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TOTO Neorest EW Wall Hung - Dual Flush - One Piece Toilet and Bidet

TOTO Neorest EW Wall Hung - Dual Flush - One Piece Toilet and Bidet

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Upgrade your bathroom to a new level of luxury with the cutting edge TOTO Neorest EW integrated toilet and bidet. The warm water wash offers adjustable spray positions with front, rear and soft wash modes for exceptional cleaning coverage. Adjustable spray pressure and oscillating and pulsating options simultaneously soothe and cleanse. Enjoy a completely hands-free restroom experience thanks to the unit's warm air dryer. The unit's air deodorizer prevents unpleasant odors from polluting your bathroom, and the eco-friendly programmable energy saving system helps reduce energy costs. The Neorest EW puts a premium on convenience, offering an automatically opening/closing lid and auto flushing, though a manual back up flush is also available. The unit is ADA compliant and is coated with TOTO's CeFiONtect ceramic glaze, which inhibits mildew, limescale and soiling. The Neorest EW also features eWater+, electrolyzed water that sterilizes the bowl and wands after each use for superior hygiene. Using the restroom has never been more comfortable, convenient or stylish than with the Neorest EW!


Key Features

  • Wall mounted
  • CeFiONtect Ceramic glaze
  • Dual Flush function
  • ADA compliant
  • Supports up to 880 pounds!
  • Universal height
  • eWater+ sanitizes the wand and bowl after each use
  • Tornado flushing system that can be operated by remote or by sensor operation (auto flushing)
  • Manual back up flush
  • Front, rear and soft warm water wash with temperature and pressure control
  • Oscillating and pulsating wash options soothe and cleanse
  • Automatic toilet seat can be open or closed by remote or by sensor operation
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • Adjustable spray positions
  • Air deodorizer
  • Warm air dryer with adjustable temperature
  • Programmable energy saving system
  • All mounting and connection hardware included with purchase
  • Wireless remote control

Did you know?

The Neorest EW is the first fully integrated wall mounted bidet toilet combo


The Neorest EW is made up of four different parts. All of these parts are needed for complete installation:

Bowl Unit (CT994CEFG#01)
Top Unit (SN994M#01)
NEOREST In-Wall Tank Unit (WT174M)
White Glass Push Plate (YT994#WH)


When you purchase, we include all of these components shipped together.





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