft), two spray options (oscillate and pulse) and fully adjustable nozzle position, water temperature and water pressure.

A built-in deodorizer purifies air from the bowl without scents or chemicals to keep your bathroom smelling fresh while you do your business. Four user presets even let you program your favorite wash settings into the remote for a personalized wash at the touch of a button — perfect if you’ll be sharing your bidet with others in the home. Once you’re done with the wash, enjoy a soothing dry from the warm air dryer.

For your protection and peace of mind, the S7 also comes with a sterilizing system that cleans the bowl, nozzles and under-seat areas with sterile, electrolyzed water after each use. Plus, the S7 wets the bowl with water before you use it to discourage waste from sticking to your toilet.

If you’re looking for luxury, function and style in one sleek bidet seat, the TOTO S7 is for you.

TOTO S7 Classic vs Contemporary


  • Four wash modes: front, wide front, rear, and soft
  • Adjustable settings: water temperature and pressure, seat temperature, air dryer temperature, nozzle position
  • Nozzle Oscillation
  • Pulse (massage) spray mode
  • Soothing, aerated wash stream
  • Instant water heater provides unlimited warm wash water
  • Heated Seat
  • Warm air dryer
  • Chemical-free air deodorizer eliminates bathroom odors (does not add scent)
  • Four user presets
  • PREMIST feature coats the bowl with water prior to use to prevent waste from sticking to the bowl
  • EWATER+ automatically sterilizes the bowl, wand and under the seat with each use
  • Energy saving mode
  • Wireless remote control
  • Available in two colors: white or beige
  • Choose from two lid styles: classic (beveled edge) or contemporary (smooth edge)
  • 1 year warranty

S7 Washlet

The TOTO S500e is being discontinued
Check out the brand new S7 by TOTO!

Built to be Sleek

When it comes to looks, the TOTO S7 and S7A Washlets are hard to beat.  Looking for a bidet seat that matches the luxury feel the rest of your bathroom strives for? Placing in the top 3 for sleekness in the market currently, the TOTO S7 Washlet is a great choice.  Looking for something a bit sleeker?  Check out our top 3 sleekest high-end bidet seats

Top 3 Sleekest Bidet Seats

  1. Ultra Nova Bidet Seat: 3.66 inches
  2. Brondell T44 Bidet Seat: 3.89 inches
  3. TOTO S7 Washlet: 4.06 inches

Additional Safety
And Convenience

The Cascade 3000 Bidet also comes with an LED nightlight that illuminates the bowl, making it easier to navigate the bathroom in low light.

While most bidet lids can’t support the weight of an adult, the Cascade 3000 features a sittable lid that can safely support up to 330 lbs. Additionally, the versatile design of the Cascade 3000 makes it compatible with both one and two-piece toilets, and unlike many seats on the market today, it’s even able to fit French curve toilets. The Cascade 3000 is available in both round and elongated seat styles and comes in a crisp, clean white color. For your safety, the seat has a sensor that prevents it from operating if an adult is not seated, and an energy saving mode reduces the amount of energy consumed by the bidet when it’s not in use to save you money in the long term. The Cascade 3000 is operated with an intuitive wireless remote, and you can choose between a large remote with raised buttons or a small remote with flat buttons and a display screen. Dignity Solutions is pleased to to offer a full, four-year warranty on the Cascade 3000, so you can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected.

Additional Details

Sittable Lid

The majority of bidet lids on the market today are unable to support the weight of an adult due to the delicate hardware housed within the seat’s outer casing. The Cascade 3000 by Dignity Solutions is different! In contrast to its competition, the Cascade 3000 features a sittable lid that’s capable of safely supporting up to 330 lbs. If you’re accustomed to sit on
your toilet lid for activities like clipping toenails or assisting someone as they bathe, you’ll love the convenience offered by the Cascade 3000’s strong sittable lid.

Stainless Steel Nozzle

The Cascade 3000’s spray nozzles are crafted out of high-quality, long-lasting 100% stainless steel. Unlike plastic or aluminum, stainless steel resists microbe growth, making it the ideal choice for bidet nozzles. Furthermore, the Cascade 3000’s stainless steel nozzles automatically rinse themselves after each use with sterile water for optimum hygiene and peace of mind.your toilet lid for activities like clipping toenails or assisting someone as they bathe, you’ll love the convenience offered by the Cascade 3000’s strong sittable lid.

Remote Control Options

Operating the Cascade 3000 is easy thanks to its user-friendly wireless remote, which is available in two sizes depending on your needs and preferences. The larger remote measures 6.75” x 4.78”, and both its size and layout make it a good option for anyone with vision or dexterity difficulties. The smaller remote measures 2”x5.25”and features flat buttons along with a screen to display chosen options. Both are intuitive to use and make operating the bidet easy, so you can’t go wrong with either one!

Cascade Bidet 3000



Additional Details

Toto S7 WASHLET – Classic Trim

Cotton White (SW4724AT40#01)

Sedona Beige (SW4724#12)

Toto S7 WASHLET – Contemporary Trim

Cotton White (SW4726AT40#01)

Sedona Beige (SW4726#12)

SW4726AT40 SW4724AT40 TOTO S7 Washlet Dimensions


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Weight 15 lbs


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  • Can I install this bidet seat myself?

    About 95% of our customers install this seat on their own in well under an hour.  If you decide to hire help, you can often hire a handy person instead of a plumber, and thus get less expensive help, but these seats are designed to be installed without professional help.

    Answer by : Daniel Johnson on Sep 15, 2020 01:10:24 PM

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